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Thursday, November 20, 2008

nz blogosphere rankings : October 2008 Summary

Significant movers in top 100:

#4 (+6) No Minister
#16 (+7) New Zeal
#26 (+17) Big News
#29 (+8) Anti-Dismal
#31 (+35) Pundit
#50 (+27) MandM
#67 (33+) Workers Party
#69 (+12) Alliance New Zealand
#74 (+18) Liberation
#86 (14+) Media Fetish
#87 (+9) goNZo Freakpower Brains Trust
#93 (7+) Save the humans

#10 (-3) Policy Blog
#32 (-5) Barnsley Bill
#35 (-5) TBR
38 (-12) Jafapete’s Weblog
#39 (-7) Capitalism bad, Tree pretty
#46 (-8) WebWeaver's World
#53 (-13) Aotearoa: a wider perspective
#59 (-6) The ex-expat
#68 (-9) Ethical Martini
#73 (-8) Jimmy Jangles
#77 (-11) dad4justice
#83 (-10) Unity blog
#84 (-13) Eye of the Fish
#88 (-14) Neil Stockley
#89 (-20) Consumist

#65 (new) Cicero on Politics : www.lindsayaddie.blogspot.com
09/2008+ "New Zealand politics as seen from the right"
lindsay.addie : Right - ? : NZ
#71 (new) MacDoctor Moments : www.macdoctor.co.nz
06/2008+ "Politics and Medicine: A Lethal Combination"
Dr. Jim McVeagh : ? - ? : NZ
#91 (new) Luddite Journo : www.ludditejourno.wordpress.com
07/2008+ "Student journo ramblings in Aotearoa/New Zealand"
Sandra Dickson : Left - ? : Wellington
#92 (new) Kiwi Polemicist : www.kiwipolemicist.wordpress.com
08/2008+ "On politics, economics, and more"
KP : Right - Christian/classical liberal : NZ

And on the content quanta:

[av. posts per week]
c.120 Whoar
105 Policy blog
90 Homepaddock
85 No Minister
75 Hive
70 Kiwiblog
70 Inquiring Mind
65 Roar Prawn
50 Whaleoil
40 Standard
40 Frogblog
35 Tumeke!
35 NRT
30 Keeping Stock
30 Aotearoa: a wider perspective
25 Not PC
25 Liberty Scott
25 Political Animal
25 Cicero
20 New Zeal
20 Hand Mirror
20 Big News
20 Anti-Dismal
20 Half Done
20 G.blog

[av. highest commented post per week]
250 Kiwiblog
240 Public Address
140 Standard
130 Frogblog
115 Policy blog
50 Poneke
35 Tumeke!
35 Hot Topic
35 TBR
30 Hand Mirror
30 Not PC
30 NZ Conservative
25 Dim Post
20 No Minister
20 Whaleoil

Full list

The last few weeks of the election campaign (which includes the last half of this October survey) has definitely boosted traffic across the nz blogosphere.


At 21/11/08 10:33 am, Blogger Steve Withers said...

I was busy with election stuff through October and early November, so not posting (or researching) as much). My own traffic jumped in mid-November....and is still climbing, so I'll be interested to see what November / December brings.

At 21/11/08 4:17 pm, Blogger scrubone said...

We had 112 posts, which makes 25 per week.

How do you count these, this is the second time I've seen the same error?

At 21/11/08 5:02 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Scrubone: We had 112 posts, which makes 25 per week.
How do you count these, this is the second time I've seen the same error?

You don't follow the simple courtesy of linking to this blog or nzblogosphere when using our material, concept and ideas, you do not supply me with information you have regarding something you have already identified as an "error", so I shall not be tendering any apology, as would have otherwise been the case; but to answer your question, I count these manually. I wish the quality was there to read all of it, but it's often not. I wish everyone had archiving that denoted monthly posts, but they often don't. Sometimes they possess neither reason to extensively investigate beyond the cursory.

I did not have the patience to count through all of your posts, for both reasons, so I guessed. My guess was off by 5. Why? Because there were many posts you made at the beginning of the month that I did not keep clicking through to view. I made a guess based on the pattern I had viewed originally and what your blog's previous performance was. I was off by 5. When you go through the blogs as I do every month, and you compare their post and comment output you will see how very stable the vast majority are from month to month - that creates a substantial degree of confidence in making an accurate estimate without having to view every tedious aspect of every tedious blog. Most times, maybe 90-95% of the time the posts and comments will not move by more than 5 either way after checking all posts.

If you want to prevent errors I suggest that you - and everyone else send in their details in the comments section, as you have now done.

At 22/11/08 12:00 pm, Blogger scrubone said...

I refer to these rankings as "official" and mine as "for amusement", plus I do make the assumption that your blog is far wider read than my own. I'm happy to correct any identified errors in my blog, just drop us a comment.

I assume by "material" you mean the blog list you have accumulated. I have never hidden where this came from, and any lack of a link is an oversight that I will quite happily correct.

"concept and ideas" - the way I do mine is quite explicitly different in method & format. True, I use the same sources, but these are public and all my readers (who care) know full well that you did that first.

Not worried about the error. It doesn't affect my ranking so I wasn't worried, but I just noticed that you listed the high volume blogs, and it pricked my pride a little. :)

At 22/11/08 9:02 pm, Blogger homepaddock said...

"I count these manually."

That's either dedication or a chronic case of work avoidance :)


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