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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Xmas to the 270 000 NZ kids living in poverty

Merry Xmas to the 270 000 NZ kids living in poverty, the 7.3% who are unemployed and those on the negative end of the highest inequality ever recorded in our country.

While our multi-millionaire Prime Minister holidays in Hawaii, let's resolve to ask harder questions in 2013.

Meanwhile, Dali Claus is making my xmas tree melt and drip...



At 25/12/12 9:59 am, Blogger Nix Hikoreta said...

U Need a Like Button =)

At 25/12/12 10:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More like dreary Christmas, merry Christmas is reserved for the positive end of the record inequality in this country. Expect Key & Co, executives, consultants, and lawyers to have a very merry Christmas, not to mention all MPs receiving their fat backdated pay rise tantamount to a Christmas bonus, remember us “commoners” used to receive these in what now seems like ancient times.

Watching Prime News at 5:30 I was particularly disgusted with a Christmas message from “Jonny Boy” – pre-recorded of course, the impudence of this sleazy creep, spouting some garbage along the lines of enjoy what this country has to offer this Christmas, hmm... while he spends Christmas in Hawaii, too shit hot for this country eh? Hmm… I guess most of us poor bastards just have to make do with this one this Christmas, no help from him, hard luck trying to enjoy this country after all the crap this year.

Amazing how Christmas is still ingrained in the public’s psyche in a secular country with a public increasingly less religiously affiliated. A day that was once presided over by the church, now by business. Go! Go! Go! Merry business!

With a clique of creeps such as this government blurring the divide between the state and corporates, it’s extraordinary how phony this day has become, cashing-in on the birthday of a man who would be at odds with them.

If Jesus were amongst as today, I’d suspect he would sympathise with MANA, be out on the street fighting the good fight. (I bet that remark would bite the ass of many a conservative dimwit, so devout in their conviction that they are on the side of God while bringing hell for the rest of us – not to mention further from anything godly then the rest of us “heathens”.)

What this government has achieved is reducing this state to a poorly run, negligent hospice. They the sleazy greedy management cashing in on the dying, creating and perpetuating the disease of their “patients” or “prey”.

The dying? The poor, the unemployed, the underemployed, the youth. Those 270,000 poverty stricken children might as well be considered as dying from a congenital disease, that disease is neoliberalism and it’s rapidly evolving into a more vicious strain called fascism. Eventually it will enslave all trapped in this hopeless compound of a "state".

Those responsible for the dereliction of this country and its citizens deserve to be held accountable; they deserve to rot in prison. A Serco private prison will be the cherry on the top, oh the irony! Along with Act and Banks, tough on crime eh? A Very Merry Christmas to them all, enjoy it for I sincerely hope it will be their last.

Harder questions are not enough; questioning a group of vicious sadist ignoramuses is a futile pursuit. 2013 Must be the time for action!

At 26/12/12 1:32 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Here Here Recluse !

Have you seen this series yet ? BBC ' Why Poverty ? '


Question : Why break the Twin Towers and building seven when they had 740 Park Avenue to break ?

Answer : Because the denizens of 740 Park Avenue broke the Twin Towers and Building Seven .

Question : How does this relate to NZ ?

Answer : Because the denizens of 740 Park Avenue own New Zealand and we're their employees and if you don't like it , go to Australia . The Muslim Indonesians will sweep all Australians before them and slaughter all those who don't embrace Allah sooner or later but the 740 Park Avenue'ers will be sweet because they'll be here . In Gods own Mate . Jonky-stiens job is to make sure that , that transition will take place as smoothly as possible .

What do you reckon ?

At 27/12/12 6:28 pm, Blogger sameena Khan said...

wow looking so nice and oldy man, love it


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