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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Booze companies pressured National into piss weak 'it's all the kids fault' response to booze

Liquor companies bombarded minister
Liquor companies lobbied the Government furiously in the weeks before a reform package was announced. They pressed Justice Minister Simon Power with claims he was being served up biased and flawed recommendations by the Law Commission. Documents obtained under the Official Information Act show a procession of companies and industry groups wrote directly to Mr Power, but he insists they had no influence over his recommendations to the Cabinet.

So now we know why National have gone for 'it's all the kids fault' booze policy and have chosen not to do anything real about booze by tackling Supermarket loss-leading booze practices, not lowering the blood alcohol limit to stop NZers driving legally drunk so that men can drink 7 stubbies and still be considered 'under the limit' when anywhere else (Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Russia and Sweden) they would all be well over the limit, and not increasing the price of tax on booze in the way we have done with cigarettes.

Our booze culture is so locked in and the National Party so terrified of their mythical nanny state monster they've built in the minds of people that important social policy can not be progressed. Despite what John Key said during the election, the Stormtroopers of the Dykeocracy from Helengrad kicking in your front door to ram power saving lightbulbs and water saving showerheads down your throats never existed!

At least we should be grateful that Supermarkets didn't just bribe the Government the way Natural Dairy NZ have tried to with their $200 000 donation - or did they? We won't ever really know as that Waitamata Trust launders all cash into anonymous donations all perfectly set inches beneath the disclosure amounts.

And now we learn that gamblers, cops and defence staff are all exempt from the 'booze is all dem kids fault' changes?

Make John Key's hypocrisy a double thanks.


At 26/8/10 5:23 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

Well what a fucking surprise! reducing the number of liquor outlets would have a bigger effect than increasing the legal age to 30. They won't do it cos it would cost them money. Cynical!


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