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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grief porn blinds justice - cheers Sensible Sentencing Trust

Don't you love the incredible double standards we have created in this country between young people and the wealthy old white folk? Last week ex-Cabinet minister Roger McClay was sentenced to 300 hours community service after he used his education and privilege to defraud charities like World Vision and Keep NZ Beautiful, the Court couldn't bend over fast enough to find excuses for Roger’s well planned greedy cheating but the Court couldn't find any excuses for Russian Orphan Andre Michael Schwaab who was sentenced to two years and 3 months in jail for a crime wave he instigated after a wild bout of burglary and stealing cars.

Thanks to the sensible sentencing lynch mob who scream ‘longer sentences, harder sentences, longer sentences, harder sentences’ every three seconds so that public debate on law and order is simply a baying scream for vengeance, we hate young people who commit crime and refuse to look at the cause of that crime. Andre Michael Schwaab was tied to a potty for the first two years of his life and denied any human contact by the nurses at the orphanage. This ballet dancing, clarinet playing 17 year old was shown no mercy by our system where as rich greedy Roger McClay was given a tiny slap on the hand and allowed to walk.

We have allowed hate and anger to warp social policy so badly justice is the last thing our system does now. Well done on being so easily manipulated by talkback kneejerks.

Angry white people frightened by a myopic crime ratings focused media win again.

Drunk cops + deaths during Police chases = doesn’t matter

Last week Judith ‘Crusher’ Collins explained why Police were exempt from the 'blame-it-on-the- kids-booze-policy' be declaring Police needed to chill out after a hard day at work by getting smashed off their faces in unlicensed on site Police bars. Now even though the Police Commissioner actually supported dragging the Police booze bars into the 21st century, Crusher Collins was having none of that and spluttered that the Cabinet had decided to fly in the face of reason to keep our boys in blue drunk and out of site.

Which is righteous, because drunk cops are as part of our country’s rich cultural tapestry as Cops driving fast and killing innocent citizens is. Nothing shows our ingrained ‘love- the-cop-man-no-questions-asked-society’ than the unchallenged way we view them killing people on the roads when in the pursuit of boy racers. If the cops were firing wildly at fleeing crims and killing innocent passerbys at the rate they kill innocent people during car chases, there would be an inquiry – but because it’s boy racers, we can’t excuse Police fast enough in their latest chase inspired road deaths.

Note it’s never any question about the pumped up under trained bored retail staff they recruit to become Police Officers, or the car crushing crap Crusher Collins has imposed, oh no - it’s all just the boy racers fault, apparently the cop mans desire to chase over rides any public safety concerns whatsoever.

National take advice from fringe political miscreants - how does that 'change' feel?

Heather Roy and Rodney Hide have kissed and made up in the way a vampire Shark and a fully automatic machine gun kiss and make up. ACT’s reconciliation is as insincere as Peter Dunne’s toupee and while the blood dried on the steps of Parliament, it was revealed that the extremist 90 day right to sack powers were pushed through by ACT against the wishes of National’s own Labour Minister, Kate Wilkenson.

This desire by the Government to follow extremist advice is apparent on the Welfare Razor gang where the researcher Peter Saunders writes Islamaphobic fiction in his down time and in the ACC policy to deny rape victims counseling based on research from professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith, a woman married to the son of Centrepoint community leader and convicted paedophile Bert Potter. Her work has been described as a rapists charter and an apologist position that denies any real harm from sexual abuse.

Who will the National Party get to base inappropriate advice from in the future? Ronald McDonald on school breakfasts? Fox news on public broadcasting? Koran burning American Christians on cultural tolerance?

Brothers and sisters, I don’t wish to sound cynical, but in the exact same way frosted sugar with extra nicotine flavour wrapped in deep fried bacon rinds would be better for breakfast than Paul Henry, a kick in the head with a steel capped boot would be better than listening to the advice of these no social conscience fringe political miscreants.

