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Saturday, August 28, 2010

In tray

Censorship is women's business.

Still haven't had an email response back from the Banking Ombudsman about the ATM rip-off I posted on in July. They really are arseholes.

Hip hop tours are OK now that the Nats are in charge.

I couldn't think of a more feral opponent for the corporate media to go after than him. They have chosen the wrong blogger to attempt a stand-over on. The Economist:


At 29/8/10 11:09 am, Anonymous Cthulu said...

"Hip hop tours are OK now that the Nats are in charge."

Was it tax-payer funded? The article doesn't mention it if it was.

If they fund raised and/or paid for them selve, I can't see what your issue is. If the did get a government grant then I think you'd have a bloody hard time fuinding any National voter who would support it.

At 29/8/10 10:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look into how Hastings got the job, might be interesting, if only NZ had any journalists.

(His boyfriends got it for him, part of the Wellington spiky hair gay mafia.

Its a fix or is that corruption.

At 29/8/10 10:24 pm, Anonymous Tim2 said...

I'm still trying to figure out when it was that Pita Sharples totally lost the plot.
I think maybe a false sense of loyalty has affected him.
Unless he pulls something out of the bag soon, the Maori Party is a fucked unit long term.
Anyone noticed how quiet Turia has gone lately? Is she in rehab trying to get over her Helen bitterness maybe?

At 29/8/10 10:29 pm, Anonymous Tim2 said...

@ Anon above - no different from the way the wheels work elsewhere though is it?
And it doesn't detract from the job well done during his tenure.
So what if he's sugar daddy to the queer nation - more fool him! It didn't affect the job he did.
If you were to apply the same criteria to politicians' selection, the judiciary, the church or most other institutions, you'd no doubt find similar grubby little backgrounds.


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