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Monday, June 23, 2008

Expats backlash against Kiwi women

Just Me (North Shore)

Maybe they are hiding away, scared of the pseudo-men the feminist emancipation turned the women into? By nature a man wants a partner of the opposite sex who exhibit feminine traits, have poise, and wants to be treated like a lady. Unfortunately those traits seem to have been ditched by a large percentage of kiwi women in favour of male mannerisms, which are not traits a man searches for in a partner. So ladies, instead of acting like abrasive men, do try being a bit more ladylike, you may just be surprised at the results. Stop looking down on men as simpleton seed-carriers and treat them with respect, and you can expect the same courtesy been returned. You don't have to carry on like savages to prove your assertiveness. Let the man in your life feel important, and you can do this without being submissive. Don't henpeck him, all you are then is a replacement mother, and that is exactly what they don't want. A working relationship is all about give and take from both parties, without that you may as well break it off now.

Fran O'Sullivan's article last week on the so-called 'man drought' Auckland is experiencing has attracted a curious response that is somewhat revealing of larger societal attitudes in Kiwi culture. While O'Sullivan attempts to trace the long-term impact on the economy of women outnumbering men by 10% in those aged 35, a traditional age for settling down, more than 60% of the comments posted by readers are from men complaining about Kiwi women. Chiding our female population as 'ham-bottomed', 'slovenly', 'drunk' and 'bad dressers', these men complain that the impact of feminism in NZ has created a society of women that have taken up masculine characteristics. The answer, they assert, is for Kiwi men to engage in sex tourism overseas in cultures that they perceive as having more passive women – such as Asia, Russia and Britain.

Certainly, many of the posts seem to come from bitter NZ men that have been unlucky with the ladies here and gone overseas for 'greener pastures'. It is true that we do have a unique gender dynamic – a 2005 study by advertising agency FCB found that we were the only country to exhibit a “gender blending” phenomenon in our ads where women gained kudos through performing masculine tasks. But the level and tone of response signals that a broader malaise within Kiwi masculinity, a regressive backlash against women's advances in NZ. Reading these comments, the only positive appears to be that the savvy women of our nation are enacting a perverse form of social evolution: we are breeding this sexism out of our culture by forcing these men to go overseas for sex.

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At 23/6/08 12:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try being a single, independent woman who has travelled extensively, worked and lived overseas almost all her life hen comes back to NZ to settle down and discovers that all the men in the mid 30's age group are either married or retarded. Try writing a profile or putting a photograph up on a dating website, which conveniently is not half as embarrassing to utilise now as it was 5 years ago.

Kiwi men have had it sweet for far too long so now, intead of looking for NZ females, they are travelling to exotic locations such as Moscow, Bangkok and Vietnam to purchase themselves a nice sweet and docile young lady.

Its a pity a NZ woman cant just fly off to say BRAZIL or ITALY and purchase a Ronaldo or Angelo to place lovingly upon our arms.

I for one do not have a ham bottom and neither am I slovenly but I sure have met a few ham fisted married wankers and slovenly retarded arseholes lately - mostly on Findsomeone.

My latest interest was an Australiann outback Jack, until I read the lastest news stating that the Aussie girls had the same idea and were all bitterly dissappointed when turning up at cattle stations to discover that the outback cowboy has no teeth, a weird rash and the worst BO and toe jam in the world.

The life of a spinster is starting to sound quite attractive...

At 23/6/08 1:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear oh dear, poor jaded princess. You must have broken the hearts of literally thousands of suitors overseas with your bottom-that-is-not-a-ham-bottom but you were determined to keep yourself for a kiwi man. But they are all travelling to exotic locations such as Moscow, Bangkok and Vietnam and purchasing themselves nice sweet and docile young ladies. How tragic.

all the men in the mid 30's age group are either married or retarded

Not true, we can be both married and retarded too!

At 23/6/08 1:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome Phoebe. Interesting post.

I know of many intelligent, attractive, successful Kiwi women in their thirties that have real trouble find suitable partners, so I don't doubt the 'man drought' is true in some sense. I don't know as many men in the same age group with the same problem (most single men over thirty are single because they want to be or lack social skills).

