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Thursday, September 22, 2011

How over rated is Bryce Edwards?

Sweet Jesus Bryce Edwards is over rated on liberation blog- anyone noting Tim Watkins from pundit as a highlight needs an enema. Seeing as Farrar pays for this daily politics briefing, why doesn't Bryce just call it 'National Party Soft Sell Massage points daily'. It's no surprise the Penguin and Whaleoil always turn up in this daily tripe.

The power and influence the Bore of Babylon, the fallen one, David 'climate denier' Farrar has been given by the mainstream media is incredible, the NZ Herald should be ashamed they still give him an unchallenged column, that a State propagandist can be given so much exposure would make Fox News blush.


PS - It seems my deep dislike for the right wing bullshit that is Bryce hasn't gone down well with some of the esablished left, so let me get much more precise and nasty - the fact that the bore of babylon, the fallen one, David Farrar pays for this seems to have escaped the notice of those defending Bryce. Farrar is using Bryce as cover, why the PSA continue to contribute to this joke is something they should look at, Farrar certainly gets his money's worth because it isn't Tumeke, no right turn or left wing blogs that get any attention, bullshit moderates like baby boomer wannabe Tim Watkin and hard right pretending to be moderate like Farrar and Whaleoil are the links most wanked on about by Bryce. This is a way for the hard right to propagate their hate under the guise of academic neutrality. It is bullshit and should be called.



At 22/9/11 9:09 pm, Blogger Green Tea said...

Actually Edwards is pretty insightful.

At 22/9/11 11:37 pm, Blogger Robert Winter said...

If I have missed some subtle wit in this post, I apologise, but quite a lot of us, perhaps unable to distinguish useful material from an enema (thought that would be a very useful skill to have), quite like what Mr Edwards provides. And he seems to be a pleasant, intelligent young man, undeserving of the "tripe" label.

At 23/9/11 12:17 am, Blogger Luc Hansen said...

Say, Bomber, who's the Penguin guy?

I used to argue with a Penguin on the old Soapbox.co.nz.

Would he be one and the same?

Not the most rational soul, from memory.

As for DPF, I agree it's a travesty that he get's a column in the Herald. Not so much for his political connections but for the (lack of) quality.

But he's such a sensitive soul: he kicked me off Kiwiblog (again) just for beginning a General Debate offering, free of charge, a bolder, fresher motto:

DPF's Kiwiblog - Fomenting willful ignorance since 2003.

He called it trolling.

I call it fact.

What do you think?

At 23/9/11 12:34 am, Blogger tamati said...


Bryce Edwards is as left as they come! I had him for a few papers when I was down in Otago. He made old man Brian Roper look like a Tory!

C'mon Bomber, just look at his haircut, it looks like his mum did it back in the nineties.

At 23/9/11 1:50 pm, Blogger Chris Trotter said...

WTF Bomber!

Where does this nonsense come from?

Bryce is as left as you or me.

In fact, he's probably further to the left than I am.

What's with all the abuse?

At 23/9/11 7:04 pm, Blogger fatty said...

I always saw Edwards as coming from a post-structuralist perspective...very insightful.
His identity vs class is very interesting and the chapter he wrote in the politics of conformity leaves other commentators lagging.
I look at his list some days, but I see it as nothing more than a list of the most popular voices in the media...not the most useful. His list shows how NZ politics is perceived by the general public.

Most left commentators are a predictable borefest and fail to contribute to progressive thinking, Edwards list highlights that...his thinking contests it.

At 24/9/11 3:47 pm, Blogger phil(whoar.co.nz) said...

"...In fact, he's probably further to the left than I am..."

most are..most are...

..surely you can't catergorise yr retreat into reactionary-bombast..

...as 'leftie'..?

..you are an intellectual for the tweedledum party..

..that party whose solution to poverty is a ten dollar a week tax cut..

..phased in over three years..

..both you and edwards are apologists for a dystopian-system/status-quo...

..the last places anyone would look to for real/meaningful change...



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