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Friday, February 16, 2007

Barack Obama and the rise of Generation X

Last year TV 3 ran a show called ‘The Perfect Age’ – it was probably one of the best TV shows Julie Christie has ever produced. It explained that the ‘generation’ you were born into shaped your perception of the world around you – they broke it down into 4 ages – The Silent Generation (old people 70+), The Baby Boomers (45-70), Generation X (30-45) and Generation Y (15-30).

Each generation views the world through their generational prism and the fascinating thing I clicked to was that Generation X (very much a buzz term in the 90s) with their distrust of authority and deep cynicism were in the ascendancy, finally wresting power away from those bloody sell out Baby Boomer generation who, idealistic in their youth, had sold out that idealism for selfish hedonism.

I think there is a very real, silent cultural war going on between Baby Boomer bosses set in their way for their own benefit and Gen Xer’s who never trusted the system in the first place and want to change things. No-where do I see that struggle most apparent than the sudden rise of Barack Obama who at 45, is at the exact friction point between Gen X and Baby Boomers. Much has been said of Barack’s ‘generational difference’ but I have yet to see anyone in the mainstream media connect this to Gen X, because when you understand that Barack is Gen X with all the distrust of authority and cynicism towards the status quo that comes with Gen X, you get a real understanding of where he’s coming from.

Generation X and the change they bring with them is exactly what the planet needs. The status quo should be worried.


At 18/2/07 10:40 am, Blogger brian said...

hi gr8 post at 53 and one who thought we were the answer, and is forever dissapointed by my generations sell out . i'll be rooting for this guy and when there finally appears some kiwis with balls to through out this lot who show themselves for what they are by there support for outdated technology (power pylons, when we can create the energy were its used) I'll be rooting for them.
Cheers Brian

At 18/2/07 9:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a really interesting take on the whole situation Bomber...I don't know if you're placing too much on Obama's door step tbh. He is clearly a very gifted, driven individual and is Clintonesque as a public speaker...time will tell on the substance front and he'll have to tread carefully to not appear as little more than a ra ra ra rebel rouser type. Not saying that he is by any stretch, but he will be portrayed as such.

He's a millionaire lawyer and a devote Christian and I don't know if so far in his life after making it big, and prior to his political jump he was the activist type. He's had to wed himself to the system to get where he is today and I'm not sure if a distrust of authority sums him up entirely accurately.

At 19/2/07 11:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if America is ready to vote in a man with the middle name 'Hussein'...and of course 'Obama' sounds a bit like 'Osama'...if they do, it speaks volumes for their tolerance...I like him so far, apart from the Christianity.

I saw the results of a poll on TV today though, that put him behind Clinton still, and Giuliani (Repub.) also polled well.

At 19/1/08 1:13 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will have to play devil's advocate. As a Gen Y who likes the Baby Boomers more than Gen X - I think the qualities of the Gen Xers plays against his message of hope. In fact, Gen X has been commonly associated with the Lost generation born during the last decades of the 19th century like Truman, Patton and Eisenhower. This basically means, Obama is going to do the dirty work - raise taxes, cut spending, sanctions and other callous policies of redistribution that fit with his cynical and survivalist view of the world. The Obama years will not be as fun as the image he effectively puts out about himself.

At 6/2/08 8:46 am, Blogger Kiwimommy said...

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At 6/2/08 8:55 am, Blogger Kiwimommy said...

". . .finally wresting power away from those bloody sell out Baby Boomer generation who, idealistic in their youth, had sold out that idealism for selfish hedonism."

I just came across this post. Brilliant. I really enjoy your blog, and I look forward to reading more!

At 13/2/08 8:25 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Visit genxforobama.com because we are, like, so over preachy Boomer politics.

At 29/11/09 5:13 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Under Obama the federal deficit is now 1.4 TRILLION dollars. This is Gen X's future. Paying off the debt with high taxes. Expect 30% of your future paycheck GONE.

Under Obama, unemployment has now grown between 10%-12% and is still going up.

Under Obama, socialized medicine aptly named "Health care" will add minimally 900 BILLION more to the deficit and give us reduced medical coverage

Social security BROKE. Medicare BROKE. Medicaid BROKE. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae BROKE.

I guess this is the "Status Quo" Gen X is talking about.


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