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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Uni Students - know your enemy - Steven Joyce - The Hollow Brain

Joyce winner in Cabinet mini-reshuffle
Prime Minister John Key has announced a mini-Cabinet reshuffle, with the big winner being first term high flier Steven Joyce. Mr Joyce picks up the tertiary education portfolio previously held by Education minister Anne Tolley, who Mr Key said needed to focus on the Education portfolio and the introduction of national standards. Mrs Tolley has been seen as one of the weaker peformers in the National Cabinet.

The guy hasn’t even been an MP and now he is a Cabinet Minister AND is running tertiary education????? It seems if you attempt to warp democratic principle your reward can be a high party place ranking on the National list, let’s remind ourselves what we know about the hollow brain from the hollow men….

In the week of the 16-20 May 2005, Steven Joyce had a formal meeting with the exclusive brethren who were organizing their despicable advertising campaign and Joyce met quietly with other pro-National lobby organizations telling them the two crucial messages were “change”. Change was the main theme the Exclusive Brethren ended up using, remember National weren’t officially having these meetings with the Brethren and Joyce was the hollow brain behind this.

Joyce also saw the draft pamphlets and advertisements from the Exclusive Brethren before they went out, remember National initially pretended they knew nothing about the Exclusive Brethren.

When confronted with allegations that this was a stitch up job, Joyce’s ‘response’ was that Stephen Win (the contact person on the EB pamphlets and advertising) wasn’t a National Party guy and it certainly wasn’t a National-funded campaign – that of course is a twisting of the facts after meeting with the EB and providing input and viewing all material about to be released by the EB, we can see how hollow Joyce’s response really was.

In 2005 Joyce wrote to electoral campaign committees saying that “in this election National is planning to go close to its legal limit for Party Vote campaign expenditure (meaning $2,240,000), That has not happened previously”. Interestingly when the donation declarations were delivered to the Electoral Commission not one name from National’s largest financial backers were declared after their donations had been washed through the National Party launderette, the ‘Waitemata Trust’ so that their political influence through financial donations remained invisible. Interesting side note isn’t it, Winston was crucified in the media for something the Electoral Commission, the Serious Fraud Office and the Police cleared him on, has National’s funding ever been given that level of scrutiny?

Steven Joyce was credited in the last election by National Svengali Peter Keenan for keeping on Crosby/Texter, the Australian spin Doctors who were so good this election at spinning the ‘change’ and ‘moderation’ con job.

The Hollow Brain went to Australia to meet with Crosby/Texter and on October 19th 2004 prepared the con job they would use to try and spin the election on, it is incredible how much of that con job was so similar to the con job the Hollow Brain used to win this election, let’s go through them…

1: Stop us going down the path to rampant political correctness.
2: Put an end to the grievance industry.
3: Make our community safer by locking away violent criminals.
4: Ensure your hard-earned tax dollars are spent on Education and Health and not wasted on Labour’s pet projects and bureaucracy.
5: Put in place economic policies that will lift all our incomes closer to those of Australians.
6: Tighten up Welfare and ensure that everyone that can work does work.

Note, none of this is policy, just focus meeting tested bigotry.

Interesting to note that when Joyce was challenged on whether or not Crosby/Texter was giving National advice in 2005, Joyce said there was ‘some’ advice but National had no plans of bringing them to NZ, which was a clear twisting of the truth because Joyce had been to see them in 2004, when challenged again Joyce fudged the issue and pretended to not know the depth of any Crosby/Texter relationship and advised Don Brash to claim he only met them in passing.

And now he's running tertiary education, if anyone can denigrate a politician until they break it's Uni students, take this information and burn him.


At 27/1/10 9:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A timely post.

While Tolley is a fool and totally unsuited to the role of education minister, I too worry about the influence Joyce has in this government.

The Hollow Men was an enlightening book, and now that the major villains in that book are presently running the government, this book should be read by concerned New Zealanders.


At 27/1/10 11:05 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Classic: those 6 points are exactly what good, hard working law abiding NZers wanted and continue to want. It is people like you that have a problem with it. You are the outsiders. Are you going to carry on crying or make the super human effort of finding a way to get over it? Again: you are the outsiders with the warped view.

At 27/1/10 11:20 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Classic, it's always the brave anonymous posters isn't it folks? Why not have the balls to put your identity next to your opinions Anon? For all your wailing of me being the outsider you seem too frightened to put your name to your thoughts.

None of the 6 points are policy, just focus meeting tested bigotry used by Crosby/Textor to play to the small mindedness you so perfectly exemplify brave anonymous poster.

If pointing out your knee jerk talkhate radio bigotry makes me an outsider, it is a position I hold in high regard brave anonymous poster.

I won't hold you up brave anonymous poster, I'm sure you have books to burn somewhere.

Whatever Crosby/Textor are being paid to play to the petty bigotry of National Party voters, double it. Even the brave anonymous poster here can manage to overlook Joyce's clear deceit over meeting Crosby/Textor to praise their 6 manipulations and claim it as close to his heart.

Genius spin doctoring by C & T.

At 27/1/10 2:33 pm, Blogger CHRIS said...

A vast gulf has developed between the values and opinions of the educated and the rest of us.

At 27/1/10 5:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Bomber a self made millionaire is a 'hollow brain'.

Is there no end to your envy?

After all he is a media sucess while you and alt-tv went down the gurgler.

At 27/1/10 7:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Classic: the 6 points "Anon" above.
So why isn't Joyce brave enough to actually SAY that's what his agenda is?
The six points at first seem noble enough, that is till you realise that the many exceptions to the rule get clobbered by the ideal.

