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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Gigaopoly: who wants to be a wigganaire?

The sham of the Telecom split with Chorus - where the basic shareholding is still in the same ownership - looked obvious before Telecom decided to rebrand as 'Spark', but is even more obvious now the hideous 'Giganaire' promotion is underway.

Chorus promotes 'Gigatown' in one TV ad, in the next ad the cringy 'Giganaire' Telecom wiggers are 'all in yo face'.  So, so ghastly.  One head of the Telecom animal runs a raffle to see which town gets proper broadband (instead of using their rorted government subsidy to do the job for everyone); and the other head of the beast piggy-backs a  'giga' campaign to run in parallel to convince the typical Telecom mug punter that their crack-daddy prices mean they too can finally enjoy good coke.  Never believe the hype.


At 2/5/14 7:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Game of Phones, really.


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