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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Is John Key about to throw up on this kitten?

Is John Key about to throw up on this kitten? At least it's not as offensive to the sensibilities as National's opening address last night.




At 29/10/11 4:10 pm, Blogger Frieder said...

That wasn't a gag reflex, that was him narrowly avoiding the reflexive protrusion of his secondary (reptillian) jaw -- he wanted to eat it.

At 29/10/11 5:09 pm, Blogger Max said...

Not throw up. Just about to eat it!

At 29/10/11 6:46 pm, Blogger Tim said...

The guy is a pratt - doesn't mater which way you cut it.
SO was Roger Kerr. I feel very sad another human being has passed away after a battle with cancer, but let's not re-invent history (Green Party stalwarts and others) - the guy was a cunt - just like Rob Muldoon was a cunt, and Gaddafi was a cunt, and Tony Blair was a cunt, and a number of others. Let's not reify?? these assholes. Feel sorry for their families by all means but I know a couple of Joe Blogs that deserve just as much compassion and attention than this cunt. With all due respect to women who have more than likeable cunts as part of their anatomy.
John Key is not only a cunt though, he's a cunt that can multi-task, regurgitate (parrot fashion) ideological clap trap, he's espray shnul en he gives the messes hope.
The man is unique - let's vote for him shall we?
But PLEASE Russell et al...Roger Kerr was a nce man, but he was a CUNT and I can think of many others more worthy of cry baby media time

At 29/10/11 6:57 pm, Blogger frances jane said...




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