But in my experience the problem is on both sides Kiwi men view Kiwi women as too masculine, unsupportive and more interested in career than family and Kiwi women view Kiwi men as overgrown children more interested in sport and motor cars than building a relationship.

While plenty of Kiwi men with bizarre outlooks on relationships go offshore and get a mail order Russian or Asian bride, women don't seem as keen to do the same, which is understandable as such relationships built on a business transaction are seldom loving and sustainable for the long term.


At 23/6/08 2:41 pm, Blogger Stephanie said...

Ahh as a reasonably long term member of the New Zealand expat community in Asia, I say welcome to my former world.

The men in question merely have a case of foreign fever some will grow out of it others were born that way.

At 23/6/08 3:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kiwi women have made an art of subltle and not so subtle ridicule of men, they have no dress sense, they do not know how/want to groom themselves and think it is OK to be fat.

Men are blamed for every mishap in their, or their kids lives, unfairly prosecuted and demonised - it is no wonder that men have gone fishing instead of nesting.

AND then there are the delightful, neat, clean, sweet-smelling, well-groomed, smiling, friendly, slender, feminine Asian women....... the choice is not hard to make.

At 23/6/08 5:18 pm, Blogger dad4justice said...

Well said mawn.

At 23/6/08 7:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NZ women are pretty demanding and not at all family orientated like non anglo foreign women. Who would want to seriously deal with their shit when there is a better deal just a long hual flight away.

PS NZ women should hit the fucking gym. I'm in asia at the moment and its plain gross to see those bellies say over their newly purchased fake D&G jeans

At 23/6/08 9:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Zealand is currently experiencing it's worst identity crisis since women were given the vote. My grandmother would be ashamed at the way politicians are pushing lesbian nation agendas and splitting the country into these ugly, seething front bums and promiscuous sirens looking for ACC payouts from their endeavours. The situation is unique to inwardly looking New Zealanders who are all too used to bullying tactics and passing the blame on others. Your policies regarding fair treatment of men have had the effect of alienating us and I left over 13 years ago having found New Zealand to be an ugly divisive society where rules around gang related behaviour is applied to ordinary men who are vilified in the all-to-willing-press. Often comments about trials are deliberately misleading and false, even if the defendants are charged with making false statements. You have become such a shitty society that it is no wonder men are leaving in droves. Remember: when you persecute a single man whether he is guilty or not, you affect many women in his company, be it wives, daughters, mothers in law and their own sisterly siblings. You can look at this with some satisfaction that it won't affect you, but the rate of new legislation that is being passed in New Zealand means one day it will, and by then it will be too late. Your cries will go unheeded and your sons will become criminals.
It began with Peter Ellis, it will only end with you.

At 24/6/08 12:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Women in their 30s with alcoholic tendencies are a real turn off. What's worse is they're often the interesting ones with MAs etc
Although the returning sojourners offer some of the qualities talked about.

At 24/6/08 6:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ some of the Misogyny that has been expressed here is the EAXCT problem that Phoebe has pointed out - some of the posts here sound exactly like the bitter complaints from unsophisticated men who have been passed over by NZ women because they still cling to their knuckle dragging ways, they grew up watching 1950s Dad and have no other framework to comprehend the changing world around them and lash out at women because of it. These men are the ones having an identity crises and I suspect it is the backlash from MMP when suddenly the male voice is no longer the only voice in decision making terms and that change has resulted in these bitter men who whine that they have been 'marginalised' - may I suggest you grow some balls and stop acting like children, perhaps if you manned up a little you would see the issue is with you, not the women you spit venom at.

At 24/6/08 6:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woah... anonymous expat for 13 years - isn't this a little bit far:

"Remember: when you persecute a single man whether he is guilty or not, you affect many women in his company, be it wives, daughters, mothers in law and their own sisterly siblings."

"Whether he is guilty or not"? Does this mean that not only are Kiwi women fat but men should not be prosecuted by virtue of their masculine status - or is this why you left the country?

At 24/6/08 7:53 am, Blogger Rangi said...

i left nz, but mainly for $$$ and to join the big world!

At 24/6/08 8:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"i left nz, but mainly for $$$ and to join the big world!"

Woop de fucking do. Well done you. Please don't come back.