ACT dictating Labour laws and Rape apologists denying rape counselling - how does that 'change' feel now NZ?

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The War on News 2010 – NZ News Satire on Stratos Sky 89 10.30pm Tuesday & simulcast on Freeview 21. Replayed on Triangle TV 9.45pm Wednesday and posted online at Scoop.co.nz as their Weekend Watch.

It’s just like 7 days on TV3 but with fewer dick jokes.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Congrats to Campbell Live for Auckland Mayor debate

A massive congrats to tonights Campbell Live, it was one of the best debates between Len Brown and John Banks to date and shames suggestions that TV3 should gut Campbell Live. Campbell Live can survive if it slashes production costs by becoming talking head current affairs with well researched guests talking about the issues that matter rather than the weak Parnell Housewife lifestyle magazine show it drifted into.

Tonights debate was excellent, John as a host can ask questions in that 'keep the buggers honest' style better than anyone at TVNZ and he kept dragging both Brown and Banks back to the questions at hand.

Banks is the perfect politician, he was slick and sharp, his strength is that Auckland is an old boys club and no one is the king of the old boys like Banks, but Len, who started a little less sure footed, rammed home his strengths of being a bridge builder and consensus maker while clearly stating policy difference between his no privatization agenda against Banks history to privatize.

Campbell played an old clip of some outrageous homophobic statement by Banks, which was expertly disarmed by Banks admitting he had made mistakes and had changed his divisive ways, but shortly after that, John Banks made an unbelievably inflammatory statement claiming that Len Brown wanted to divide the city based on race?!? That comment was so clearly the dog whistle divisive Banks of old, accidentally revealing the changes to Banks vicious nature really is just cosmetic.

Do Aucklanders really want to hand power over to a sly old leopard who hasn't changed his spots who is linked at the pocket to the very same National Party who broke yet another promise to consult Aucklanders on the appointment of the unelected CCO directors who will cost Auckland $2.3 million.

Well done Len Brown, if he keeps performing like this he will be the next Mayor of Auckland.

$1.5billion to bail out South Island Mr Magoo

Deadline looms on $1.5b collapse bill
Taxpayers are facing a bill for $1.55 billion unless South Canterbury Finance can be pulled from the brink of failure before tomorrow night.

How much? $1.5billion to bail out this funny old South Island Mr Magoo charctature who stands for all that is good and decent in the Mainland??? That's a fuck of a lot of cash to prop up a South Island self imagined myth. This bloke who is the richest man who drives around in a tiny car in a modest home whose name is as good as his word and doesn't need to bother with all that silly paper work is going to cost us all how much??? $1.5 fucking billion?

Jesus wept, look Hubbard seems like a decent bloke and many nice South Islanders seem to have tied their own sense of identity into his 'uncomplicated' ways, but $1.5billion is $1.5 fucking billion, Oprah Winfrey's self esteem Network costs less than that! Let's just start beaming her satellite TV station directly into the South Island for free to avoid this escapade again shall we?

In the wake of this implosion, can someone please have a bit of a sniff around and work out how this bloody 'I-keep-all-the-numbers-in-my-head' nonsense was allowed to build with such bubble and burst intensity?

Government's 'blame the kids' is not social policy

The bullshit 'blame the kids' line the Government are spinning to defend their piss weak response to booze is made even more pathetic in the wake of information that the booze industry muscled National into this weak response in the final month before the decision was due.

The Government spent so much political capital while in opposition convincing NZers that any social policy was 'nanny state political correctness gone mad' that they now can not implement any social policy whatsoever.

For those who say price can't change patterns of consumption comes this news today...

Dramatic slump in stores' cigarette sales
Demand for tobacco has fallen 15 per cent at supermarkets since the tax rise in April - a far greater reduction than expected.

"It's extraordinary," public health physician Dr Murray Laugesen said yesterday, commenting on supermarket sales figures supplied to him by research company ACNielsen.

Based on earlier tax increases, a tobacco price rise of 10 per cent would have been expected to reduce sales by 5 per cent.

