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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why hard right hate merchant Cathy Odgers is an inappropriate political candidate

Hard right hate merchant and corporate lawyer ACT Party Candidate, Cathy Odgers is as appropriate as a political candidate as Alasdair Thompson would be running the Ministry of Women's Affairs. She is more hateful towards the poor than Michael Laws, Paul Henry and Genghis Khan combined. She has all the bedside manner of a brain hungry zombie.

Am I being harsh? Am I being unfair? Am I giving her anything less than she deserves?

No way.

I've known Cathy longer than any other blogger, I've known her since University days when she would write angry right wing letters to me as Editor of Craccum. She has a fierce intelligence and when I judged the NZ bloggers Union Awards last year, I voted for her to win as her financial analysis was the best on the blogosphere, in some regards I have nothing but respect for Cathy - but her despicable hate for the poor is something that simply rules Cathy out as any possible genuine political candidate. If she believes what she wrote, then her position is a casual fascism that must be protested against at every moment.

I challenged her on her sterilization scheme for the poor that she wrote as a disgusting piece of hate speech directed at the weakest members of society. What does a silver spooned corporate lawyer earning half a million a year know about the realities of a woman living on the benefit in NZ and stoop to such language to attack and damn beneficiaries with?

Cathy says she will woo young female voters back to ACT, but how many women hating female voters are there? The language Cathy uses to describe welfare mothers actually makes you cringe.

Cathy you scoffed and laughed and became abusive when I originally challenged you on your hate mongering language, but now you are having to justify the spite and venom you used. It is this spite and venom which makes you utterly inappropriate as a political candidate. You have misinterpreted my disgust at what you wrote as some sort of political game Cathy, which is a terrible underestimation on your behalf, the scope of which will start to become apparent as I do this day in and day out.

How much energy do you really wish to spend on fighting me each day Cathy?

Here is Cathy's weak both hands tied behind her back response that Candidate Cathy is left to respond with. What was it? Your 5th version posted after midnight after you checked it past ACT HQ Cathy?

Quote of the Day - The Best of Cactus Kate
Left-wing hate speech Mana Party aligned site Tumeke is running a series of quotes of the day from trolling through my blog in an attempt to increase my popularity among ACT leaning voters as shown in the recent Kiwiblog poll from leading pollster Curia:

You are holding up the failed methodology of the Penguin as your proof that you will boost ACT? Even if this brainfart was legit all that means is that you are a genuine threat to the wider community with the hateful fascist manner you view those in poverty in the steepest economic recession since 1929. Why celebrate ACT becoming even more redneck when Don's redneck isn't currently attracting votes?

Sadly Bomber Bradbury is one of the most intellectually and physically laziest people I have met in broadcasting. I know this obsession with myself will last all of a week so I am going to give him a hand today and every day he chooses to participate in his little "hate" charade against me and pick a post of my own - this one dated 3rd October 2010 on a 31 year old lady with now six children all paid for by the taxpayer.

Any system that allows such a demographic to breed, and then turns around and encourages them to keep having children over a period of a decade that they cannot afford, really deserves the outcome it gets. More welfarism.

I stand by this comment and I do not and never will represent Ms Tressa Simonsen. She will never vote ACT.

Ahhhh. But Cathy, that's not really the quote is it? That's YOU picking the least offensive element of the quote and holding it up as if butter wouldn't melt in your mouth.

Let's remind folks exactly what you said shall we Candidate Cathy?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you ACT Party candidate Cathy Odger's hate speech aimed at the weakest members of society...

The heaving pathetic underclass do not seem to have any idea how to look after and better themselves let alone their kids. All the Whanau Ora in the world given to them from the collective troughing of the "consultant" middle class neo-minted Maori brorocracy won't help them.

Regardless of your race, not killing your child is fairly bloody fundamental. One of those things that doesn't need to even be said at Plunket or passed down from generations does it? Sticking a child on a clothes line, body slamming a baby, beating a child up and down isn't even an action of primates. A baboon is more advanced in its thinking.

That's the main issue, those killing and maiming children from any race are not human beings, they are the missing link from...well you can't even say primates can you as most wild animals manage to look after and not deliberately kill their own children? You cannot legislate to protect children from these creatures because creatures do not acknowledge any laws.