At 24/6/08 8:43 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice bit of post removal blog administrator.
Why though?

At 24/6/08 12:22 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Quality control issues.

At 24/6/08 12:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are a lot of bitter men and women out there. If you can't get over yourselves you won't be able to form either a healthy or a lasting relationship. Rather than criticising others, be a bit more critical of yourselves, raise your standards and things will improve for you. That applies to both sexes.

Try to remain positive though. There are plenty of losers of both sexes out there and you may well meet them. Funnily enough, they are most often single. My condolences if you run into one but we're not all like that. Your chances of finding someone decent, male or female and in the same boat as you, are still good. Good luck...

At 24/6/08 10:10 pm, Blogger Rangi said...

"Woop de fucking do. Well done you. Please don't come back."

i think someone needs a hug!

At 25/6/08 2:54 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"they grew up watching 1950s Dad and have no other framework to comprehend the changing world around them and lash out at women because of it."

What fucking rubbish. We just find fat, obnoxious, chainsmoking, alcoholic women who think there god's gift to men simply plain gross.

How is that for a 'framework'.

At 25/6/08 2:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"they grew up watching 1950s Dad and have no other framework to comprehend the changing world around them and lash out at women because of it."

What fucking rubbish. We just find fat, obnoxious, chainsmoking, alcoholic women who think they are god's gift to men simply plain gross.

How is that for a 'framework'.

At 25/6/08 8:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Tim Selwyn said...
Quality control issues."

You mean dad4justice threatened legal action?
Fuck that idiot.
Lets just flame the fuck out of him.

At 27/6/08 2:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is what happens when you give em the vote to early! they didnt have to earn it like the women overseas and now have this cocky attitude because we just dropped nuts and gave them all the rights they have today. whos seen that scene in ghost dog with the female cop? thats pretty much how all guys feel deep down.

At 16/7/08 4:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Myself and my buddy are from the UK, here to live and totally in love with New Zealand. What a great country! After being here for now about 8 months we've noticed that Kiwi women are really tough nuts to crack and offer hardly any feedback to guys. Neither of us are Brad Pitt but we're both pretty switched on and look after ourselves - are well groomed etc...

..I disagree with other bloggers who say they need to loose weight and are poorly dressed but Kiwi girls need to lighten up for sure. We've started to try to avoid the Kiwi's and go for other Ex Pat women such as Americans and Germans who if you crack a joke or say hello they don't look back with a face like a slapped arse... Lighten up Ladies! Ignore you bra burning mothers and grandmothers and open up a bit! There's plenty of decent guys who are game to put a smile on your face if you give us a chance!

At 27/7/08 2:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are the facts:

Feminism has killed western womens appeal to men. Dont blame us, we have a right to want the type of women we want, just as much as women have the right to the type of man they want. If someone does not like your product then they there is nothing wrong with them, its you (goes for both men and women).

Men seeking foreign wives are seeking hapiness, that does not man they want a submissive sex slave or that they buy these women.

Nor does it mean these women are golddiggers (plenty of them in all cultures).

The fact is this, all humans are basically animals, men want sex and women want protection, security, support for her and her offspring.I.E. Money!!!

So men and women only really interact intimately on a sex for money basis. Marriage and dating are just forms of basic prostitution. No women in the world is going to marry a poor bum living in the park, no matter how good a guy he is.

Love: Only exists between parent and children. Non related men and women (couples)
do not really love each other, its a myth. Ladies please accept the fact that men will never care about you more than the do their offspring, its human nature, hardwired primal instincts.

Now that you understand the true nature of male femal interactions you should uncerstand whats going on.

If you cannot get a man, either change your ways or stay single. Thats all you can do if no-one wants your product.

Dont expect or demand that men should change what they want in a women to appease you and your feminist lifestyle.

People want what they want and they like what they like. Its not a crime.


At 25/3/09 10:01 am, Blogger Unknown said...

I'm newly back from the UK a few months ago to take up a position as a director of a commercial builder. I'm 29. I'm not unattractive and (overseas) am treated basically as a highly eligible kind of a bachelor.

In short I'm used to being single and being able to talk to women overseas. I also know the time will come that I'd want to settle down with one.

