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Monday, August 30, 2010

New Zealand's next top role model for bulimia

Top Models go under 'knife'
Digitally altered photos of New Zealand's Next Top Model contestants have been slammed as an "appalling" attempt to make some of the models appear thinner than they are.

Publicity shots supplied to the Herald on Sunday, and shown to a number of image handling experts, show a number of the girls have been slimmed-down through photo enhancement.

Close-up shots of the images reveal contestants Amelia Gough and Lara Clare Kingsbeer's right thighs have been altered significantly, clearly showing where a portion of their legs have been shaved off. Nellie Rose Jenkins, one of the twins on the show, also appears to have had her left arm altered.

This comes just days after the TV3 reality show was criticised for posting photos on their website of some of the contestants, including a 16-year-old, with their breasts clearly visible.

Wow, nude 16 year old breasts on-line wasn't far enough for TV3, they've gone the whole hog and digitally trimmed the girls thighs - all in the name of fashion darhling.

It's an ugly little world trying to be beautiful but sex is power and lord knows you don't want to be powerless in this world, better to be a slave with hips (or no hips) to shake than one of the 'normals' fighting it out for the mundane life off TV screens.

Woman live in a media environment where they are constantly bombarded by a multi billion dollar advertising campaign to convince them they are ugly, I'm not sure why anyone with any social conscience should support a TV show that is simply reinforcing that message.

Ugly TV3, very ugly.


At 30/8/10 2:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The vast majority of viewers watching it are female. Does this mean that females have no social conscience or are simply morons?

At 30/8/10 3:21 pm, Anonymous marvin said...

A large viewer of this tripe are gay men, the same group that runs the fashion industry as a whole. This explains why so many "models" have the bodies of 14 year old boys.

It also explains the evident jealous, loathing of women on such shows. That flaky Indian judge is a case in point.

At 30/8/10 8:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"A large viewer of this tripe are gay men, the same group that runs the fashion industry as a whole."

Rubbish, you can't extrapolate how if a few gays in Milan, NY, London and Paris dominate fashion then somehow they would watch this rubbish.

They'd be more likely to be watching the rugby with the sound turned off for obvious reasons.


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