So the time has come for a fresh approach. Let's stop handwringing semantics to the problem, remove historians and academics from the debate. Let's forget about offending a few precious souls who would rather see more Maori kids killed because solving the problem ruins their lily white world and exposes them to criticism. Let's actually DO something.

We aren't allowed to sterilise those most at risk of offending and Laws has already suggested a lump sum of $10k for sterilisation to much horrow and howling from those with no better answer, so how about another way?

How about we cut off the DPB and dole altogether and PAY the underclasses NOT to breed.

...the heaving pathetic underclass hu? Do we really want someone who writes such hatred of the poor to be in any political position? Cathy takes the anger and fury ever one of us righteously feels when a little baby gets abused and murdered and manipulates that into a shit to smear all beneficiaries with. It's disgusting, it's divisive and it's targeted at those most vulnerable in society.

While the Mana Party will promise more money for this woman to further do nothing with her life and treat her as a victim to keep her impoverished and voting for more welfare, I seek to represent those who are paying for this woman's lifestyle choices and at the same time struggling to pay for their own family. All while they are contributing to the economy through paid employment.

That's not hate speech.

YES IT IS! This rationalization of her own hatred shows how utterly out of touch this corporate lawyer is with the reality of the people she is denigrating, but this next bit is what catches in my throat...

That's standing up for Taxpayers.

The "T" in ACT.

...Ohhhhh, that's what it is is it? People like yourself wealthy enough to hide their income or pay it overseas, like those Farmers who only pay $1500 in tax each year? You're doing it for your poor taxpayer mates who loophole their way through life yet seem to need you in their spewing hate onto beneficiaries just to cut back a little more do they?

This is ridiculous and beneath you!

Bomber chooses to sit on the sidelines promoting to his taxpayer funded audience of his mother and close relatives, the likes of people of the quality of Hone Harawira, John Minto and Annette Sykes. All while purporting to be the Court of Public Opinion as to whom stand for Parliament for other political parties.

Oh no you don't, I'm in the media, I've seen the spite you write and it's exactly my role to challenge someone like you getting into Parliament and I don't shy away from that responsibility in any way shape or form.

When will he put his name forward for selection himself for the scrutiny he seems to only place on others?

And how many people would be more likely to vote for Mana if he was a top 6 candidate? Lets see a Curia poll on that.

Let's be very clear, I loath politicians and I have no ambition whatsoever to stand as one for Mana. You are pretending my disgust at what you wrote is some sort of launch pad for a political career. It is not. I was disgusted by what you wrote Cathy and if you really believe this bullshit about beneficiaries, you aren't worthy enough to stand. You will quickly become a female David Garrett, just with more offensive ideas.

Your solution to pay every single solo mother money 'not to breed' isn't just the words of a fascist you've managed to make solo mothering a crime in itself! No where do you limit your thinking to those women who have had previous abuse, at least that would mitigate the offensiveness of your post, you deem all solo mothers as, how did you so charmingly put it? The heaving pathetic underclass. By seamlessly merging child abusers with solo mothers, Kate has managed to be ignorant and stupid, it's a difficult self snooker, perhaps you should rename your blog 'the sound of one hand clapping'?

I personally love how any attempt to remove the racist glare of 'it's all dem maori's fault' is deemed 'apologist' by Kate, no attempt to look at what inequality does in a society, oh no, Kate is certain it's all dem maori's fault, for an educated person she sounds hollow and hateful.

Is it all as Kate vomits 'a maori problem' - not according to the people who work with children in poverty...

Cutting welfare to sole parents would not have made any difference in either of these cases. Abuse and neglect of children cuts across income, class and ethnicity. Protecting children means acknowledging this.

New Zealand's high rates of teen pregnancies and child abuse are mirrored across the developed world in societies such as New Zealand that are characterised by high levels of socio-economic inequality.

The causal pathways are unclear but the fact they happen across such a wide variety of countries suggests they are not a sole-parent problem or a Maori problem, or even a problem of easy access to welfare.

In the United States, the states with the highest rates of teen pregnancies are also those with the highest child-poverty rates, the greatest income inequality and most stringent access to public assistance - particularly Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida.

Sadly, inequality and poverty do not lend themselves to simplistic policy responses. Dealing effectively with them takes time and political courage. The domestic purposes benefit was introduced so sole parents could raise their children with a measure of financial security.

In today's labour market, financial security is more elusive than ever.