I have no inclination to be involved with kiwi women at all. I'd rate any foreign women about 8 times more open, friendlier and more fun than even the best kiwi girl, and I'm not the first to say this.

Ladies, raise your game. We're just not interested in princesses.

At 13/7/09 9:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright, so Im a year late-we can add crap timing to the list then lads-but wow, are kiwi women seriously that crap? and what exactly IS a kiwi woman? I don't know about Kiwi guys...to be honest, I don't meet that many, mostly English accents in Christchurch, but from the comments here...ouch, bitter much??!On the one hand we are drunken slapppers, on the other we are uptight princesses. This country has a serious problem with its views on women and I say that as one who knows her way joyously around a man. I blame colonisation. I fucking blame that for everything.lol lol lol hope everyone got laid since they posted here and are a little more relaxed...I gotta test this theory out.

At 21/7/09 2:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! Do you want to know where all the attractive, feminine, stylish kiwi women are? They are ex pats too. Why? To escape the kind of jerks who are making sexist comments on this blog post. I wish all the "passive" female imports these men are bring back to NZ good luck. They are going to need it!

At 12/11/09 4:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have to say, as one of these women that are so called more submissive (not at all I have to say).........whats good enough for men is good enough for women. If men dont like how women are acting, they mustn't like how they themselves are acting. I wouldn't touch a kiwi guy with a ten foot pole, they are children, losers, whingers, they think the world should stop and mother them.

Equality means exactly that, you get what you give. I say good for women becoming equal to men in every sense.

However, have to say Hurray Johhny's post........I think spot on.....women are just getting clued up that men and women aren't compatible, that it isn't love between a man and woman and you either can delude yourself or you can stay single..........its why I stay single and don't date and never will (Self Exclusive I call it)....I admit no man is what I want and definitely not some guy who in his mid thirties acts like a 17 year old who thinks his band will take off one day, or maybe he might go travelling and maybe do this or get a part time job somewhere or urrrrrrrr......you get the picture, 17 year old boy dreaming

Oh and yes, the kiwi guys I have met all complain about their women as if they think they deserve better.....when they dont.

At 28/12/09 4:50 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

After only 11 years here in NZ from Europe, very well travelled, married for 21 years to an intelligent, talented and attractive Asian female who still treats a man like a man, I find NZ women are still the ugliests fattest and aggressive so called females who cannot see the wood for the trees. Try and treat men as men, act and dress like women not males with a chip on the shoulder, and see the positive reaction from the generally genuine KIWI male.

At 8/2/10 3:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Tumeke! (in the original sense)

I hope that this blog is a cheap, flaming pit, rather than even partially representative of a country that I was considering a move to. So much angry, frustrated, self-righteous, narrow-minded, shouty criticism. Is A/NZ THAT dysfunctional?

With delight, I read about the drought of men my age (I'm 35, male, straight-to-all-intents-and-purposes and single... because I take relationships seriously). But then reading this makes it sound like there's all-out hostility between the sexes that reminds me so much of the bad old days here in Northumberland, UK (far north England).
"Wimmin! Huh!"
"Men! Tsch!"

Did ANYBODY deconstruct their roles and sort their shit out? Given what could be learnt from the rest of the planet, as it charged headlong into that same quagmire years ago, did no-one start intergender dialogue? Perhaps I'm expecting too easy a ride for NZ Feminism, especially in the face of NZ famously, if inaccurately, being "like Britain in the 50s".

Perhaps it was the Anglo-Saxon model of feminism that did it... the French always lauded the idea of 'vive la difference' and felt less need to prove equality by entering into territory that men felt was 'theirs', whilst simultaneously not needing to abandon the values and worth of what female culture had developed over millennia. Even as an admirer of that powerful statement from the 70s, The Female Eunuch, the former style always struck me as a masculine version of Feminism - 'WimminAreJustAsGoodAsMen-ism' rather than the continental European 'WomenAreEqualOnTheirOwnTerms-ism'.

And there was me assuming that your lovely islands had so much more sorted... sentient animal rights, Maori community judicial processes, female access to top jobs, living lightly on Gaia and not wildly chasing the Inglund's foolish and collapsing economic bubbles... (to quote from my fallible memory of things that have made me think "Yeah, now New Zealand...there's the life"

But then, this blog might be wholly misrepresentative.


