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Friday, November 08, 2013

Operation: Pig Roast update

As inexplicable as this is, no-one in the entire country is going to stop NZ Police Commissioner Marshall and Sup Bill Searle and Det Insp Bruce Scott from authorising the continuation of the 'roast busters' rape club, whose members are tonight on the loose. I've tweeted up a storm all day to active acc's of Ministers and politicians and nothing. Also nothing on stopping Operation: Pig Roast either. Must all be OK then. Everyone in authority reckons its OK to allow rape club to exist. What sort of bestial society are we living in. Someone put a stop to this gang of predatory child rapists. PLEASE. Am I the only one who doesn't actually want Operation: Pig Roast? Is everyone cool about it and has accepted the logic? I want the rape club arrested now not after their next victim presents at rape crisis

Sunset and still another day of rape club, only now with addition of pork roast... This is incomprehensible. I feel ill.


At 9/11/13 6:48 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone I the media explained what "getting roasted "is slang for?
The girl is in the middle,in between two boys.like a spit roast.
All the talk of roasting,ugh.

At 10/11/13 6:14 pm, Blogger Unknown said...



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