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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Have they got to 2000 yet?

The last time Israel invaded Gaza (it isn't a "war" in any traditional sense - it is a ghetto liquidation with consequent resistance) was between the American presidencies of Bush and Obama.  The Israelis wiped out over a thousand Palestinians that time before Obama could be sworn in.  The IDF used phosphorus shells on UN schools in that rampage with barely a murmur.  

During that former outrage Foreign Minister McCully was on holiday and didn't offer an acknowledgement of the crisis until the Greens provoked him.  The Israelis for all their slaughter were invited by National to open an embassy in Wellington!  Now the killing has long surpassed a thousand what perverse welcome mat will the National government be rolling out on this occasion?

National has offered nothing but a few words of bi-partisan rhetoric in condemnation when any independent government would have expelled the Israeli embassy for the bastion of Apatheid that it is.  There is an expectation that a Labour-led government would do this very swiftly after taking office - there would be disappointment if they did not.  Israel use and abuse their allies - after the Mosad passport spies were uncovered the Israeli diplomats should never have been let in.

Now in 2014 Israel has sensed Obama's weakness as a last term President.  Israel is particularly threatened by the Hamas-PLO alliance.  Israel is lashing out, again.  Just like Bibi, I didn't blink - or blog - until the death toll ticks over a thousand.  That is sad.


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