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Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Nation and Q+A review

Q+A (Sunday 9am) - 90 000
The Nation (Saturday midday)- 12 000 (this would have been the lowest rating they ever got, except the weeks before was actually 8000!!! How did this get a million from NZ on Air? Shouldn't whoever agreed to that funding decision be shot in the face? Is that too far for a Sunday morning? No. No it is not. The problem is that these blood baby boomers make current affairs as interesting and as relevant as Rectal exams.)

Citizen A this month will have Bernard Hickey, Matthew Hooten, Mai Chen, Phoebe Fletcher, Selwyn Manning, Deputy Mayor of the Super City Penny Hulse, David Slack and guests. Now that's a line up.

The Nation
Am I the only person who even watches this right wing nonsense? Let me get this straight, our base in Afghanistan is a CIA camp, and The Nation follow Don Brash for the day? Palmer justifies Israeli aggression and legitimizes the blockade and we have Hekia selling the energy strategy lies?

Why do I bother waking up this early on a Sunday dammit?

Why doesn't Duncan ask about the massive oil reserves that have been quietly found and scooped up by Shell? Why doesn't Duncan ask if the marine frolicking bill that replaced the foreshore and seabed land confiscation was rammed through to legitimize the whoring off of our oil and minerals? Why doesn't Duncan call Hekia on the greenwash? Why doesn't Duncan attack the pathetic returns? (oh he did ask her that question) we get bugger all in returns, this is for 42 cents for every dollar of oil, this is for overseas oil company benefits not for NZ!

This Government is focused on coal and are hiding it. Duncan made her squirm once, he seems to lift his game when no one is watching. Why didn't The Nation get Greenpeace on the show to debate Hekia? Duncan corners her and she can not rule out open cast mines.

Good work Duncan!

Then on to Owen Glenn. Great, rich people wanting to lecture the rest of us on how to live. I am now falling asleep.

Our media were puppets to promoting propaganda that we have been building bridges and schools in Afghanistan while all along it was a CIA camp and The Nation are giving Owen Glenn a public hand job??? How did this get a million from taxpayers? How is this holding the powerful to account?

The bias of the mainstream media is pretty astounding these days. This week Labour launched their youth policy, the Dom Post gave it a brief mention while giving John Key a half page because a poll trusts him to babysit our kids more than any other politician.

The mainstream media deserves all the contempt we can muster.

Oh and now it's a pr charm campaign fluff piece for ACT. It's at least nice to see how racist ACT party supporters are and how they all think climate change is a hoax.

ACT are in meltdown, it's a joke with candidates who are as electable as cancer. Banks will bring in Brash and no one else, if Banks gets in, the entire coup has been a mistake. I love watching ACT thrash around in it's death throws.

Let's not forget, ACT is failing in polls that favor the rich, come election day that amount could fall much further.

ACT go die now.

NZers like their fascism casual, that's why they flock to the smile and wave of optimist prime, after the lies Don spun in the Hollow men, his strain of right wing hate is too strong for dinner parties.

Brian Fallow and Fran O'Sullivan are the panel. Does that make the panel a Herald circle jerk?

Yes it does.

TVNZ news have released a statement - they will ONLY be covering our kiwi camp really being a CIA base in Afghanistan and critically examine their own role in being a puppet to Government propaganda IF Happy Feet agrees to do a fashion week show there and announces that he's replacing SBW in the All Blacks squad.

Seeing as Q+A breached embargo and handed Jon Stephenson's article straight to Wayne Map, I won't hold my breath of any investigative journalist in NZ ever giving Q+A an exclusive ever again.

Update on Christchurch, will there be questions about the cost blow outs and why Shipley is getting $1000 per day? Auckland gets a look, and some weird 'news break' - what the hell was that?

Seeing as q+a are missing the main stories of the day, gaza and CIA bases, there's as much reason to watch The Nation.

What is on Comedy Central?



At 4/9/11 9:45 am, Blogger DebsisDead said...

Why do you sabotage what could be substantive discussions with petty generationalist crap?
It is difficult enough as it is to get humans to stand up together aginst the greedheads without dropkicks, dipsticks or drongos fracturing the potential opposition by dragging out stupid irrelevant and unsubstantiated ageist conspiracies every five minutes.

The other side does enough of that - trying to divide any opposition to their rampant theft by pitting occupation against occupation, or culture against culture, without overly earnest thirty somethings continually indulging in fervid wanks against older citizens.

Let's face it the heart of this is most likely the author's frustration at his own generation's perfectly understandable aversion to politicians of any stripe.

If there is such a shortage of young political activists that even act's rejection of the nasal honkings of a wannabe remuera socialite are seen by a self-styled 'young lefty' as some sort of'baby boomers' conspiracy then something is badly askew with 'young left' thinking.

To reparaphrase Churchill or Wilde or who ever "Yes you are younger than I, tommorrow you too will be old, but Katherine wasshername will always be a greedy cunt."

At 4/9/11 9:51 am, Blogger Brendon O'Connor said...

I just love the way Owen Glen pre announced his $100 mill election bribe or purchase of an NACT vote by saying in October he was going to announce an education gift conditional upon NZ voting in an NACT govt. So now NZ assets are for discount for a measly $100mill? Of course a rich prick like Glen wants an NACT govt as he can make that $100m bribe many times over from being able to buy our own state assets that as a Nzer he will be able to get at a hogs discount and flog off at a ridculous profit and then scurry back to Monaco with his billions. What a scumbag.

