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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The ACT Party Schadenfreude Post

Oh Jesus, I just saw Rodney on Breakfast getting 'interviewed' by Paul Henry, nice to see the cuddles he gives John Key expands to the ACT Party as well, and if that vague performance he gave to cover over his prejudiced comments yesterday that Heather Roy couldn't come back is the best he can do, ACT go bye, bye now. Obviously the employment lawyers have been on the phone and scared him shitless about the manner in which he was possibly handing a massive sum of money over to Heather in any possible employment stoush by ruling her out in the way he did yesterday, with the SIS now being involved (which John Key as the head of the SIS says he knows nothing about), this meltdown has now become a comedy of error farce, let's recap...

Hide, Boscowen and Garrett kick Heather Roy out of the boys only ACT club with zero explanation

while her Dark Lord of the Sith Roger Douglas skulks in the corner looking for a new apprentice.

John Key says he doesn’t know anything about anything, and then says he does know something but he’s not responsible but he assures everyone that he is the decider.

Heather Roy’s political advisor Dr Ewing-Jarvie Rasputin is blamed for being unvetted by the SIS and leaks Heather’s claims that Rodney is a bully to the media,

Rodney demands Heather turn up and tell everyone he isn’t a bully,

Heather is able to do this for one interview before being too upset to continue,

Rodney roars at the media he isn’t a bully.

Dr Ewing-Jarvie Rasputin stays the night at Heather Roys place to discuss strategy,

Rodney tells the media he isn’t a bully, the media look at allegations in the leaked notes that Rodney was suggesting drug use, Rodney screams he isn’t a bully,

John Key starts putting as much distance between him and the rapidly imploding ACT party, still claiming he knew nothing but was in charge the whole time,

Rodney twitters he isn’t a bully,

Wayne Mapp says he doesn’t know anything about a piece of paper,

Rodney would like to point out he isn’t a bully.

Mr Key says he knows nothing about Dr Ewing-Jarvie Rasputin,

Wayne Mapp says he loved Heather Roy as a Minister,

Rodney Hide says Wayne Map contacted him to say he didn’t like a defence paper from Heather Roy while adding he isn’t a bully,

Heather Roy complained about Rodney stealing the defence paper, everyone then shreds the defence paper,

Rodney threatens to cut everyone up if they suggest he is a bully!

How any of these people are allowed to hold library cards let alone run the country mystifies me, but this comedy of errors demands media spin control from a man used to selling bullshit as ice cream, that’s right ACT need John Banks advisor and Chinese company communicator,

Bill Ralston to explain to the country how Rodney Hide isn’t a bully.

Why would any self respecting female voter in Epsom, who will have experienced at least once in their professional life a bully at work, re-elect a bully?

ACT go bye bye now.


At 25/8/10 8:39 am, Anonymous Georgie said...

Thats fantastic Bomber.....

At 25/8/10 11:40 am, Blogger andrew said...

Brilliant summation, sir. I just about choked on my toast laughing. Bravo.

At 25/8/10 7:47 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

Bomber the play you present is OK, but you are still using that photoshop picture of Rodney, with the right hand as Nazi salute.
This is a contrived picture.
It has a salute put on a picture of Rodney,
If you cheat Bomber we see you as a cheat, peter quixote

At 26/8/10 10:30 am, Blogger Blair Anderson said...

Post of the Year Award goes too!

peter quixote, satire is licence enough.

At 26/8/10 11:32 am, Blogger andrew said...

@peterquiote: it's not a photoshopped picture, just a very lucky capture. Where's your proof of photoshopping?

At 27/8/10 7:34 pm, Anonymous Tim2 said...

Is that the same principled Bill Ralston that used to rant and rave about "State TV", then went and joined it? Surely not!


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