...and the point of Supermarkets using booze as a loss leading product that is harming the society we live in was made perfectly clear today by Professor Sellman...

Supermarkets are drug pushers, says lobbyist
Supermarkets are drug "pushers" who are selling high quantities of discounted wine and should be viewed the same as dealers dishing out Ecstasy pills or morphine.

It may seem extreme but it's a view that Professor Doug Sellman, director of the National Addiction Centre and spokesman for the Alcohol Action Group, is taking quite seriously.

Professor Sellman believes the Government should remove alcohol from supermarket shelves and limit the amount of advertising operators are allowed for liquor, among many changes he hopes might alter people's attitudes to drinking.

Think it's over the top? He will tell you that's because you have been brainwashed into downplaying our excessive consumption of alcohol.

In a three-month study of advertising in the Herald, the Dominion Post, the Press and the Otago Daily Times, Professor Sellman said New World was the country's biggest "drug pusher" because it had the most alcohol-related advertising.

He said the sale of alcohol in supermarkets made it cheaper and easier to get, which meant more people would use it.

Some supermarkets also sold alcohol below cost to lure customers in, which was contributing to the problem.

...by blaming da kids when research shows the majority of NZs heavy drinkers are over 25 years of age, this gutless Government have simply put industry booze profits ahead of the well being of NZers, and all because they don't want to wake the Nanny State Political Correctness Monster they built in the minds of their weak and frightened supporters.

Let's make Simon Power's glass of hypocrisy a double shall we? Oh and the less said about Judith Collins embarrassing attempt to defend allowing the Police to drink themselves into a stuper in unlicensed Police Bars the better.

New Zealand's next top role model for bulimia

Top Models go under 'knife'
Digitally altered photos of New Zealand's Next Top Model contestants have been slammed as an "appalling" attempt to make some of the models appear thinner than they are.

Publicity shots supplied to the Herald on Sunday, and shown to a number of image handling experts, show a number of the girls have been slimmed-down through photo enhancement.

Close-up shots of the images reveal contestants Amelia Gough and Lara Clare Kingsbeer's right thighs have been altered significantly, clearly showing where a portion of their legs have been shaved off. Nellie Rose Jenkins, one of the twins on the show, also appears to have had her left arm altered.

This comes just days after the TV3 reality show was criticised for posting photos on their website of some of the contestants, including a 16-year-old, with their breasts clearly visible.

Wow, nude 16 year old breasts on-line wasn't far enough for TV3, they've gone the whole hog and digitally trimmed the girls thighs - all in the name of fashion darhling.

It's an ugly little world trying to be beautiful but sex is power and lord knows you don't want to be powerless in this world, better to be a slave with hips (or no hips) to shake than one of the 'normals' fighting it out for the mundane life off TV screens.

Woman live in a media environment where they are constantly bombarded by a multi billion dollar advertising campaign to convince them they are ugly, I'm not sure why anyone with any social conscience should support a TV show that is simply reinforcing that message.

Ugly TV3, very ugly.

Anne Tolley off her Trolley over flawed National Standards

Doubt over Tolley's claim on standards
The head of the School Trustees Association has asked Education Minister Anne Tolley to explain why she wrongly claimed the association was "extremely supportive" of national standards.

Mrs Tolley fought off criticism yesterday after it was revealed that parents in charge of 48 school boards had written to her at a rate of more than one a week complaining about aspects of the national standards.

Answering questions in Parliament, she said she had been to the annual conference of the STA and found president Lorraine Kerr and her executive were "extremely supportive" of the standards. Mrs Kerr had won a standing ovation from the 600 delegates at the conference, Mrs Tolley said.

"I think that's a very good sign that that conference of 600 representatives were supportive of their stance."

But Mrs Kerr said yesterday that she had "never said" boards were supportive of the policy. Mrs Tolley's claims about the standing ovation were "an awkward one to answer". The ovation had been in recognition of her 21 years of service as a school trustee. "Possibly that's a conversation I need to have with the minister.

