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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Job summit really old boys network (you are on thin ice National)

Groups upset at missing out on Jobs Summit
Community groups and some small business sectors are upset that they have been left off the invitation list for Prime Minister John Key's Jobs Summit in Manukau on Friday. The guest list, released on Monday night, includes only three people from the community sector: Auckland City Missioner Diane Robertson, Salvation Army social services director Campbell Roberts and a policy adviser for the disability group DPA, Wendi Wicks. Instead, 118 of the 194 invited are from the business sector - mostly from big businesses (62) and finance (22), but including 30 from smaller businesses and sector groups and four from state-owned enterprises. The rest are from central and local government, education and training organisations, unions, iwi groups and a handful of academics and researchers. The list includes 165 men and just 30 women. At least 20 are Maori, but only two are known to be of part-Pacific Island heritage: Rick Fala of the tap maker Methven and NZ Super Fund chief executive Adrian Orr. Fletcher Building chief executive Jonathan Ling will be the sole flagbearer for the Asian community.

Wow, after making a couple of really shrewd moves, this is a really dumb one by National, by making the job summit look more like the old boys network than a actual representation of views from the employment sector (Labour aren’t even invited for crying out loud) National open themselves to real danger here. Let’s forget 11% or 14% unemployment rates, let’s just stick to 7% unemployment, think about that, we’re doubling our unemployment rate in a year, the social implications of that should keep us all up at night. Forget boy racers being rowdy or noisy, now imagine them as angry and hungry – we are going to have a sudden spike in crime, not caused by bored urban youth or hardened career criminals, it will be caused by need – that’s a very different social problem. And those causing crime because of need will end up in an excessively violent prison system that will only serve to brutalize those prisoners.

If National are seen to simply be ‘looking after their own’ in the face of the worst economic meltdown we’ve ever seen as a generation, there will be a deep, deep resentment. This isn’t smart politics at all.


At 25/2/09 7:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this is a 'job summit' concerned with keeping Jobs, then it must, logically, have a focus on business as it is business who does the employing.

Who gives a fuck about the racial/sexual background? Nonsense reporting from the Herald. This is about the ability of businesses to retain jobs.

Its funny how a number of people on this blogsite who, up until about November last year, were saying that business is easy (without ever doing it) have gone very very quiet. Interesting, that.

At 25/2/09 8:47 am, Blogger Bomber said...

almost as quiet as those on the right pretending this is just a blip we are facing scott.

At 25/2/09 8:48 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

National risk being seen as the problem if they aren't inviting everyone, especially if it gets worse

At 25/2/09 9:45 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"(Labour aren’t even invited for crying out loud)"

Labour aren't invited because theres no point in them being there, because they're just National Lite. Their response is basically identical to Nationals.

Labour aren't saying big business should pay for its own mess. No political party in the beehive is prepared to step up and tell business New Zealand workers wont pay for their crisis, especially not Labour.

At 25/2/09 9:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im on the right. This is not a blip. This is very very bad

At 25/2/09 2:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disgusting from National. This job summit should represent all NZers not just their right wing mates. There should be 50% female, at least 15% Maori & Pacific Islanders and a few chinese thrown in as well. Participants should be across all age categories and representing all religious beliefs. At least 10% should be homosexual and a proportion should be left handed. So long as none are green voters because no one cares what they have to say

At 25/2/09 3:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Labour aren't invited, how can National pretend it's broadbased?

At 26/2/09 11:14 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let those with the power to employ people discuss how they can do more of it. Let the rest stay quiet and keep PC out of real life stuff.

At 26/2/09 12:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let those with the power to employ people discuss how they can do more of it. Let the rest stay quiet and keep PC out of real life stuff.

and it's that born to rule 'bosses know best' shit that will sink the National Party. Nice to see they revert to type when a bit of pressure comes on, you think the 11%-14% unemployed will quietly wait for the bosses to work it out?


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