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Friday, November 27, 2009

Romance advice with P-Money

I think I want to start taking romance advice from DJ-about-town P-Money, here's his advice on his blog for meeting girls from March 4th

"The crowd was overwhelmingly filled with screaming teenage girls in Auckland
tonight (great crowd by the way, cheers). So if you're a high school age dude I
HIGHLY recommend you get down to one of these gigs. Just tell the girls that
you know P-Money and you're in bro! lol."

You just know P-Money and you're in bro.


At 27/11/09 8:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a charmingly misoginistic bunch NZ's hiphop elite are eh? Real classy.

At 27/11/09 5:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What class!!! My finger goes up to you.

As a father, I'm keeping my daughters away from P-Money. I shall encourage then not to attend these gigs and and I'm going to tell them why too!

I hope you'll understand...


At 27/11/09 6:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't believe it! The damn cheek of him!!


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