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Friday, November 18, 2011

National Party strategy to attack Media based on internal polling

If this screws up, David 'bore of Babylon' Farrar, the National Party propagandist and pollster will be the first against the wall and shot because it is his flawed landline methodology that is directing internal strategy. Since the Epsom Tea Party Tapes surfaced, National have been frantically polling to determine what they should do and the results of the polling suggests a terrible misread on their behalf.

What the internal National Party polling has found is the public despise the media more than they despise politicians. National have read this as the ability to just deny answering any questions from the media hoping the publics dislike of the media will be enough to forgive Key acting like a spoilt king, I think there's a problem with that strategy.

The public rightfully despise the media because instead of focusing on important issues, they focus on the welfare of a bloody penguin, to misread that cynicism as National have done to think that the public will support Key raiding media outlets with bullshit excuses to protect himself from embarrassment is the building blocks of political contempt, not an election victory.

John Key standing up for the principle of not being secretly recorded is astounding, firstly what expectation can the PM seriously have of privacy during a publicity stunt he himself has called, and secondly for a PM who rammed through the power to illegally spy on citizens to now stand for the principle not to be secretly recorded is hypocrisy so rank it should make educated people vomit.

So far Key has justified gagging the media with Police because taping him is like phone hacking a murdered childs family, because youth suicide might increase and now because the Police have plenty of time on their hands???

Key's pathetic justifications are a joke, threatening media with Police to protect himself shows that Key seems to believe he is not running for Prime Minister, he thinks he's about be be crowned King.

NZ political fascism is as casual as our racism. Welcome to the Kumara Republic if King Key wins.



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