At 22/3/10 2:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey i have read most of the conversation on here its a bit complicated for me to understand everything coz english is my 4 language but i would like to speak with you (Anonymous ) i like what u saying yeah if u ll get back to me that llbe great this is my add kazankiran_7@ hotmail . com thanks

At 30/8/10 10:28 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, kiwi women do treat their menfolk as if they're childlike, unintelligent miscreants. Look at the advertising on kiwi TV to reaffirm this statement. When kiwi males go abroad, they tend to find females that are equally feminist in their views but can also understand that a bad man is a bad man, and a good man is a good man. Kiwi women that haven't travelled tend to paint all kiwi men with the same 'loser' brush.

I am a European man that lived in NZ for many years until recently. From experience, it's unlikely I would ever chose a kiwi woman as a partner as they tend to deride their male counterparts. Not all are like this but, on the whole, kiwi women tend to think of males as second-class citizens.

At 15/2/11 6:30 pm, Blogger ExFlatGuy said...

I had more than my share of Kiwi Women over the years, and now I'm Happily Married to my Thai Wife, I will NEVER go back to a Kiwi Woman and No I did not find her over there she was here working at the time (you hear that Kiwi Women? WORKING!) If you wonder why Kiwi men are going elsewhere I suggest you take a good look at yourself, and go to the GYM!

At 21/5/13 10:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been in NZ for nearly 7 years, had a couple of Kiwi girlfriends whilst over. Can I say I saw anything special in either...no, not much at all. I find your average Kiwi girl to have absalutly no understanding of males at all to the extent that their miss understandings lead them into assuming the role of the masculin dominator...totaly off putting. I'm not Kiwi myself and wouldnt say the best looking either however unlike most over here I dress well and look after myself. This on its own where I'm from would easily get you noticed from women a 100 times more attractive than what Kiwi's 'think they are'. I mean come on Kiwi girls, learn to give guys over here time of the day cause frankly as you may think you are good looking, you are in fact not even close.

At 2/6/13 6:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dated my last kiwi princess 13 yrs ago, since then dated foreign woman and now married to a foreign woman. Most of my mates are kiwis and they have all married predominately russian and english woman. They all tell the same story of kiwi woman, just a pack of self centered, heavy drinking, very promiscuous, overweight, in debt, losers!!

At 23/7/13 11:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I grew up in NZ and thought it was normal. I left in my teens and have traveled the globe for 20 years. Every time I come back I can not believe how low rent NZ women are.

The ratio of attractive to unattractive is so very low. So many ugly women on the inside and outside. The way they treat their partners is disgraceful and shameful.

These women still want all the yesteryear perks e.g man with money, tall, strong, good looking, successful.

Unfortunately for these poor Kiwi blokes, the women bring almost nothing to the party. No looks, no personality.

The very small handful of attractive women have a very high sexual marketplace value, therefor they know it, and have it reaffirmed frequently.

Ugly on the outside and too many are ugly on the inside. NZ women have had it too good for too long, with all those good looking NZ boys coming over to OZ seeking the bevy of beauties here.

Never marry a Kiwi women, you can do better

At 25/7/13 8:09 pm, Anonymous 123456 said...

I have been living here now for quite a bit, being female myself,from Europe,experiencing the very same problem you describe here, with the kiwi men though.
I never had any problems meeting guys, getting compliments, being asked out etc.

But here the guys are so extremely standoffish, they do not make a move but wait until some chick comes over in an almost aggressively promiscuous way to grab them.
It seems like a vicious circle, the standoffish men making the women become those aggressive sl..., the aggressive women making the men more and more passive and standoffish.

Whenever I talked to someone (expats and Kiwis, males and females) about this situation I get the same answer every time: Nobody is happy with the "dating culture", which basically consists of getting wasted, the guys just waiting for the first proactive chick to come over, then hooking up and hoping that it is not too gross the next morning.
Guys are complaining that women here do not have any class at all, but nevertheless they take any chance to get laid by one of the classless promiscuous chicks they just complained about, and do not dare to make a move on girls they actually like. Which then, of course, to women is like a reward, that aggressive strategy kind of works, I got that guy even it was just a one night stand.

