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Friday, November 09, 2012

Like 7.3% of the NZ labour force, John Key isn't working

Key claims the 7.3% unemployment rate is wrong. The phrase 'as in denial as Karl Rove' gets it's christening example.

You can not separate the 7.3% unemployment rate from the National Party's economic mis-management any longer. For 4 years Kiwis seemed to give John Key the benefit of the doubt that he wasn't responsible for the economy he inherited from the global financial crisis, but while Key wasn't responsible for the crash on Wall street, his implementation of the exact same free market ideology masqurading as 'centre right' to disguise the enormity of their impact, have dealt the poorest a terrible blow.

We are implementing failed neoliberal policy across a raft of government agencies and departments as a response to a global economic slump generated by that exact same set of ideas.

When we are performing such political masochism, 7.3% unemployment seems more predictable than shocking.



At 9/11/12 8:07 am, Blogger Joey Station said...

Correction - John Key was partly responsible for the Wall St crash http://evolutionnews.co.nz/news/pm-john-key-played-a-large-part-in-the-global-financial-crisis/

At 10/11/12 1:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The National government’s remedy for rising unemployment:


Cutting beneficiaries from the Unemployment Benefit.

Rising suicide rate.

Labour laws which place youth in lower than minimum wage jobs or a revolving transient workforce in and out of a job every 90 days.

Warehousing the poor in private prisons, increasing Serco shareholders dividends, let’s see the government’s MP share portfolios.

Making the average New Zealand worker competitive with the average slave worker in China.

Right wing biased MSM.

Lies, lies, lies!


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