National Standards are an ideological attempt by Tolley to introduce a fake competition into the Education industry by using these flawed measuring standards to secretly build a league table which would benefit National's mates in the Private Education industry, being forced to listen to Tolley lie about how people support this joke is almost as excruciating as watching Heather Roy and Rodney Hide kiss and make up.

This is NOT about the educational achievement of NZ children because national standards like this are pointless because they show nothing of any educational value because children develop at very different stages this early on in their educational life. How do we know this to be true? Because our undisputed educationalists like John Hattie bloody well tells us so!

Here is what he has said about National's failed experiment of free market ideology in education:

Could be the most disastrous education policy ever formulated.

Will only barely raise student achievement, if at all.

Could "pervert the nature of teaching" by pitting schools and teachers against one another.

Hattie also writes that the standards themselves – the targets students will be measured against – are "untested and experimental" and need to be drawn up based on evidence, not committees.

Hmmmm, “Could be the most disastrous education policy ever formulated”, see even if I was a humper for National, surely those kind of warnings could get through and make an impact. And let's not forget Tolley lied about parental support for her league tables by stealth...

'Three Rs' plan alarms parents
AN OFFICIAL report reveals one-third of parents had concerns about the new national school standards system before it was launched – despite the government's claims the system has a "strong mandate" from parents.

These league tables National have been trying to smuggle in under the national standards regime have been sold to NZ as having the support of parents yet an official report released shows that 38% of parents made negative comments about National’s plans and only 14% made positive comments. Yet Education Minister Anne Tolley’s press release on the report read, ‘Patents support National Standards’ – no they didn’t only 14% did, 38% were negative.

NZ - you are being conned over these National Standards, teachers must refuse point blank to implement them, and we must support teachers in their refusal.

Get John Key and his free market ideology out of our classrooms. Remember, our own educational experts have trashed this policy, why would you let John Key implement them when the experts have trashed them?

It's your kids educational future you are allowing John Key to mess around with.

Beijing through Natural Dairy NZ to run in NZ elections

Crafar player linked to new political party
A fledgling political party associated with the businessman behind a Chinese bid for the Crafar farms plans to field candidates in next year's election.

Auckland businessman Paul Young and former Labour Party list candidate Stephen Ching yesterday confirmed the New Citizens Party had lodged an application for registration with the Electoral Commission.

Mr Young, of Auckland firm Asia Marketing and Advertising Consultants, said he had been helping to organise the party, which was now awaiting approval of its application.

Once that was granted, the party would meet to elect its leadership.

You have to hand it to the Chinese, they are persistent. Not content to bribe the National Party with a $200 000 'donation' or try to buy up our farm land - they want to run a political party in NZ as well.

TV3's 'The Nation' did a story this year claiming there were 250 000 Mandarin only speaking people in NZ, and that the Mandarin newspapers take editorial direction from Beijing, and when you consider their ability to have 4000 people turn up to a pro-china rally on mass at the drop of a hat in 2008, this new extension of the Communist Party of China directly into NZ's political system should have eyes being raised.

Perhaps National see ACT dying and with the Maori Party about to implode after the temper tantrum sacking of Maori Party brain Harry Walker, National need a new solid 6-7% minor Party and are cutting a deal...

Mr Chen, who recently severed his business links with former National Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley, was not "a key person or main person" in the party, said Mr Young, and while the Chinese Business Roundtable Council, which Mr Chen founded, was one of its supporting organisations, it was not directly linked.

...I wonder how America will view this expansion by Beijing into what they consider as their sphere of influence as China and the US fight to see who will be the next Super Power.

China want to use us as a test case for their lowest cost capitalism, but what do we lose in such a deal?

Is it time for a symbolic US ship visit?

Corrupt Cop promoted to teach other cops

Top job goes to censured officer
A senior policeman caught accessing the police computer to pass on information to a private investigator working for convicted pack rapist Brad Shipton has been promoted to head the Police College's investigation and intelligence school.