Abolishing the DPB, or just making it difficult to get, will not prevent a single unwanted pregnancy and it will not stop children suffering at the hands of their caregivers.

Not so many years ago, mothers with no support left their babies on the steps of churches and workhouses.

...and are we being over run by solo mothers all of a sudden? No, no we are not...

beneficiaries dropped from 15 per cent to 10 per cent of the working age group between 2000 and 2008 when jobs were available, and rose again only to 12 per cent in the current recession.

Not only is Cathy hateful about beneficiaries, she is simply wrong. You can get elected for being the latter, you should never get elected for being the first.

Until Cathy can prove that her hate was just redneck dog whistling rhetoric that she was using just to be controversial, then a concerted effort must be made to show the rest of NZ what ACT stands for by associating itself with a candidate who says these things.

Cathy and ACT have miscalculated.



At 28/6/11 10:32 pm, Blogger Cactus Kate said...

"We aren't allowed to sterilise those most at risk of offending and Laws has already suggested a lump sum of $10k for sterilisation to much horrow and howling from those with no better answer, SO HOW ABOUT ANOTHER WAY?"

This is pathetic.

How many holes in your feet now Bomber? Michael Laws came up with the $10k for sterilisation idea. I didn't. Now stop telling lies and read the bolded letters above where I suggest another way.

Why did I publish the post at midnight? Well something I know you won't understand but I had just worked a 15 hour day and spent an hour on the blogs last night.

The rest I will respond to when I have completed the rest of my 15 hour day today.

By all means I will have this debate with you but please make a better effort to stay calm and rational. Using bullet points would also make it easier for me to respond.

At 28/6/11 10:34 pm, Blogger Buffalo Bob said...

Poor people are disgusting

At 28/6/11 11:20 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Cathy versus Bomber is clash of ideals akin to those of a Sith Lord and a Jedi Master. Will the Dark Side triumph? I fear it will literally take Cathy to shoot lightning from her fingers before the people understand her true nature.

At 29/6/11 12:26 am, Blogger Frank said...

"How about we cut off the DPB and dole altogether and PAY the underclasses NOT to breed."

Hmmmm... *ponders*

Now, Cathy, it seems to me that according to what you wrote, you're somewhat opposed to abusing children, am I right?

If I read your writings correctly, you are a tad critical of people who abuse/neglect/slaughter their children, yes?

So how does cutting of the DPB/benefit to "underclassses" not qualify as abuse?

Because it seems to me that if you take away welfare; and without jobs and necessary support mechanism in place for solo-mums (though you never mention solo dads); then you are essentially sentencing these children to a North Korea-like slow starvation.

Or, as happens in Brazil, the children are thrown out onto the streets and left to fend for themselves, and live in vast underground stormwater drains. Local businessmen pay corrupt police to return at night, as "Death Squads", to shoot these vagrant children.

Is that your vision for New Zealand?

May the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster help us if it is.

Personally, though, I disagree with Bomber. I think you SHOULD stand as an ACT candidate. And in the process, the full glare of public attention will fall upon you.

But I doubt it. Though ACT has policies that I find unpleasant in a marxist-leninist (though in a mirror-inverted) way - they are not stupid. They are politically saavy and would quickly see you as the electoral liability that you are.

It seems ironic, in a bizarre way; Hone Harawira has a constituency and was recently re-elected to Parliament.

But I doubt if any Party would offer you the same opportunity.

At 29/6/11 6:45 am, Blogger Just my opinion said...

Keep up the fine work Bomber. It's almost too easy really - free publicity like this is priceless.

You weren't part of the anti Double Down brigade were you?

At 29/6/11 6:48 am, Blogger Just my opinion said...

And too late... your comment comparing CK to Graham Capill has been saved and is doing the rounds online. I bet you feel really proud of yourself for that one.

At 29/6/11 8:13 am, Blogger slydixon said...

Her grammar is poor too, unforgivable. Back under your rock Cathy.

At 29/6/11 8:26 am, Blogger adybombs said...

One assumes from your diatribe Bomber that you would be fully supportive of the idea of Macsyna King having more children. ( read meal tickets)

At 29/6/11 9:50 am, Blogger Kaya. said...

How dare you talk about my mum like that you insensitive bitch. she was on the DPB. she was 16. And for 17 years of my life she had a hot plate on the table every night.. no abuse, no neglecting. get Fucked. MANA

At 29/6/11 10:52 am, Blogger Alison said...

