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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mana - Internet deal well telegraphed

There is agreement.  Since Kim Dotcom's address at the Mana AGM in Rotorua in early April a combined Mana and Internet Party list was likely.  I felt at the time that as long as the top of the IP list are acceptable to Mana and there is a range of policy the two can agree on then it would be go.  The potential of rolling the anti-government votes from two different strands into something bigger than their individual parts was just too much to turn down.  

Sue Bradford was quite clear about her opposition to any deal at the AGM and so her resignation was not unexpected, indeed it would have been very odd had she stayed on.  I wonder if her list ranking position was higher, such as John Minto's, would she have reacted in quite the same way?

The document signals a new logo for Mana as well as a combined logo for the list amongst other things.  The list: Mana: 1,3,4,7,9,11... IP: 2,5,6,8,10...  By this we see that at approx. 4.5% both will get three in apiece and so I take this as being the target list vote sweet spot - appropriately ambitious. Both parties bring valuable things to the table and the leverage and how they make that work will be a fascinating case study in time, but right now things look positive, there is momentum.

The component parties and the provisions were all explained at the Mana AGM.  Branches have had time to feed back and most are comfortable with trusting the leadership to assess the credibility of the IP team and follow their judgement.  It is a risk, but one worth taking on balance - that is my feeling and that of most members.  If it gets John Minto in, or Annette Sykes - if she doesn't take Waiariki off Flavell and enter as an electorate MP - then I am prepared to vote for whoever person x is that will lead the IP and take the No.2 slot on the list.  And I state that having no clue who that person is, which indicates I doubt that the Mana team and the Kumar-led IP team would pick someone unacceptable to the wider Mana membership.  

A youthful celeb would be helpful to speak to the digital generation demographic, but they would have to know their stuff on the web side to attract solid support.


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