In 2005, then Senior Sergeant Dave Archibald was reprimanded for accessing the computer system known as National Intelligence Application during the trial of former police officers Shipton, Bob Schollum and two Mt Maunganui residents.

Mr Archibald was looking for information that private investigator and former colleague John Birmingham hoped might help Shipton's defence.

He admitted inappropriately accessing the computer but it was not clear whether Mr Archibald passed information to Shipton's defence team.

Last month Mr Archibald was promoted to the rank of detective inspector as he topped what police described as a very impressive field of candidates to begin his new job at the Royal New Zealand Police College at Porirua.

I wasn't sure, set a thief to catch a thief was an employment policy for the Police, how on earth can a cop who tried to help gang pack rapist Brad Shipton by secretly hacking into the Police computer now go on to teach other Police in the investigation and intelligence school? What will Senior Sergeant Dave Archibald's first lesson be? 'How not to get caught'?

Nice to see the corrupt cops of today are helping teach the corrupt cops of tomorrow.

Citizen A - online now

Blame it on the kids is not a social policy for alcohol and Natural Dairy NZ loves us long time

Guess who is back, back again, Heather Roy is back - did anyone tell the member for Epsom & last word

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bomber's Blog - The War on News - ONLINE NOW!

The War on News: Government blames booze on the kids and makes themselves a double, Australian Election result - where the bloody hell are you? Natural Dairy NZ launches their Bill Ralston retirement campaign and No one wants to laugh at ACT's misfortune but BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

The War on News 2010 – NZ News Satire on Stratos Sky 89 10.30pm Tuesday & simulcast on Freeview 21. Replayed on Triangle TV 9.45pm Wednesday and posted online at Scoop.co.nz as their Weekend Watch.

It’s just like 7 days on TV3 but with fewer dick jokes.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

In tray

Censorship is women's business.

Still haven't had an email response back from the Banking Ombudsman about the ATM rip-off I posted on in July. They really are arseholes.

Hip hop tours are OK now that the Nats are in charge.

I couldn't think of a more feral opponent for the corporate media to go after than him. They have chosen the wrong blogger to attempt a stand-over on. The Economist:

Friday, August 27, 2010

TV3 as state broadcaster?

Drinan's Herald column today has more detail of the endless ructions at TVNZ and the continuing tribulations at TV3. It makes me think there must be a better way.

TVNZ retains most of the NZ On Air pot and TV3 is undercapitalised. TVNZ culture is characterised by intransigence, naffness and bureaucratic bloat while TV3 is relatively efficient and has a better handle on NZ content. TV3 has an owner who wants out (because they cannot make an acceptable return from the assets) and currently has a National government who wants to jetison or break-up TVNZ. Could it not all be solved by the Crown buying the TV Works properties off Ironbridge and making that the new state broadcaster - and selling off TVNZ?

Joyce to set fire to $100 million to celebrate overloaded trucks - NZ Herald, cronies delight

They are about to cause traffic anarchy when they close down the Newmarket Viaduct. Why? So that the NZTA can replace a perfectly satisfactory viaduct (built in the mid 1960s and not due to fall down anytime soon) with a new one that can take "overloaded" trucks. Why? Because the trucking industry that funds the National Party want these bigger trucks on the road to make them more money and give them an advantage over rail. It is a form of subsidisation from other road users too because of the increased degradation of the roadway caused by the trucks and all the new road works needed to support them.

The approx. $100 million left in this project to be spent on demolishing and then rebuilding the viaduct is totally unnecessary. That is $100m that could be spent starting the CBD underground rail loop. They could quit now - with one of the new spans completed - and have more lanes than they will at the end of this pointless scheme.

