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Friday, August 27, 2010

TV3 as state broadcaster?

Drinan's Herald column today has more detail of the endless ructions at TVNZ and the continuing tribulations at TV3. It makes me think there must be a better way.

TVNZ retains most of the NZ On Air pot and TV3 is undercapitalised. TVNZ culture is characterised by intransigence, naffness and bureaucratic bloat while TV3 is relatively efficient and has a better handle on NZ content. TV3 has an owner who wants out (because they cannot make an acceptable return from the assets) and currently has a National government who wants to jetison or break-up TVNZ. Could it not all be solved by the Crown buying the TV Works properties off Ironbridge and making that the new state broadcaster - and selling off TVNZ?


At 27/8/10 6:49 pm, Anonymous Tim2 said...

No it couldn't because the TVNZ infrastructure is superior to that of 3 and 4.
Maybe if the deal involved swapping patches, but not in the way past privatisations and corporatisations have been handled. (i.e. undervalueing the asset, and flogging it off to the highet bidder).
We'll end up with just another Wisconsin Rail; Telecom or any number of other shit privatisation transactions that have occured.
By the way....whatever happened to that Natural History Unit? Oh I know....the former NZ citizen's asset now produces programmes that we never see without paying for them.

At 30/8/10 6:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daft idea Tim - TV3 is massively overvalued by the daft Canadian pension fund that bought them, so if govt bought it we would have a repeat of Kiwirail. Taxpayers funding private investors out of a terrible investment for a TV station we don't need.

If you want to solve TVNZ's awful nature, you need a purge. I can lend you an axe if you want...

Uncle Joe Stalin.


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