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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Cheeky Smalley

Rachel Smalley has contracted the same strain of bigotry as afflicted Paul Holmes and everyone else broadcasting from the ZB studios.  Is it something in the air conditioning or the water cooler that turns all those white people into uptight arseholes? or were they that already like that - indeed were they employed on that basis?  They are all like that.  It is a workplace that creates and supports hostile denigration of minorities - which is why Holmes could be indulged in repeating a racist epithet over and over again during the course of his show without fear.  They were clearly views compatible with, or endorsed by the other staff.

Smalley's on-air simpering (via NZ Herald) is nothing but pathetic.  Having been caught out displaying her true colours - as Holmes was - her response (apart from turning on the girly-tears) is the same as Holmes: I was just being silly, I don't really think that, that's not me.  This is a lie, of course, it is precisely what her real thoughts are on the matter.  Flippant opinion, cruel and unkind opinion, but honest opinion.  The need for all the cry-baby antics is because she knows it is her true feelings - the tears are of embarrassment and a deflection tactic.  She's sorry - sorry she looks like a dick because she made a rookie fuck up by yabbering her usual callous shit when the mic was still live - sorry her bubble of professionalism has popped.

She already damaged her precious reputation moving to that cesspit of talkhate radio.  Tears won't wash away peddling discrimination on a reactionary, conservative, racist radio network.  Why wake up every morning at 3:30am just to be part of a machine that preaches intolerance?  How is that supposed to be a career advancement?  Oh, and her denial in the Herald of any ego as motivation of leaving TV3 after not dislodging someone else for a top job there is as believable as this heifer/lardos apology.


At 3/4/14 5:04 pm, Anonymous r graham said...

Gosh, coming on strong there - real passion. What did she say to call forth such venom ? that there are fat people out there ? But that's true isn't it ? So if that's the case, what's wrong ? that she spoke the truth and you didn't like what she said ? tsk tsk. Welcome to the rule of free speech. She is free to offend and we must put up with it - just as we put up with your torrid language. Pity she apologised though.

At 3/4/14 9:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HArsh Tim , but fair.

You can't sit where Leighton and Larry sit without just a little of their arrogant poison rubbing off. She's just a blonde white girl safe in the knowledge she can do this stuff at Newstalk ZB without anyone blinking an eye.

I'm sure Susan Wood will laugh it off this sunday - should it even be mentioned... ZB : we ARE middle class white NZ .. everyone else is shit - even the fatties

At 3/4/14 10:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rachel, I'm 62 and 62kg, well within my BMI. You should be ashamed of yourself,you stupid young woman. Your upper arms are incredibly emaciated and your political ambition was always geared towards greed i.e. Key. Anyone has only to look at your comments on the nation and your attitude to anyone wanting to create a new egalitarian NZ to understand that ZB was exactly the right place for you - a place of low expectations, low IQ and lower dignity. I forgive you for putting my descendants into an unforgiving new greed generation but I doubt they will.


At 5/4/14 11:38 pm, Anonymous Duncan Brown said...

I agree with much of what you say, but I'm curious you refer to her as a white person. Her comments were weightist not racist, on this occasion at least.


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