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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Planet Key

The National Party's favourite meme is that Labour live on 'Planet Labour' where there is no global economic crisis. John Key was asked today in Parliament what life was like on 'Planet Key', he responded by saying it was nirvana with golf courses and holidays.

So Planet Key is populated by smug rich arseholes? It sounds like Epsom, only whiter.

When NZ's inequality is at its highest level ever in our history, do we really want to re-elect this arrogant out of touch clown?



At 18/9/12 7:15 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Did he seriously say that? For real? That would confirm EVERYTHING I thought about him, even the things I wasn't sure of.
We like to think in NZ that the
LEADER of a political party doesn't matter very much, because of our electorate system. IMO they are very, very mistaken. Our (Dear) leader is just as every bit as influential as any dictator and sets the policy for the entire party (and government).
You can decide for yourself where John Key loyalties lie if this quote is in fact genuine.

At 18/9/12 7:42 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

What ? Why would he say that ? Golf courses and holidays ? What a strange thing for a 'man' to say when he could have the rest of his life ' off' and could buy five golf courses on five different continents if he wanted to .

From that statement I take it to mean he doesn't have a choice in being the Prime Minister of NZ . Therefore , why is he , you know , the prime mincer ?

Who has him by his balls ? And why ? I'd say Big U.S. mates and more than fifty million reasons .

Didn't I see something about how the Israelis were talking preemptive strike against Iran . They reckoned Iran was building a nuclear bomb .

I see .

At 19/9/12 2:35 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

Slippery's choice of words indicate just how poorly informed he is.

Nirvana? A state that arises from cultivating a deep understanding of reality motivated by a deep compassion arising from a profound awareness that all beings are suffering and dissatisfied.

Reality? Awareness? Compassion? Acknowledging suffering?

Expecting that a state where no value is placed on these qualities leading to Nirvana?

Economic Materialistic Golfer Hell, more like.

I guess all thats left is to forgive him, for he knows not what he does/says/is.

At 19/9/12 4:40 pm, Blogger Lucy said...

'The Planet Key,' he said, would be 'a lovely place to live! It would be beautifully governed, golf courses would be plentiful, people would have plenty of holidays to enjoy their time and what a wonderful place it would be....But I would expect people on such a planet - referred to as Nirvana - to comply with the law, and that is what Mr Banks did,' Mr Key concluded, with a reverential softening at the word, 'Nirvana'.

He also jumped up and shouted 'rhubarb!'



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