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Friday, February 17, 2012

Selling assets will cost us more than keeping them - the idiocy of National

You know shit is bad when the National Party online mouthpiece decides to use his blog on Stuff to peddle some smokescreen nonsense about Trevor Mallard. One of those 'keep-in-the-back-pocket-for-bad- week-Trevor-Mallard-scandals' that always seed or are fanned on the right wing blogs. Trev can be a dick? Shock. Horror. Yawn. Oh look, the National Party just imploded. How amazing the leading political blogger of the right managed to miss that in favor of Trever Mallard being a dick. Fascinatingly selective of Farrar.

Make no mistake, this is a terrible start to the year for National, all the black swans are coming to roost as the vacant aspiration evaporates before our eyes as yet another layer of pink frosted gloss that passes as Treasury growth reports turns out once again to be false.

The ideological ferver of National's free market faith has wedded them to asset sales with a sense of hubris that is creating a yawning credibility gap. It took Labour 9 years to reach this level of arrogance, National have done it in 4.

National are going to sell our assets even though the cost of selling them in lost revenue will out weigh the return.

A $6 billion return that Bill English now says is a guess.

A $6 billion return that the Government booked into the budget meaning if we get less that is deep cuts in social spending.

A $6 billion valuation that is is $800 million above the book price of $5.2billion?

A $6 billion valuation that the Government now can't sell 49% of because if the buyers dilute the shares further the Government will have to buy them to maintain 51%.

We are going to subsidize speculators with taxpayer cash????????

National then have the audacity to claim that this money will be spent on hospitals and schools like that's some kind of defense? Hospitals and schools is what we pay our taxes for, that comes out of general taxation not one off asset sales.

Key is being deceptive when he states hospitals and schools as benefactors, because there's also the $400 million investment into irrigation. We are subsidizing Bill English's brothers Farmer mates to the tune of almost half a billion bucks? If the bloody farming community is doing so well, why don't they pay for their own bloody irrigation program? Their products have never been so valuable yet we are bailing them out by selling our assets?

The final twist is that the only people who will be able to afford these shares are the same group of richest NZers who National spent 3 years giving billions in tax cuts to. Billions that we have had to borrow.

So that's speculators, farmers and the rich who have benefitted from this while inequality accelerates.

This is not the kind of NZ I want to recognize. People have to seriously think about a march against this, it's economic vandalism and sovereignty self sabotage.

National have lost the agenda from Section 9 of the SoE ACT to Mojo Mathers to the Crafar Farm smack down to the clear economic loss blindly following their free market doctrine is going to cost us while enriching them.

Nationals sudden lurch into crises mode doesn't bode well. If they are stumbling so badly now, how will the National Party deal with the stress of the economy hemorrhaging again?

When 50 000 NZers marched against mining of conservation land, John Key had to listen. If 50 000 march against asset sales, Key will have to listen again.

Meanwhile, David Shearer slips off the radar.



At 17/2/12 11:07 am, Blogger Ben Wilson said...

>People have to seriously think about a march against this, it's economic vandalism and sovereignty self sabotage.

I'll be there.

At 17/2/12 6:02 pm, Blogger Fern said...

As regards David Shearer slipping off the radar, he was never really on it.
Stuff.co.nz says the Breakfast show on TV One "has already shown its willingness to invite Mr Shearer on to the programme when he is a legitimate newsmaker and is setting the agenda on a story."
Trouble is, Winston has positioned himself as Leader of the Opposition and Shearer has no idea how to combat this.

At 17/2/12 8:40 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

"When 50 000 NZers marched against mining of conservation land, John Key had to listen. If 50 000 march against asset sales, Key will have to listen again."

You are wrong about this imo. Key is done with listening to subordinates, err sorry, voters. He knows National won't win in three years time. I fully expect National to adopt a policy of looting on an unprecedented scale, polls be damned. Prediction: Key won't be pursuing a 3rd term.

