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Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear NZ - don't let America open a military base here (The day the witch king of the Nazgul visited the Shire)

United States Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta touching down in NZ last week was like the witch king of the Nazgul visiting the Shire.

As Tumeke has been pointing out for some time, NZ is the new Pacific friction point in the new cold war between America & China.

How we play the meat in that sandwich is difficult. We have a new generation of Chinese-NZers who can build cultural bridge between us and our most important trading partner and we have America who is like an angry jealous drunk who is prone to roid rage episodes with hand guns in public.

We need to entertain more trade from China while feeling free to communicate our unease with their brutal human rights record and we need to keep America happy without enraging them.

Allowing a white navy visit from their Coastguard would be symbolic enough, but the US has bigger ideas than that, they want another US military base here to show China we're theirs.

They've managed this deal in Australia and they want it here. The Kim Dotcom case is an example of America trying to force their jurisdiction into our cyberspace, the Free Trade Deal is an attempt to enforce our economic subjection and ship visits are the military icing on the cake.

We should resist with all our might any new attempt to open up another US military base in NZ.

God defend NZ's independent foreign policy, because John Key sure as hell won't.



At 24/9/12 10:05 am, Blogger Fern said...

A chill went down my spine when I heard that news item. Resist, people, resist - in whatever way you can.

At 24/9/12 12:30 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

Ditto to Fern's comment

It is devastating news to hear this is being proposed.

US has military bases throughout the world and this appears to be the new form of colonization along with economic takeover. We need to play the big powers off.

I think if we must have foreign military bases in this country that we need to have a Chinese military base here too.

I do not want NZ to be part of US's new paranoid US and them cold war bullshit


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