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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Koretake II

The Crown is to appeal against the son of Kingi Tuheitia not being convicted - in a case where the other offenders were all let off without convictions without any name suppression - and the Crown is not to appeal against the rugby boys whose names are permanently suppressed being let off without convictions - in a case where the offenders killed someone.

This is justice New Zealand style:
a minor theft and driving charge against the son of the Maori King is appealed by the government on the grounds he should have been convicted; but a stitch-up deal to save face by the Auckland school/rugby old boys that lets a killer go loose without even a conviction is not possible to appeal according to the government law officers.

The Crown regards it as an unconscionable reneg to appeal the plea bargain they worked out (without the agreement of the parents of the deceased).  With this logic: that it would undermine the credibility of the Crown to make deals if they challenged the outcome of their own deal, the Crown Solicitor thinks they have no grounds to appeal.  You make the deal, you can't appeal.  It is the Crown deal itself that needs to be appealed by someone independent outside of the Crown - most likely a lawyer acting for the bereaved parents.

How can there be any confidence or trust in the Crown prosecutors - and the NZ Police - when they conspire to defeat the course of justice as they do?  The 'Roastbusters' rape gang is still at large without a single prosecution after eight months.  Mr Sentry Taitoko died in a South Auckland police cell on 23 February and six months later no autopsy report, no nothing - killed without consequence. No-one at the top speaks out or does anything.  A suspected killing has taken place in a police station and it is being covered up by the suspected killers - the police staff - and nothing happens, as if it didn't happen at all, as if it couldn't happen.  The NZ Police are getting away - most likely quite literally - with murder.

The law and security agencies of the New Zealand government may have an unthinking, reflexive support from many people who will automatically align with the establishment position, but those agencies have very little claim to credibility when they can mask their poor performance with the connivance of officials, politicians and the media.  The respect held for these institutions of the Crown are the result of decades of public inertia and misplaced trust.  The shallow foundations of this loyalty are exposed by these recent events which reveal the compromised, conflicted and self-serving character of law enforcement in New Zealand.

There is no political accountability demonstrated or responsibility taken.  The Minister of Police is Anne Tolley, the Minister of Justice is Judith Collins - don't vote for these people.  Tolley has exercised no control over the NZ Police, allowing unlawful abuse, bashings and shootings to continue.  And as for Collins - who the PM has provided political immunity to despite the damaging Oravida scandal and tolerating her peculiar mode of malevolent behaviour - is so nutty she once told the NZ Herald that Ernst Rommel was the person she most admired.

The New Zealand justice system under the current administration is borderline demonic.


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