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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alasdair Thompson's jaw dropping sexism

Women paid less due to 'monthly' problems - employers' boss
Women get paid less than men because they have monthly "sick problems", have babies and need to take extra leave, an employers association boss says.

WTF? This is the man who is advising NZ's bosses? That someone who vomits up some extraordinary sexist drivel as a reason why women get paid less is in any leadership role whatsoever is an indictment on the NZ business community.

His 19th Century mentality gives insight as to why so few women actually obtain leadership positions on Boards of companies in this country. What a backwards position to not only state and justify, but to restate and justify and then (and this is the killer) when challenged on this most stupid and infantile of arguments, he then states...

"I deserve to be treated with respect on this issue. In the context of the whole interview, 90 per cent would support my viewpoint and 10 per cent would be against."

...you what mate? DESERVE TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT ON THIS ISSUE???? The Pig arrogance of the man, oh Alasdair, you're going to get a lot of things in the next 48 hours, respect is the least of them. You just became the new poster boy of redneck white collar dumb.

Claiming that women having periods is a reason why they are paid less is like saying the person in a wheelchair gets paid less because they are in a wheelchair or the Maori person gets paid less because their skin is brown.

Citing an intrinsic element of a person as justification for less isn't a justification, it's merely a statement of bigotry.



At 23/6/11 4:24 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

but.... it's about productivity... if one cog preforms less efficiently than another cog.... surely that cog can't expect and equal share of an outcome they haven't equally contributed to! Geez, if one of my chickens isn't laying, I shoot it, it's just common sense!

When are these pinko liberals gonna understand that the sun revolves around the market, got their bloody heads in the sand!

At 23/6/11 10:29 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Ironically, when I ran a business some years ago, my female staff were the most reliable and the most productive.

Males were the most likely to throw 'sickies' on Thursdays, after having a night out on Wednesdays (cheap shooters!) and getting trolleyed in the process. Result; unfit to work thwe next day.

Males were also the most like to rock up on Mondays (or not - and phoned in "sick") with injuries sustained over the weekend caused by footie practice, or an all-out "friendly" game.

It got to the stage where I even became wary of hiring young males.

So Alasdair Thompson has rocks in his head to claim that women are less productive.

As for "AAMC" (23/6/11 4:24 PM) - mate, the only cogs here are the ones in your head. And they are severely mis-aligned. Your right-wing rant is an wmbarrassment and I can only thank the gods that be that you're not on our side.

All I can say is: at 4.24pm, why weren't you down the mine shaft, completing your 12 hour shift?

At 24/6/11 8:23 am, Blogger frances jane said...

This kind of sexist crap could be construed to be directly lifted from the Taliban's little book of rules so one has to wonder what his definition of the word 'respect' actually is....he must have been beaten up by a girl at school- ahh diddums..

At 24/6/11 8:28 am, Blogger AAMC said...

Speaking of irony Frank, you might want to re read my post, but this time with my tongue firmly in cheek.

I often rank on this site, never in favour of seeing workers as cogs in machines, I was simply speaking on Alisdair's behalf, to clear up te rational of his simplistic archaic mind.

At 24/6/11 9:27 am, Blogger AAMC said...

Another irony Jane, he probably supports the war against the Taliban, and yet seems an adherent to those ancient Pashtun customs.

I'm betting he's a flat earther, hasn't caught up with Galileo yet' Good godfearing, no such thing as global warming, keep the chicks in the kitchen, salt of the earth kinda chap.

p.s. correction above, meant to say "rant on this site" not rank.


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