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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Paula Bennett goes from 3 strikes to one strike

Does anyone in NZ keep a straight face when Paula claims her draconian crack downs on welfare are not bennie bashing?

Claiming every beneficiary will still be on the benefit when they turn 65 to manufacture the $78b 'cost' is morally bankrupt panic creation.

But that's the point, Paula wants to scare the bejesus out of everyone so that when the beneficiary pogrom reaches its zenith, their screams of anguish will be drowned out by the sound of all that $78billion we will be supposedly saving.

Let's see...

3 missed phone calls from winz will lose you welfare,

Drug testing that will cost us twice as much as it will save,

state pressured contraception,

back to work when second child turns one year old,

arrest warrant disqualifications from benefits

and 'social obligations' that if they aren't fulfilled will lose you benefits

NOW we have...

'One strike' rule for beneficiaries
One strike and you're out will be the tough new rule for welfare beneficiaries who turn down any "suitable" job offer from next July.

If we are to judge a country on how it treats its most vulnerable, NZers are a pack of nasty right wing arseholes who seem to relish life made more difficult for the poorest amongst us.

All the while, on Planet Key, the Government play Golf and go on holidays. On Planet NZ we have the highest inequality rates in history and 270 000 children in poverty.

This is state sanctioned cruelty, welcome to economic Darwinism.



At 19/9/12 10:30 am, Blogger Frank said...

No, only 1,058,636 arseholes...

At 19/9/12 12:19 pm, Blogger Demelza said...

I can't figure out what's sadder though to be honest, the fact our government is doing this to the most vulnerable people in New Zealand... or the fact the opposition is doing bugger all to stop it.

At 19/9/12 2:50 pm, Blogger Jasper said...

The report compiled by Taylor Fry states quite clearly that the $78b is just a guess. A bit like Blinglish's forecasts for NZ to be in surplus, Pinokeyo's 170,000 Jobs a bit like a growing economy and even when NZ will recover from recession. Bullshit in other words. Their policys have failed & they have no more ideas or new 120 point plans in the vault to pull out.

At 19/9/12 2:58 pm, Blogger Tuuts said...

I'd say its both...and on the going to work when your kid turns one....who looks after said kid while you work...
Do you....leave it at home by itself or maybe the 3yr old will look after it. If everyone has gone to work there are no babysitters...these days daycare centres are getting so damn expensive...
Just saying!!!!

At 19/9/12 3:01 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

It would save $78 billion to actively focus on job creation too, an approach which would have the additional effect of adding value to our economy AS WELL AS saving this expense.

More people earning=more people spending.
More people being productive=happier, healthier population=less costs in a variety of areas

However these factors appear to be beyond the intellectual ability, of the government and those who voted them in, to grasp.

In addition ++1 Demelza

At 19/9/12 10:43 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Ah , you thinkers out there . You're certainly in the minority .

Someone once said " We're all fucked if God puts a thinker on this earth . "
We , us thinkers are at the mercy of morons . How's that make you feel ? It indicates to me that ...

A . Us thinkers had better buy better home security

B . Stop taking life ( As we know it ) so seriously .

C. Develop a taste for dust . There's no calories in dust .

D. Embrace your TV . It's a great teller of truths . Hahahaha a ahahahhaha !

E. @ Demelza . We have no such thing as that most rare of creatures ... the ' Opposition ' . They don't kick up a fuss because the don't exist . Now , call me old fashioned but that's freaky !

Seriously ; Call me old fashioned ! I'd like that . It'd help to keep me centered . Hahahaha a!

F. F is for fucked . We're all fucked !

Have any of you been in a situation where all you can do is just hang on for dear life ?

Where circumstances dictate that screaming , crying , pleading and giving up is the best plan of attack ?

That's where it's at right now man ! And woman !


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