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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tiki Taane arrested for singing 'Fuck the Police' - do they want to hear what I would sing?

Tiki Taane: One police officer upset at N.W.A song
Singer Tiki Taane has confirmed he was handcuffed and arrested for disorderly behaviour after singing the N.W.A rap anthem F*** The Police at a Tauranga nightclub.

As biased as the Urewera trial where disgustingly a Judge and not a jury will be left to decide the fate of Tama Iti and his merry militia, the NZ Police have decided that they aren't just the brutal arm of state suppression, they are also music critics. The mighty Tiki Taane was arrested this week during a performance at a Tauranga nightclub. He was performing when the Police turned up for one of their tedious random inspections when Tiki busted out the very lovely NWA ditty, 'Fuck the Police'. The Tauranga Police decided they didn't appreciate the song and went back at 3am and arrested Tiki Taane claiming he was causing behavior likely to cause violence. Note it wasn't the cops coming back at 3am to arrest Tiki for singing a song they didn't like that was behavior that would cause violence, oh no, apparently it's the performance of NWA's that can cause violence.

Whanau, the cops tried to pull this shit on Dave Dobbyn during the Queen st riot a quarter of a century ago, do we really want the bloody NZ cops deciding what songs they can arrest people for based on their personal level of offense? That's what the Taliban do, aren't we in Afghanistan killing civilians to stop this sort of shit from happening?

What about other songs, like Public Enemy's, 'get up and get get down, 911's a joke in your town'? Will that get me arrested by the knuckle dragging Police music critics of Tauranga? How about Rage Against the Machine's mighty anthem 'Killing in the name off' where those that burn crosses are the same that hold office. How about the Tauranga cops stick to their Barry Mainilow and the goings on at the copa cabana and that they don't arrest artists for singing songs they don't like. Why can't the NZ Police stick to a culture of sexual misconduct and assaults on prisoners that require testicles to be removed and get out of our collective ipod shuffle?

In the words of Rage Against the machine, to the Tauranga Police, 'fuck you', I won't do what you tell me'.

Free Tiki Taane!



At 12/4/11 1:00 pm, Blogger Chris Lee said...

I wonder where these cops are when I am threatened with violence outside my own house? Disorderly behaviour? They don't even bother listening if you call them for that, so one cop got his nose out of joint for a few words, boo hoo hoo...

At 12/4/11 5:32 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

Folan's trial was adjourned yesterday (monday april 4) after a juror phoned in sick?

by Edward Gay court reporter "Cop justified kick in groin, court told" The NZ Herald Tuesday, April 5, 2011.

At 12/4/11 7:35 pm, Blogger jane said...

Fire in tha hold, Cap'n,


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