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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Choose your topping, Colin.

Tonight (11 November), Colin Espiner, the political editor of the Press and Stuff blogger says:

Even the Maori Party, who prefer to do things at a relatively leisurely pace, have been given the hurry-up - Key’s told them he wants an answer on whether they want to be part of the new governing arrangement - either inside or outside the government proper - by the end of the week. (My bet is they will.) He’d like to have his Cabinet named on Sunday and sworn in by mid next week.

Was this the same Colin Espiner who also made another bet on 22 October on the same blog? A wager he was even more confident of?
And Espiner's exact words were:

...Sharples is a man possessed. He’s possessed by the knowledge that no matter what the Maori Party says or does during its current courtship dance with the National Party, his followers know only one party - Labour. He’s frank about this, and when you push him, he admits that the chances of the Maori Party entering into any sort of coalition arrangement with National is extremely unlikely.
I’ll go further. I’ll say this: the Maori Party will not go into a coalition government with National. If I’m proved wrong after the election, I’ll print out this blog and eat it, live on webcam.
Note that I’m not saying the Maori Party won’t offer confidence and supply to National (although I think this, too, is highly unlikely) or that it wouldn’t consider abstaining to allow National to govern. But I believe a coalition is out of the question.

Don't worry, it will fit on a single sheet of A4 if it's single spaced and in 10pt.

If a Maori Party MP is sworn in as a minister then that's a coalition is it not? Espiner didn't mention cabinet.

Hmmm, maybe with some kumara chips and blue cheese sauce.


At 12/11/08 8:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My bet is that he won't front up.

At 12/11/08 11:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Course he will. It's great self-publicity and it shows he's a good sport (ala Keith Locke desnuda) if he follows through.

And if he's smart, he'll print it off on that biodegradable cardboard stuff made from spuds. Or on the back of one of his brother's poems - that'll spare some poor lovely more bilge from "The Brooklyn Byron".

Either way... definitely with some Blue cheese sauce... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

At 12/11/08 12:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That prissy pipsqueak propagandist better well do it. Man up Colin.

At 12/11/08 12:39 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Lucky he didn't bet that he'd eat the coalition agreement - that might run into several pages.


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