Even spending it on completing the SH20/SH16 motorways would be better value because that forms a bypass to the city and Newmarket so the overloaded trucks will not need to travel across that section of SH1 anyway. It is a tremendous waste. It is a result of several failings: an ineffective NZTA board of cronies, the hijacking of the Auckland transport budget by Wellington's public sector and the uncritical local politicians and media. The NZ Herald does not investigate or critique or analyse these hundreds of millions of dollars of public works - they would rather be ferreting through a few hundred dollars worth of mayoral credit card expenses, and so they just copy the press releases and echo all the hollow rhetoric from the empty minds.

So Auckland's leaders too - and Auckland media - are also to blame for pissing away opportunities and signing off on high budget, but low value, spending. They are about to make a $100 million mistake and everyone thinks it's great. They will be left with a viaduct that looks exactly the same as the old one, in almost the exact same place - but now it will have one extra lane. All $200m+ for one extra lane. It is something only a moron would think is acceptable.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Citizen A - 7pm tonight

Citizen A - 7pm tonight Triangle TV, replayed 8pm Sunday Sky 89 & Freeview 21

Tune in to join Bomber and his revolving panel of bloggers as they offer an up-to-date half hour review of the political media issues of the current week from a very Auckland perspective.

THIS WEEK: How is 'it's all the kids fault' a booze policy? Stopping Natural Dairy NZ buying our farms - Economic sovereignty or xenophobic hysteria ripe for Winston Peters? Guess who is back, back again, Heather Roy is back, did someone tell the member for Epsom?

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The ACT Party Schadenfreude Post

Oh Jesus, I just saw Rodney on Breakfast getting 'interviewed' by Paul Henry, nice to see the cuddles he gives John Key expands to the ACT Party as well, and if that vague performance he gave to cover over his prejudiced comments yesterday that Heather Roy couldn't come back is the best he can do, ACT go bye, bye now. Obviously the employment lawyers have been on the phone and scared him shitless about the manner in which he was possibly handing a massive sum of money over to Heather in any possible employment stoush by ruling her out in the way he did yesterday, with the SIS now being involved (which John Key as the head of the SIS says he knows nothing about), this meltdown has now become a comedy of error farce, let's recap...

Hide, Boscowen and Garrett kick Heather Roy out of the boys only ACT club with zero explanation

while her Dark Lord of the Sith Roger Douglas skulks in the corner looking for a new apprentice.

John Key says he doesn’t know anything about anything, and then says he does know something but he’s not responsible but he assures everyone that he is the decider.

Heather Roy’s political advisor Dr Ewing-Jarvie Rasputin is blamed for being unvetted by the SIS and leaks Heather’s claims that Rodney is a bully to the media,

Rodney demands Heather turn up and tell everyone he isn’t a bully,

Heather is able to do this for one interview before being too upset to continue,

Rodney roars at the media he isn’t a bully.

Dr Ewing-Jarvie Rasputin stays the night at Heather Roys place to discuss strategy,

Rodney tells the media he isn’t a bully, the media look at allegations in the leaked notes that Rodney was suggesting drug use, Rodney screams he isn’t a bully,

John Key starts putting as much distance between him and the rapidly imploding ACT party, still claiming he knew nothing but was in charge the whole time,

Rodney twitters he isn’t a bully,

Wayne Mapp says he doesn’t know anything about a piece of paper,

Rodney would like to point out he isn’t a bully.

Mr Key says he knows nothing about Dr Ewing-Jarvie Rasputin,

Wayne Mapp says he loved Heather Roy as a Minister,

Rodney Hide says Wayne Map contacted him to say he didn’t like a defence paper from Heather Roy while adding he isn’t a bully,

Heather Roy complained about Rodney stealing the defence paper, everyone then shreds the defence paper,

Rodney threatens to cut everyone up if they suggest he is a bully!

How any of these people are allowed to hold library cards let alone run the country mystifies me, but this comedy of errors demands media spin control from a man used to selling bullshit as ice cream, that’s right ACT need John Banks advisor and Chinese company communicator,

Bill Ralston to explain to the country how Rodney Hide isn’t a bully.

