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Saturday, October 29, 2011

REVIEW: Opening TV election addresses of ACT, Maori Party, NZ First, United Future, Alliance, ALC and Conservative Party

Second salvos in the Election fight, tonight ACT, Maori Party, NZ First, United Future, Alliance, ALC and the Conservative Party (MANA wasn't formed in time to be eligible for TV time - although MANA will launch one on-line)

Awful country and western folk song as the back ground? Really? It sounds like strangling cats. Don's trying to convince us that there's too much 'red tape' blah blah. Very up tight and beige. It's like a corporate video on the importance of good customer service.


Lots of different Maori voices singing Maori Party praises. No discussion about how they are prepared to work with John Key and ACT. Lots of discussion about 'whanau' - some mention about 'disappointments' (there are so many to mention).

No real policy initiatives whatsoever. Bad job of the blue screen editing btw. List of crumbs Maori Party have managed to obtain (runs too fast to read).

Pretty weak all round.

United Future
Much better video, but it's all wonk stuff that busy the mind of Dad's who are accountants. I'm not sure tying Mum into staying at home for tax purposes is really the type of universal suffrage Kate Shepard fought for. The problem for Peter is that he has a high chance of losing his electorate to Charles Chauvel, 14% of Ohariu are state employees, they know a vote for Peter is a vote for National and a vote for National is a vote for more public service cut backs.

Ohariu will be one of the most important electorates this time around and a canary in the coal mine for a National lose if Peter loses.

NZ First
It's Winston at his tub thumping best. Every time I want to write him off, you hear about him filling a town hall somewhere to capacity. NZ Firsts key issues of national economic sovereignty have never had so much resonance with the electorate as they nervously note the global economy.

God damn it, he might get over 5%

Conservative Party
Colin Craig raving. Should have mentioned God more to reach out to his Christian voting base.

Alliance Party
Are they still around? Really? I saw their opening address and I'm still not convinced.

Libertarianz Party
Weird video outside the war zone that is Christchurch. Trying to claim Christchurch as an example of bad regulation is intellectually skanky.

Love the stoners, great video, won't go anywhere as stoners always forget to vote.



At 29/10/11 8:28 pm, Blogger Elaine said...

I think the ACT tune is a modified version of "and the loveliest of them all was the unicorn". They're talking about Heather Roy of course, who unlike everyone else associated with ACT for some reason only has one horn growing out of her forehead.

Nice also that the election ads are followed by some kind of frightening Fonterra corporate propoganda show. Is Goebbels doing the scheduling for TVNZ?


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