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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Citizen A - 7pm tonight

Citizen A - 7pm tonight Triangle TV, replayed 8pm Sunday Sky 89 & Freeview 21

Tune in to join Bomber and his revolving panel of bloggers as they offer an up-to-date half hour review of the political media issues of the current week from a very Auckland perspective.

THIS WEEK: How is 'it's all the kids fault' a booze policy? Stopping Natural Dairy NZ buying our farms - Economic sovereignty or xenophobic hysteria ripe for Winston Peters? Guess who is back, back again, Heather Roy is back, did someone tell the member for Epsom?

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At 26/8/10 10:27 am, Blogger Blair Anderson said...

"its all the kids fault" - has always been the case when it comes to NZ other popular recreational psychoactive soft drug cannabis. Arrests up 20% nationaly since John Key inherited the soft drug 'restricted substances regulations' on his becoming right and honourable. (Nov6 2008)

HRC chokes on the disparity, a law targeted at young, male, Maori and unemployed. Yet the solution is at hand for SAFER communities. (see saferchoice.org)


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