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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Selling State Assets to subsidize irrigation for the Dairy Industry

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Exactly what Tumeke has pointed out all along regarding selling assets...

Asset sales would boost irrigation scheme
A $400m irrigation fund will be bankrolled by the partial sale of state assets if National is re-elected. National Party leader John Key today announced the new Future Investment Fund would be drawn down to pay for capital spending on irrigation schemes.

...so National are flogging off our assets to subsidize their mates in the Dairy Industry while using 'education' as the justification?

It's just so venal and self interested isn't it? Flog off the assets to help build their mates infrastructure.

National are running down Government revenue so badly that they are justifying flogging off our assets to cover the taxation shortfall but what is most disgusting about this short term plan is that the education element is a smokescreen because when Key says investment into infrastructure, he really means infrastructure investment into Dairy who continue to steal and pollute our diminishing water resources in the South Island.

That's what we are selling our assets off for? South Island Dairy Industry interests? Shouldn't National be a little more honest? Surely allowing Bill English to have a dirty lignite production facility in his own electorate to power his brother's Federated Farmer's industry cheaply was payment enough to the Dairy industry, we have to flog off our assets to fund their irrigation as well?

Why on earth are we funding a monopoly who benefit from our collective pristine environment yet do some of the worst pollution damage? Even more corporate welfare while social services are slashed at the cost of our assets?

If NZers buy this cow shit, they deserve all they get.



At 10/11/11 8:38 am, Blogger Alice Leonard, Angel Food said...

Don't like it? Stop consuming dairy products. We are much better off without them! As for what gets done to cows and calves to produce your glass of milk.. it's far more shameful than the cost of irrigation or the pollution of our rivers.

At 11/11/11 7:59 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Animal farming is a deplorable business . I should know , I was the son of a farmer and I was a farmer also . What made animal farming even more hideous was the adaptation of factory farming techniques ( Please see ' Foodinc ) . Little roger , the dodger , douglas knows about this having been , and perhaps still is a , pigs in a cage ' farmer ' himself . Gross over stocking due to pressures applied by money lenders and sundry hangers on have created a living Hell for poor animals and a logistical nightmare for those few farmers with a conscience . However ... and many of you will not like this one little bit but we , us Kiwis are almost completely dependent upon farmer generated money . Without that income stream we'd be without Auckland , without floating gin palaces bobbing about in the Queen Charlotte Sounds , without the highest Ferrari ownership rate per capita in the world and without the infamous , wealthy 1% elite who have never set their Italian loafers in damp grass much less have had their fine , cultured nostrils challenged by the yeasty odour of fresh sheep or cow shit . It would be a very interesting project indeed , to mark a farmer generated dollar and see who's pocket it ultimately lined because I can assure you of one thing , it isn't the farmers pocket . Rural earning / Urbane spending would be a very good documentary for some brave soul to produce . If you don't want green waterways and shit spattered utes parked outside country pubs you'd best get used to a lower standard of living folks . The top 1 % ers and the money lenders are here to stay I'm afraid .


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