Don't get me wrong, I am not blaming anyone, figuring out how this development took place is like wondering if hen or egg was first.
I tried to play the game in the way it is here, thinking, ok, different place, different ways, but I actually found that I do not want to have to do half of the guys here in Wellington, hoping that one of them is okay next morning as opposed to doing the walk of shame.

I think if the guys were a bit more proactive, treating the girls more like ladies, making compliments etc. the girls might more likely start to act like ladies.
If the girls started acting less aggressive and promiscuous, they might be more likely to be perceived as ladies and treated so.
At the moment - I can tell from experience - it is still though from a girl's point of view, that if you are not VERY forward on the guys here they will not show any reaction, even if they like you.
Luckily there are many nice British, Irish and French gentlemen around who are way more pleasant dates, give you positive feedback and treat you like a lady.

At 10/1/14 4:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kiwi woman think there vaginas are gold mines and hold men to ransom ........men being simple and logical but not uneducated have to navigate through this abyss of selfish uptight spoiled self styled narcissistic drama queens who are programmed by televison soaps and Hollywood rom com.movies I have two brothers both are taxi drivers they hear all the time the frustration of there fares.......now funnily enough most of these men are european or from some other country most a well dressed well spoken and generally good looking and they can't beleive the kiwi girls either.....so its a global observation not just bummed out bitter kiwi lads.....so there you have it!!!......with the asian gurl.....no drama. ....feminine funny loyal kind. .......just look at the amount of kiwi guys with asian woman?.....I wonder why.....????.....hello!!!!.....

At 25/1/14 12:23 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.
AGE/SEX: Early 30's- female.
SOCIAL SITUATION: Single/never married and no kids, just back from many years abroad, looking to settle down in Auck.
Just discovered the man-drought news, thanks to google search. I nearly cried!
Then I read all this...some of the comments on here are just horrible!
I know there are some bad women in this country, but you get them everywhere in the world! Really!
But yeah, raeding these comments- I would not date any person with thoughts like the ones displayed!
So a girl HAS to be good looking (not ugly) well dressed (not in rags) feminine (don't wear trousers!?) urgh!!!!!
Um- news flash, a lot of people actually cannot change how they look! Hmmm- What happens if they have a lovely personality: kind, loyal and helpful.... does not that count for anything these days? Or is it mainly all about the appearances?
I Like what 8/2/10 wrote. Good quality writng- my thought exactly:
"I hope that this blog is a cheap, flaming pit, rather than even partially representative of a country that I was considering a move to. So much angry, frustrated, self-righteous, narrow-minded, shouty criticism. Is A/NZ THAT dysfunctional?"
We will see !
C'mon peoples!

At 17/2/14 10:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh, the comments are far more depressing than the blog itself, and I really hope they're not an accurate representation of relations between the sexes in this country.

I'm a divorced woman in her mid 40s, with some unsuccessful relationships behind me, and contemplating the possibility of not finding a nice partner.

I'm not fat, bossy, controlling, or any of those apparently negative female characteristics. I'm considered attractive and intelligent, and yet the nice men just aren't out there.

Reading some of the comments on this blog, I'm becoming convinced the nice ones in my age group are either already married or partnered, or they are overseas. I wouldn't look at most of the men who've posted on here, simply because of their ugly, superficial attitudes to women.

At 2/3/14 12:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nz woman are the pits I left for that very reason, got sick of the attitude from woman there, they are basicly men with vagina that drink and smoke alot and swear and shout and ewwww talk about repulsive no wonder kiwi men are standoffish.

At 27/3/14 12:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, really - kiwi women bring very little to the table in most cases.

Cue the white nights and sand-in-vagina comments!

At 30/5/14 12:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so true that some/a lot of Kiwi women are unkempt, no class, no sophistication, and hugely bitchy and mean, always gossiping. Take the staff of South Pacific College of Natural Medicine. The staff there are so bitchy and menopausal, with dry skin flakes, and hard dry cracked heels, horrible voices, if you don't kiss their asses they will fail you.

At 20/6/14 7:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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