At 18/2/12 2:47 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

When I read your post Bomber , I feel many emotions . Distaste , fear , loathing , jealousy , hatred , vengeance , bewilderment and bowel spasms . I get angry and defensive when you slag off farmers because I , like my family , were farmers . We farmed 650 acres in Southland then 3,000 acres near Fairlie in South Canterbury . Mum , Dad and I ran about 5,ooo sheep and 300 cattle on the Fairlie property . Our farm was at about 2000 feet so the winters were extreme . Deep snow , hard frosts and costly isolation . Do you know how hard we had to work to tend to 5000 sheep and 300 cows ? No disrespect but of course you don't ! Ask any hobby/lifestyle farmer how full time five sheep , one cow and ten chickens are to nurture . I know how hard we worked for an alarmingly small amount of money . Our farming enterprise continued through until the late 1980's . Then , The BaNk naZies foreclosed on my parents after a dark seven years of blatant deceit and nasty , small town politics . After 48 years of hard graft , my family and I were literally dragged off our farm and out of our home by big donny Brash's 22% interest rates . Fancy lawyers sent cold tomes of threats and charged almost unbelievable fees to destroy two old people and stole the birthright and a young mans dreams . Sound theatrical ? Sound ridiculous ? It was a dark fucking reality for us , and many others ! And now ; When the perverse Western World of Greed is going down the gurgler after being raped by soulless Money Cultists , our deviant politicians are cosseting up to the unsuspecting farmer to work harder again , to take on massive debt, to earn foreign exchange to throw us all financial life lines AGAIN ! When you look at iconic NZ , you don't see a land that Auckland built . You don't see a land that lawyers , accountants and investment bankers built You're looking at the blood , sweat and deaths of farmers who toiled , without holidays , without protection and alone in the great NZ hinterland . And now ? It's despise the farmer time again ? The farmer who thinks they have friends in the National Party had better do some reading and abstract thinking or history will rise up and bite you on the arse ! Farmers are again sailing into dangerous waters . Ignorant , hate mongering won't help any of us in this instance .

At 19/2/12 4:05 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

I am a bit skeptical re J.K listening to the 50 000 marchers re conversation land...there is a technique in bargaining, which has a formal name which I can't recall, of suggesting something outrageous, when people [predictably] freak out, an offer less outrageous is presented. This causes so much relief to the freaked out people, they gratefully agree, without noticing that the second offer would have been considered outrageous had the first even more outrageous proposition not been suggested first.

At 19/2/12 4:17 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

Countryboy, It is horrific to hear your family's experience, I am sorry you all had to go through that, and no doubt the causes were from poor governmental decisions, of which there were plenty at the time you mention. I query you though on a number of matters, and hope you take it in the curious spirit in which it is intended.

Do you consider circumstances have changed in the farming industry since the late 1980's? In governmental support toward farming since then? Is there also a case that the farm your family was on was of a more difficult nature to farm than others around the country? (Therefore you perceive ALL farmers of working hard for meagre returns when it might only be a percentage of them struggling in the way your family did)

I am truly questioning here, would like to know more, because for the first time recently I have been feeling bitter toward farmers, perceiving them to have pretty stunning lifestyle opportunities relatively and no small amount of assistance via the government, that others with less opportunities don't get. And I have this perception that farmers keep voting for a party that makes things difficult for these others who haven't such a good start in life. I totally acknowledge that the conclusions I draw could well be based on too little information.

Regardless of the questions I thoroughly agree with your advice to farmers, am simply wondering whether your distaste for Bomber's vitriol re farmers take into account some of the aspects I am raising.

At 20/2/12 8:02 pm, Blogger Jasper said...

To add to the "Dipshit from Dipton's" inability to to give a fiscally responsible forecast for the value & likely return for the sale of the SOE's on the "chopping" block. He also has a track record of incompetence and poor decision making regarding NZ's Economy. The latest Treasury numbers out today show that the overall operating deficit for the six months to the end of December 2011 was $9.4 billion, 38 percent worse than forecast before the October election. So if you take into account the $43 Billion budget blow-out for the last 3 years as well as the$9.4 blow-out it =$52.4 Billion already! As well as Core Crown tax revenue was $400 million lower than forecast, a "dead stagnant economy" and Treasury advise corporate tax revenue was expected to deteriorate further over the year. = The Dipshit from Dipton & El Stupido PinoKeyo!! Throw this incompetent Government Out Now!!

