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Monday, July 11, 2011

NZ cops threaten Media for exposing their incompetence

Bloody NZ Police eh? You would think that in the case of their brutal bashing of a guy with Asperger's syndrome in the wake of the Christchurch earthquake that they would reflect on their bashing of someone with mental capacity issues and back down.

But not our boys in blue, not only are these basher cops refusing to drop the trumped up charges of 'looting' two light bulbs against Arie Smith - THEY ARE NOW LAUNCHING AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE MEDIA FOR HIGHLIGHTING THEIR INCOMPETENCE!

No way.

Top that off with the NZ Police harassing Mana Party Members and Union activists at home alongside all the new Police powers they want and I think we've reached the tipping point where by we should start examining whether or not NZers have been conned into giving the NZ Police too much power.

Allowing the cops to threaten the media for an expose on their bashing of someone with Asperger's is a power too far.

Even a middle class fog horn like Russell Brown who was more than ready to smear Hone Harawira and myself over the Osama Bin Laden misquote is angry at the Police reaction. When the high priest of the aesthetic left is displeased with the Police, you know middle NZ can't be too behind.

Time to reign these basher cops in.



At 11/7/11 5:21 pm, Blogger Arto said...

Tha police suck!

At 11/7/11 6:54 pm, Blogger Pim said...

Tiki Taane was right....

At 11/7/11 6:58 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Watching Sunday last night, I was left absolutely speechless. I am extremely cynical by nature, and was fully aware of the typically one-sided story with heavy dollops of media propaganda and manipulation thrown in for good measure. But never has it been more clear that something is very, very broken in NZ law enforcement. Just unbelievable.

At 11/7/11 9:55 pm, Blogger JamesDemesne said...

Urewera 18, Ross Meurant's admission this week the Red Squad bashed clowns and lied about it, Arie Smith... how would we know if we were very close to a full Police State? Most wouldn't I fear.

At 11/7/11 9:59 pm, Blogger JamesDemesne said...

Arie Smith at one end, Urewera 18 at the other, and in between this week Ross Meurant's admission the Red Squad did bash clowns and lie afterwards about in unison... it is up to those who see the Police State pattern to warn others in the best way they can.

At 12/7/11 10:01 am, Blogger MrNiceGuyNZ said...

Just yesterday a medicinal cannabis user and the guy who runs the Greencross website is not only being busted for helping provide medical users with product but the police are also trying to get his website removed, claiming crimes are being committed because of the website.
To be a member of Greencross requires a patient to get consent from his doctor that cannabis as a medicine works for them. Under the Bill of Human Rights citizens are meant to have access to things that help them, yet in court medical users of cannabis are not allowed to use that as a defence, in fact the court doesn't even recognise medical use.

The balance of power has definitely tipped into the police's favour.
Considering the Law Commission recommended medical use of cannabis to be added to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 as part of it's review yet we have Mr 20,000 vote man Peter Dunne preventing anything happening other than tightening the laws. So as a disabled person myself, I feel quite vulnerable now, not from the bullies and the like, but from the police...

At 12/7/11 11:50 am, Blogger Shunts said...

At the time of the Springbox infamous tour in the 80's i was a visitor in the Police club in Auckland. The police officers had just been issued with their new long armed batons they were all boasting about how many protestors heads they were going to crack open at the rugby that weekend. I had planned to go to the protest but looking around that room i could no longer figure out who were the goodies and who were the baddies. I had always thought Police were there to protect you, but at that moment i realised i had been living in a fools paradise. I had hoped over the years that we had learnt lessons from the idiots like Ross Meurant's Red squad and that we had moved on. After this incident it shows we have not moved on at all. Everyone knew that the Red Squad beat up those clowns, which is why they won a court case against the Police. We now use video not just to catch offenders but to ensure that cops are aware 'We are watching'and they restrain themselves which what they are trained to do and what we expect of professionals.

At 13/7/11 12:48 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Whoever is responsible for this mess needs to be shown the door.

Talk about sheer, unmitigated stupidity.

And to threaten the producers of "Sunday" with prosecution? WTF? Has someone been reading up on the Stasi-method of police action? Taking a leaf from the Nth Korean State Security "Sensitivity Handbook"?

This isn't just an Epic Fail, it's... it's... well, yeah, it's a f*****g Epic Fail!


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