At 4/9/11 9:52 am, Blogger Angela said...

Really enjoyed this review. To the extent that I almost wish I'd watched more than a few seconds of the Nation.
Wish more people would tell it like it is. And what can we do about the mainstream media?????

At 4/9/11 9:57 am, Blogger Brendon O'Connor said...

And lets talk about this farce of rebuilding Christchurhc CBD on a sinking swamp that will just be a seabed and foreshore claim in 100 years due to rising sea levels due to global warming. The rising sea level is agreed by even man made climate change sceptics as a natural cycle and is almost inevitable. Why is it not being at least considered or discussed. What a golden opportunity to relovatw the CBD to higher ground. How stupid will we look in 100 years when it will cost unfathomable billions to relocate Christchurch?

At 4/9/11 9:58 am, Blogger Fern said...

"IF Happy Feet agrees to do a fashion week show ... and announces that he's replacing SBW in the All Blacks squad."
Hilarious but not entirely implausible, given the bizarre nature of some of the TV news.

At 4/9/11 10:25 am, Blogger katusbratus said...

Why do you have a problem with Garner holding the Labour Govt to task?

At 4/9/11 3:57 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"...am I the only person who even watches this right wing nonsense? "

'Fraid so, Bomber. As much as I'm a political 'junkie', and tend to consume great gobs of socio-political news and current affairs - "The Nation" is utter tedium. In the few times I bothered watching, I was waiting for something interesting to come along...

... like TV ads.

You know things are real bad for a programme when the ad breaks are far more interesting!

My suggesting to TVNZ: why not bring back the OLD pros; Ian Johnstone, Brian Edwards, Lindsay Perigo?? Now these guys had so much talent, that a front-end loader would be needed to scoop it up.

It's hard to know what is so wrong with 'The Nation'... but it is irony, in a sense.

The Nation is reflecting what is wrong with... the nation. Inertia? Lack of interest? A complicity with the Establisment based on mutual interests?

Whatever it is, Dolomsday is fast approaching for that programme.

As for me - thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for Radio New Zealand!

At 4/9/11 4:01 pm, Blogger bchapman said...

The work and research of Nicky Hager is the best bit of journalism seen in NZ in years.

I can see why the pseudo-journos and celeb-journos don't want to highlight their opinionating masquarading as news in comparison.

At 4/9/11 8:38 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

"fracturing the potential opposition by dragging out stupid irrelevant and unsubstantiated ageist conspiracies every five minutes."

The Elite within the Boomers hold the power, own the companies, are the CEO's, Government ministers, owners of the media, have consumed more of the planets resources in the last 30 years than have been consumed in the last 10,000 years and have left precious little opportunity for those who will inherit their planet and their economy and have no plan to remedy the byproduct of their greed.

Of coarse it is a generalization to tar a whole generation with this brush, but it is fair to expect at least a little leadership and vision whilst the Boomers hold the levers of power.

Equally, it is the duty of Generations X & Y to take the levers of power from them.

But so long as wages stagnate, education is eroded, opportunity withers, propaganda and advertising flourish, the media continues with it's ineptitude and complicity, it's a tall order from all but a few political and news junkies who do the work to find some sort of truth.

And so the ball falls back into the Boomer court. Lead, plan and as a generation, grow up and wake up to the fact that it's not all about "Me" and "my" shiny baubles.

At 4/9/11 11:23 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"If there is such a shortage of young political activists that even act's rejection of the nasal honkings of a wannabe remuera socialite are seen by a self-styled 'young lefty' as some sort of'baby boomers' conspiracy then something is badly askew with 'young left' thinking."

No, Debs, no one is talking "conspiracy" here.

It's all about self-interest, greed, and lack of fore-sight. Let me illustrate what I mean with two very successful Baby Boomers who decided that a free educaytion asn't enough for them - they wanted to rort the tax system as much as they could get away with: http://fmacskasy.wordpress.com/2011/08/28/greed-is-good/

Not that I'm singling anyone out. The directors and CEOs who ran our Finance Companies like their own personal bank accou nts are as bad.

The greedy buggers who think that those on higher salaries should pay less taxc because they "work so hard".

And those Voters who think that having tax cuts, financed on massive borrowings from offshore; putting the country $17.6 billion in debt - is a really good idea, so they voted National in 2008. And look likely to vote National again in November.

The same Voters who voted for Muldoon in 1975, so he could trash the super scheme Labour had implemented, because we wanted our money back.

Who are these Voters? A quick look in the mirror (for those in their 50s and 60s) will answer that question.

We vote on self interest. And when it seems that our greed has landed the country in Deep Shit, then we vote Labour, who generally pay off the debt that National accrued.

Like this; http://www.treasury.govt.nz/government/financialstatements/yearend/jun10/09.htm/fs10-14.gif

Here's an observation; ACT members who are Baby Boomers - I have no time for.

ACT members who are Generation Xers - are wreaking their revenge on my generation who have looted this country and padded our lives with over-inflated properties; free social services; then gave ourselves tax cuts; and turned those social services into User Pays for Generation Xers.

No wonder they are pissed off.

We shafted our own kids.


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