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Monday, September 15, 2014

Cabinet said no?

Election Day -5

Listening Greenwald on RNZ now saying the NSA(US) used GSCB(NZ) supplied bulk data.  Says Snowden was processing metadata - via xkeyscore - sent from NZ to the US.  Was this data of NZers trawled by GCSB? Ryan:  "On NZ citizens?" Greenwald: "correct."  That is going to be game MFing over for JK - he staked his reputation on it and said he would resign or something didn't he?  NZers have never been spied on in mass surveillance supposedly.  It might be ex-Key score all right.

The extraordinary last 48 hours - with the PM declassifying and releasing secret spy documents to pre-empt a "moment of truth" to expose him and his National government's collusion with the US and in Minister's roles in using the immigration department to capture Kim Dotcom for Hollywood producers - be cray.  It all be cray cray.  The moment is at 7pm tonight at the Auckland Town Hall, with Greenwald in attendance and perhaps Assange live from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.  Unprecedented.

Key was saying yesterday that yes there was a plan to have mass surveillance, but because it would cost about $8b, he personally put a stop to what the GCSB was proposing.  Key was also saying much the same thing many months ago too from my recollection, but most missed that the figure proved it had been mapped out and that it had been proposed.  

But I also heard him say that 'cabinet said no'.  It was cabinet that put a stop to it - not him exactly.  Was Key even at that cabinet meeting that said no?  Did he mean a cabinet committee, or the whole cabinet?  At what stage was this plan advanced?  To cabinet level - from what Key has said.  So HE didn't stop it.  This guy is all over the place and cannot give a straight answer on any of these spy cases.


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