Why would any self respecting female voter in Epsom, who will have experienced at least once in their professional life a bully at work, re-elect a bully?

ACT go bye bye now.

John Key does not care about suicide

Key to explore suicide laws
John Key said yesterday that Parliament could "explore" the rules on suicide reporting because they were "somewhat defunct these days".

"The reality is that, particularly with youth suicide, very quickly social networking sites like Facebook and blog sites report that. There's huge engagement with young people around that information and so I don't think blocking the media from reporting is achieving an awful lot."

He said it would make sense to review the rules, but it was important to tread carefully because of the risk of copycat suicides.

I am pretty passionate about the issue of suicide, I was on the Board of Trustees of Youthline and it featured heavily as a topic on the youth talkback I did on radio, so listening to Key lend support to the issue is welcome, but his words are simply not held up by actions.

I'm not talking about implementing hard right economic policy as social policy which was the reason our suicide rate tripled in the welfare restructuring under Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson, I'm talking about National's cruel decision to not allow funeral costs for the families of suicide victims all because, as Nick Smith puts it, 'suicide is not an accident'. This cruelty mirrors the cruelty Nick Smith used to deny rape victims any counselling by defining rape as an 'acute event' rather than a mental illness.

We spend millions on road safety based on the premise that the road toll is a public health issue, we allow our Police force vast draconian powers to force blood from drivers based on nothing more than the cops personal prejudices, yet we don't put any of that effort or political will into a suicide rate that dwarfs our road toll, why? Because politicians don't want the answer as to why so many of our fellow citizens decide to end their life in this supposed 'gods own'.

Halliburton finally get their pay off for invading Iraq

HOUSTON, TX and DUBAI, UAE – Aug. 18, 2010 – Halliburton has been awarded a letter of intent by Shell Iraq Petroleum Development B.V. for the development of the Majnoon field in Southern Iraq

Isn't that nice, after playing such a hand in invading Iraq based on lies over weapons of mass distraction, Halliburton finally get their oil for blood.

Sadly sometimes the corporate pricks and war mongers do win.

Frosted sugar with extra nicotine flavour wrapped in deep fried bacon rinds would be better for breakfast than Paul Henry

Henry in trouble over jibe at doctors
TVNZ has apologised for a comment by presenter Paul Henry that overseas-trained doctors can't be as good as those trained in New Zealand. The comment came on the Breakfast show after an interview with Ian Powell, executive director of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists.

Former National Party candidate Paul Henry who puts the word state back into state broadcaster calls Susan Boyle a retard and TVNZ have to be forced by the BSA to apologize, he gets away with having a go at 'schizos' and let's not forget women with supposed moustaches.

It seems that TVNZ won't give a toss if Paul has a go at weak members of society, but will jump the second he insults a powerful group like the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists.

Now none of this would be such an issue if he worked for TV3 and it was some crap late night 'comedy' show, but this is Breakfast on the Public Broadcaster, it should be a well balanced nutritional start to the day, instead it seems to be Frosted sugar with extra nicotine flavour wrapped in deep fried bacon rinds.

Booze companies pressured National into piss weak 'it's all the kids fault' response to booze

Liquor companies bombarded minister
Liquor companies lobbied the Government furiously in the weeks before a reform package was announced. They pressed Justice Minister Simon Power with claims he was being served up biased and flawed recommendations by the Law Commission. Documents obtained under the Official Information Act show a procession of companies and industry groups wrote directly to Mr Power, but he insists they had no influence over his recommendations to the Cabinet.

So now we know why National have gone for 'it's all the kids fault' booze policy and have chosen not to do anything real about booze by tackling Supermarket loss-leading booze practices, not lowering the blood alcohol limit to stop NZers driving legally drunk so that men can drink 7 stubbies and still be considered 'under the limit' when anywhere else (Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Russia and Sweden) they would all be well over the limit, and not increasing the price of tax on booze in the way we have done with cigarettes.

