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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shane Jones Nationalised

Shane Jones is on Radio Live as I type this, explaining that he quit politics because he just couldn't be arsed etc.  "No reservoir of energy to..." as he put it.  Ridiculous.  Retirement at 54.  A career beginning and ending in a blathering, blustering bombardment of English, wrapped in Maori metaphors.  Jones was promoted on the basis of promise, but has delivered only to himself.  He is basically a lazy party boy with a big yap hole. The great waha of the North. What has he done?

He is saying he is nothing but "true to himself" - no shit!  It's always been about him - that is why he is taking this financially-induced waka-jumping stunt of McCully's, that is why he took money from a National Cabinet Minister's spouse for his leadership campaign of the Labour Party, that is why he was double-dipping on the Fisheries Commission whilst an MP, that is why he ordered porn on his Ministerial Credit card when he was in Europe on official business, that is why he was always a sell-out.  It's all about him and all about the money.  Despite what Jones would claim, no "tribally Labour" MP would go begging to Murray-fucking-McCully the priest, councillor and lord plenopotentiary of the New Zealand National Party for anything let alone to arrange one's own political exit package.

No loss to Labour in the long term, but a definite gain in the short term for the Nats.

No difficult questions will be asked in parliament over this corrupt practice of patronage - the procurement and secret commission - as Jones is everyone's mate it seems: Labour are too embarrassed to highlight this induced defection, and the NZ First leader - like all the other Maori politicians it appears - don't want to criticise because he is Maori.  This is pathetic, Jones is a right
wing arsehole from what I have seen and heard.  His vaunted working class credentials were advanced by the right, but were nothing more than Jones' conservative instincts that the pundits themselves wanted mirrored in an acceptably Pakeha-ised Maori. Trotter on Radio Live was being far too sympathetic.  Jones spoke to blokedom against narrower identity factions - a small part in keeping a wide church, but Jones came at a cost, and Labour just isn't paying its way.

The pig finds a different way to grease his way to the trough.  Shane Jones' political epitaph will not be complementary.  The bullshit McCully made-up role he is to take up covers the Nat's agenda: brown-washing tokenism to disguise the real power imbalance and exclusion of Maori at home, and a pro-privatisation and exploitation voice in the Islands.

UPDATE: 25/04/2014
A NZ Herald article says he made up his mind on Sunday.  I take it the salary figure must have been settled on the Sunday then. But how long had he been in clandestine negotiations with the Tory Foreign Affairs Minister about getting a personalised ambassadorship?  Just breathtaking to see an MP being bought off like this, so openly.  He was elected on Labour's list and while an MP on that list went around the backs of his party to do a deal with the Grand Dragon of the Tories - he's doing the bidding of the National Party to destabalise Labour and damage their election chances.

Jones' missus gets to go along for the ride on hubby's resort-hopping mega-junket as well, so there would be added pressure from her even if the Herald article with her interview doesn't spell that out. Jones' Dad was right:
You'll have disappointed colleagues and some disappointed voters but they will get over it."'
I'm already over it - what little of it there was to get over.  I doubt he will be missed by many on his own side.  And I forgot to mention the worst of Jones' corruption - the Bill Liu/ Yang citizenship case which should have ended his career. 

This is the sort of corrupt chicanery that the NZ people usually hear about happening in the Pacific Islands.  When NZers think of that it is greeted derisively as a routine dysfunction in a banana republic trying to operate colonial European forms of government and that they are incapable of and to which they are unsuited.  What the NZers very rarely - if at all - appreciate is that NZ itself is just another Pacific Island banana republic trying to operate a colonial European form of government that they are incapable of and to which they are unsuited.  No corruption round here, mate - we're New Zealanders.


At 26/4/14 4:56 am, Blogger paul scott said...

Tim. This is the end of the Labour party. I wish you well as always


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