1..There are those that (despite my hatred of political correctness) get clobbered by the likes of those that make a living out of trying to be as politically INCORRECT as they possibly can - they even include that total fuckwit Paul Henry.

2..Quite a few have legitimate grievances - often minimised by what Joyce (or that Wanganui Mayor idiot, Hyde, et al) considers to have become an industry.

3..Let's solve the symptoms rather than the problem. (such as the "P" problem, or the number of guns around the place, etc., etc., etc......)

4..Let's prevent those that actually want to get tertiary education and do further study in the name of many that don't by providing the many that don't educational access at the expense of the many that do.
(Some younger folk actually don't though they may do come their late 20s and 30s, while many mature DO, yet are now considered unworthy and not "cost-effective" clients in education)

5..Why the pre-occupation with Australian standards? Please....move there if that's what you aspire to. IT might even be profitable to have subsidies provided to the uncommitted.

6.. agreed, but please, let not it be those willing to apply the dole bludger label become the ajudcator.

Still, I don't really mind. The likes of Joyce and his ilk, the few passing judgement on the many eventually get the shove. When they do, they often take a while to realise why.
Shame that at the moment there isn;t really any viable political alternative. The only other "major" political party is led by someone that used to want to implement neo-liberal, then 3rd way ideology (Including student loans).
I'm prepared to wait a decade till we see just what a cockup Joyce's Kapiti highway strategy amounts to.

At 27/1/10 9:24 pm, Blogger CHRIS said...

Classic, it's always the brave anonymous posters isn't it folks? Why not have the balls to put your identity next to your opinions Anon?


At 27/1/10 10:19 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Yeah Bomber a self made millionaire is a 'hollow brain'.
Let me spell it out for you brave anonymous poster - the information came from the Hollow Men - is it a book you have read? It is a play on the title of that book.

Is there no end to your envy?
Envy? I point out all the dodgy things Joyce did from the Hollow Men and that's your definition of envy?

After all he is a media sucess while you and alt-tv went down the gurgler.
I love this last bit,
1: what media 'sucess' is he (he doesn't spell success like that does he?)
2: I kept a show on Sky 89 - the war on news, and Alt Tv fell over because it was poorly run by the previous 4 owners.

As for Christian - that talkhate radio rated me so highly gives me a thrill.

At 27/1/10 10:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Hollow Men" is a poem

At 27/1/10 11:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do people seem to think that just because someone has loads of money then that means they must be smart. I could make a lot of money as well if I sold my soul.

At 28/1/10 2:31 am, Anonymous BLIP said...

Now that ex-Treasury and big business wallies have successfully infiltrated the tertiary sector and now that Joyce is minister in charge, how long before we see the PPP's comming into action. I mean, just think how much cash the universities could put in the bank if they sold the buildings and then leased them back from the new owners, or how much cash could be saved if the economics department was outsourced to the BRT and payment made on a "marks attained" basis?

Long live the outsiders!!

At 28/1/10 10:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how exactly was it 'poorly run' bomber. Easy to hide behind generalisations when we all know you had a significant role.

At 28/1/10 11:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Why do people seem to think that just because someone has loads of money then that means they must be smart. I could make a lot of money as well if I sold my soul."

That's true, rich people can be stupid too but that only makes poor people like you even more stupid.

At 28/1/10 1:20 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

So how exactly was it 'poorly run' bomber. Easy to hide behind generalisations when we all know you had a significant role.

I love this question, it always allows me to bring up my favourite link from the NZ Herald, let's ask John Drinnan about the collapse of Alt, he seems to answer many questions about how it collapsed and why it collapsed anon...


...thank you for letting me air the link again Anon.

At 28/1/10 2:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That article actually explains nothing Bomber. Nice try at deflection. What is it with socialist and apportioning blame where blame should lie. Must be something about their aversion to the concept of personal responsibility.

At 28/1/10 2:29 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

YAWN - how slow are you brave anonymous poster? What is it with the right wing and their lack of comprehension skills, do you really just want to see what you want to believe? You asked the following

So how exactly was it 'poorly run' bomber.

I post a link clearly explaining how it was poorly run and you come back saying it doesn't say that at all and that I'm deflecting, well let's post up the link shall we?

This column reported problems on January 23, when the four shareholders Thane Kirby, Ricky Newby, Oliver Driver and David Kennedy passed shares to a company controlled by Easy Factors.

Easy Factors approached staff to try and turn the company around in one month, but without success.

Kirby - who moved the channel from a weak free-to-air Auckland frequency on to the Sky digital platform - insisted in January the channel was sound and there were no financial issues relating to the owners' exit.

But the liquidators' report to March 18 said Alt TV had faced "substantial and consistent losses"

Let me bold that up for you brave anonymous poster But the liquidators' report to March 18 said Alt TV had faced "substantial and consistent losses" Drinnan points out that the 4 previous owners were making one set of claims to the media yet the liquidators' report says something else.

Your second line of attack was Easy to hide behind generalisations when we all know you had a significant role. The article clearly points out who the 4 owners were, did you see my name in that article brave anonymous poster? No, you didn't. I produced Alt Tv and got the station the breaking news publicity it earned I wasn't running the financial side, the 4 owners were.

Lift your game anon, I see why you post anonymously if this is the best you've got.

At 29/1/10 8:57 am, Blogger Bomber said...

PS - Oh and for your information brave anonymous poster • Nielson Cume monthly Viewers was 425,000 viewers (this was higher than TV6 & TV 7 at the time). Alt's content and programming wasn't the problem, it was management and being lectured to by an anonymous troll who wasn't even there is just a bit of a joke.


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