Actually, a simple bit of research would have shown Cathy that 'infanticide' is a problem amongst some primates. So who's the lazy journo?

At 29/6/11 10:53 am, Blogger Alison said...

If Cathy had actually done research to back up her comments she would have discovered that 'infanticide' is actually a problem amongst some primates. So who is lazy then....

At 29/6/11 11:27 am, Blogger pollywog said...

Cactus Kate...the perfect candidate

In her own words from just a few months ago and in response to questions...

When are you going to come back and run CK?


CK, would *you* consider standing for ACT? You've got the intelligence and the no-bullshit attitude that would be needed.

...by Andy and Joshua. The prickly, but oh so honest, one proudly states

- extra marital relations with men(tick)
- weakness for hot male groupies (tick)
- has made a career out of assisting others give less money to governments to waste (tick)
- admitted recreational drug use (tick)
- likes champagne (tick)
- random bouts of tourettes (tick)
- a late night partying record equal to Winston Peters (tick).
- honest about all of the above (tick)

Yes the perfect candidate.


Would Brash think that's perfect ACT candidacy material ?

hmmm...I wonder if she's prepared to be honest if asked a few more questions about. Sanctity of marriage, drug use and the sexual objectification of Men.

Anyone want to place bets ?

...and I'd be interested in hearing her late night partying record and comparing it to Darren Hughes instead also:)

At 29/6/11 12:01 pm, Blogger Global Conscience said...

The real sadness in all this debate is that the people of New Zealand have voted for their jobs top be exported to the low wage countries of this world. Being poor is not a disease of a position of choice. It is a direct result of the policies implemented by Political Parties with the permission of the people. The National Government without ACT has jettisoned 1000's of people to scrap heap of despair of unemployment. With Act as their Igor, The Middle Classes will be added to the list for extermination.
If I could ask Cathy a question? What are you going to do when the very last country on this planet has been bullied into the Free Market Pyramid Scheme Act expouses?
Growth will come crashing to a halt as industry is not striving to make better items, they are triving to con more and more people to buy. And when some 30 something year old Ghanain women will do a better job than cathy for less, and Cathy finds herself on the scrap heap, maybe then she'll realise how feeling as wanted as a pile of dog shit on your shoes feels and maybe if she is human regret the decisions she has made and promoted in this time.
But by then it would be too late.
History is riddled with feigned regret and excuses. Industry has destroyed land, countries and people in the chase for the allmighty dollar. Then after hiding away their ill gotten gains, excuse with, "we couldn't possibly have foreseen this damage!"
What history is bereft of is visionaries, who do no damage to the earth or people or soveregnties.
The workers enable the owners to succeed. The woners are not doing the workers a afvour by employing them. It is a symbiotic relationship. One does not survive without the other.
Owners demand absolute loyalty of their workers but show none.
We are being tested now, and how we react will determine our childrens future lives. The ight must start now. It is our world, not the owners of industry. It is our right to live. Start fighting now and we ensure our children will have freedoms in the future. Shrug our shoulders and we consemn them to a life of servitude.

At 29/6/11 12:37 pm, Blogger JonL said...

"Am I being harsh? Am I being unfair?" - Yes - to Genghis Khan!

At 29/6/11 1:17 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

Nice one GC! Although I'm not sure the world is bereft of visionaries, there are many visionary thinkers and doers now and throughout history, they just don't have a seat at the mainstream table.

What we are bereft of is leaders. I don't see a single example of real leadership within mainstream debate.

This is apparent both in the left and the right in their focus group, pr dictated worlds.

I note that Act are creating a bit of controversy on campus as well in relation to suggesting people go and get raped. Does that rhetoric from Cathy's desired party co-exist with her anti abuse rhetoric?

Re leadership, collective action and the pursuit of bad ideas... and that free market pyramid scheme


And the doco series that relates to this article...

At 29/6/11 2:23 pm, Blogger Frank said...

I'd be surprised if ACT was so unwise as to make someone like Odgers one of their candidates. She simply has too much political 'baggage' and would be a simple target for critics of that Party.

Long term, Brash & Co need to consider just WHO their constituents are. Misogynists? Racists? Extreme right-wing/neo fascists?

Or perhaps it doesn't matter as long as they get that all-important tick in the Party Vote box?