At 22/2/12 4:42 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Countryboy... I can only barely begin to understand what you and your family went through...

But stories like yours, and many others, motivate me never to give up.

At 23/2/12 6:47 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@Frank . Thank you . @ Blueleapordthinks . Thank you too , for taking a genuine interest . I'm writing answers to your questions @blueleapordthinks and I'll post a link to my blog in due course . The questions you asked can't and shouldn't be answered here . It's not fair to expect that of Tumeke or of it's loyal followers . I will explain this much however . The reasons for us having our farm taken from us was because The Bank misplaced a significant sum of money from a wool clip . The Bank opened an old and closed account of mine and deposited that money there , where it languished for some years . It was my dad who realized that money was missing from our accounts . ( His accountant didn't and was eventually imprisoned for practicing accountancy without the appropriate qualifications he claimed he had ) When dad phoned the Bank , the manager admitted ' his people ' had made an error . Dad asked him why he was not on the phone or traveling out to see us , such was the urgency of this matter . The manager said he'd only just found out about it . The manager went on to say that ' his people ' had made the error because my father and my names were the same and we both banked with the same bank . The wool buyer added to the intrigue by taking it upon himself to deposit the cheque for the wool on behalf of my dad and without informing him ? My dad , already under enormous financial pressures due in part to an unseasonal snow storm argued that monies now owing on default payments etc were the Banks responsibilities , not ours . My dad went to lawyers . Many , many lawyers . The all agreed . Dad potentially had a case the Bank must answer to . The lawyers acted on dads instructions up until a certain point then claimed they could go no further and that'd be a $ Million please . My poor old dad was like a lamb to the slaughter and it gets worse ! After arguing with The Bank for more than seven years , The Bank foreclosed on the mortgage . A mortgage my dad swore he never signed . A mortgage that'd grown from about 48 k to about 330 k on compounding interest over a seven year period from 1982 to 1989 . At one time , the interest being charged us was running up to 22% . Here's the thing . Farmers who believe this Government is behaving in a farmer friendly way are gravely mistaken . The farmers who might believe they are secure in voting for this , or any other government who discounts the idea of a rudely healthy Trade Union movement is deluding themselves and should instead look deeply into themselves . While the working public is un-unionized and while a tax system favours deviancy and piss poor balance biased to the rich yet terminally useless , we , all of us are in mortal danger in my humble view . Without Tumeke we may be continually bewildered at how some can buy Ferraris and big flash extra houses in pretty places while Kiwi kids go hungry in Otara . To be continued ...

At 25/2/12 2:03 am, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

Thanx Country Boy,

Sounds dreadful, would be nice if there was some accountability involved in our world...seems that went out at some point of the proceedings...wonder if it will ever return? :(

Will check back for the link.

At 25/2/12 1:31 pm, Blogger Jasper said...

PinoKeyo & the Dipshit from Dipton only plan is to drive NZ deeper & deeper into debt with their european & American investor mates so that then NZ'ers have no choice but to sell off the country's assets to repay some of that debt as well deliver what's left of NZ (a cheap labour-force in the south pacific) to be signed up to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. NZ will then become the 52nd state of the USA behind Britain. It's a split - Join China & the B.R.I.C. members who are running surpluses and economy’s that have growth, Or the West, TPPA type "trade agreements" which are heavily loaded with debt and stagnant economy's with high unemployment?? China's delivering ship loads of cash to some of the pacific island nations as well as Chile, Iran, North Africa. The US hasn't got any cash so are signing country's up to useless trade agreements where you have to sign-over your sovereignty, copyrights, Intellectual property, Judicial system and guarantee corporate profits!! You'd have to be stupid to sign up to this bullshit? Oh no! The Dipshit from Dipton & PinoKeyo are so doing so as we speak!!


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