Our booze culture is so locked in and the National Party so terrified of their mythical nanny state monster they've built in the minds of people that important social policy can not be progressed. Despite what John Key said during the election, the Stormtroopers of the Dykeocracy from Helengrad kicking in your front door to ram power saving lightbulbs and water saving showerheads down your throats never existed!

At least we should be grateful that Supermarkets didn't just bribe the Government the way Natural Dairy NZ have tried to with their $200 000 donation - or did they? We won't ever really know as that Waitamata Trust launders all cash into anonymous donations all perfectly set inches beneath the disclosure amounts.

And now we learn that gamblers, cops and defence staff are all exempt from the 'booze is all dem kids fault' changes?

Make John Key's hypocrisy a double thanks.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tick-Tock Paula - times up

Where is Paula today? Why isn't she in Parliament? Now about that money she would need to pay Tarsha Fuller, the single mum who had the audacity to complain about losing an allowance that Paula herself had benefited from and who in turn illegally released private details about Tarsha to the media to punish her. Now I say that Paula has to pay that money out of her own pocket and the tax payer doesn't have to, we shouldn't pay for Paula's politically motivated and cruel breach of privacy. I wonder how National will spin this loss?

The bennie basher about to get bashed? Now that would be a sweet irony.

Tick-tock Paula, times up.

The Natural Dairy NZ ‘we love you long time and Bill Ralston retirement fund’ campaign

As attention seeking as Winston running in Helensville, Natural Dairy NZ launched their ‘we love you long time and Bill Ralston retirement fund’ advertising campaign last week where Natural Dairy NZ (who seem to have robbed us of our country, brand and main product all in one corporate name) explained why we should hand over our farming land to this Chinese company.

Brothers and sisters, I don’t wish to sound cynical, but I don’t think that Natural Dairy NZ should be able to buy Crafar Farms as easily as they have bought the National Party, that’s right it was revealed last week that $200 000 was ‘donated’ to the National Party via a wealthy Chinese couple linked to Natural Dairy NZ. Brothers and sisters, why would we allow Chinese companies who have access to 0% loans to buy up our productive land when China has a strict policy of not letting any foreigner buy any Chinese land? If we are all 'free market' about this, how 'free market' are companies backed with 0% interest loans from a Communist regime?

Which is why it is so refreshing to see the (American backed?) fightback start...

Campaign demands halt to farm sales
A nationwide campaign starting today wants an immediate halt to sales of New Zealand farms to foreigners. The Save the Farms group, led by Remuera property developer John McKearney, wants public support to convince the Government to stop the sales until the country has had a robust public debate.

...we shouldn't let Natural Dairy NZ buy the Crafar Farms as easily as they have bought the National Party. How about we allow China to buy our farms when they allow us to buy their farms, and they can keep Bill Ralston as part of the deal.

'Blame it on the kids' is not an alcohol policy

The Government released their much hyped response to our booze culture yesterday when Simon Power released his ‘blame it all on the bloody kids alcohol policy’, that’s right folks, apparently it’s all the bloody kids fault.

National have spent so much political capital building up the nanny state politically correct monster that they now can’t implement any real social policy for fear of waking it in the minds of their dumb redneck supporters, hence this watered down, piss weak response to our Nation’s booze binge culture. The mantra from National is ‘it’s all the kids fault, it’s all the kids fault, it’s all the kids fault’ when Research found that 92 per cent of New Zealand's heavy drinkers were 20 years and over, and 70 per cent were 25 and over.

John Key has been doing the heavy petting circuit that passes as mainstream media interviews in this country telling all who will listen that alcohol in moderation is effectively healthy goodness in a glass and why should he and his drinking buddies suffer because of dem bloody kids.

If we wanted to do something serious about our booze culture, we would ban booze from supermarkets where it is a loss leading product, we would increase the price and we would lower our blood alcohol level to stop NZers from legally driving drunk, but that would be considered too Nanny state Politically correct, so lets just blame the bloody kids. What a cop out, what a waste of time, how very John Key.