That kind of desperate need to attract votes is a dangeous path to tread. ACT has already been labelled the "parliamentary wing of The Sensible Sentencing Trust". Do they really want to be seen next as the "parliamentary wing of the Neo Fascists"?

Personally, I don't really care a hoot.

ACT is and will always remain a fringe group. If they want to undermine their credibility even further by taking on people like Odgers - hey, be my guest.

At 29/6/11 11:51 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Heine said... "And too late... your comment comparing CK to Graham Capill has been saved and is doing the rounds online. I bet you feel really proud of yourself for that one." (29/6/11 6:48 AM)

Oh, Heine, have we upset poor Ms Odgers?

Oh, we ARE terribly sorry.

I'd apologise - but ACT's State Security Police are taking me down to Wellington Hospital to be forcibly sterilised. They said, that something about my disposable income being insufficient to let me procreate (or words similar to that).

After I get out, they're taking me to a Fiscal Re-Education Camp.

After that, I'll write Ms Odgers a really nice card apologising to her that Bomber upset her sensitive nature, and that we really, really, do luv our new Fuhrer Maiden!

At 30/6/11 1:04 am, Blogger Just my opinion said...

If you think CO is fringe then Bomber is so far off the spectrum you'd need the Hubble telescope to spot him.

But remember, he's too scared to man up and run for Mana.

At 30/6/11 6:58 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Heine - you were utterly wrong about Mana, so why you think any of your opinions matter are up for debate.

If you think CO is fringe then Bomber is so far off the spectrum you'd need the Hubble telescope to spot him.
But I'm not running a candidate of a political party and i haven't attacked the poor as the 'pathetic heaving underclass' have I Heine? No I haven't and even you must accept that Cathy has said hate shit that no other politician could ever speak.

She is getting what she so gleefully throws around and her desperate and pitiful response to date to me shows how radioactive a candidate she is.

But remember, he's too scared to man up and run for Mana.
(roll my eyes) Clint you are so beneath the food chain you are a joke within blogger circles. I loath politicians and believe the media is where they need to be challenged so I will never stand as an MP because it's not where I want to go and its not where I see the need. Now I appreciate my position shows you up again as it was you claiming that I would be running.

Look Heine you got it 1000% wrong on Mana and are still getting it wrong. How about sticking to blogs about MPs on planes huh champ?

At 30/6/11 7:17 am, Blogger Global Conscience said...

"But remember, he's too scared to man up and run for Mana.
(roll my eyes) Clint you are so beneath the food chain you are a joke within blogger circles. I loath politicians and believe the media is where they need to be challenged so I will never stand as an MP because it's not where I want to go and its not where I see the need. Now I appreciate my position shows you up again as it was you claiming that I would be running. "
Oh, That is the blind leading the Blind.
There is no Investigative reporting because their bosses will nou let them report for fear of upsetting those in perceived power. The Media control the world now. Faifax and Murdoch are the power. They control who hears what. Unelected, unconscionable, evil. Face up to it.

At 30/6/11 3:09 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Heine said... "But remember, he's too scared to man up and run for Mana." ( 30/6/11, 1:04 AM)

Why bother?

In 1993, Alliance candidate, Sandra Lee, beat ACT candidate, Richard Prebble.

And in 1999, Labour candidate Marian Hobbs beat ACT candidate, Richard Prebble.

In every single electorate, bar National safe-seat Epsom, ACT candidates have been thrashed.

How many more do you want?

Oh, and once National no longer requires support from ACT, they will withdraw their largesse and "suggest" to National voters to go back to their own party.

How does it feel to know that ACT is in Parliament, under sufferance?

It's almost like a form of political "subsidisation", when you think about it.

Come back to us when ACT wins a seat fair-and-square, without requiring a "wing and a nod" from their bog brother, National.

At 1/7/11 12:03 am, Blogger Frank said...

"Come back to us when ACT wins a seat fair-and-square, without requiring a "wing and a nod" from their bog brother, National."

Should read,

"Come back to us when ACT wins a seat fair-and-square, without requiring a "wink and a nod" from their big brother, National."

Blimmin typos...

At 16/1/14 4:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops Martyn. A simple google search gave me this lovely quote.

"I loath politicians and believe the media is where they need to be challenged so I will never stand as an MP because it's not where I want to go and its not where I see the need"

Next you'll be giving up your real estate business...


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