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Friday, March 14, 2014

Untold corruption

These are just some of the more recent instances of corruption I can recall from both major parties involving foreign interests alone:

  •  Hon. Judith Collins re: husband's business in China 
  •  Hon. Maurice Williamson, Hon. Nathan Guy re: citizenship
  •  Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP re: immigration scam
  •  Hon. Shane Jones, Hon. Dover Samuels re: citizenship
  •  Daljit Singh (candidate) re: Labour Party voter scam (Auckland Council)
  •  Hon. Pansy Wong re: husband's business in China
  •  Hon. Richard Worth re: resignation
  •  Hon. Taito Phillip Field re: labour/immigration scam
  •  Stephen Ching (candidate) re: selling office of JP
  •  Mayor Len Brown re: Hong Kong trip

  • The instances of domestic corruption not involving any foreign interest is probably a far longer list, and I would start it with the pokies racket and the related nest of corruption that is the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust.

    The reality of systemic and accepted corruption at many levels in this country and the perception by the New Zealanders themselves that they are the least corrupt country don't leave many pleasant conclusions.  Either NZers are monumentally ignorant and they don't see or don't want to see the dodgy dealings for what they are, or every other country on Earth is a squalid, seething cesspit of rampant, unchecked corruption.  

    The claim that the NZ system - the state, the society - is free of corruption is not sustained by the evidence.  The system is riddled with it.  In a larger sense the Crown abrogation of the Treaty of Waitangi has resulted in a deeply entrenched and formalised corruption between central and local government in how those seized indigenous properties are exploited.


    At 16/3/14 2:30 pm, Blogger paul scott said...

    Russel Norman communist.
    Martyn Bradbury insane
    Tim Selwyn lost it
    David Cunliffe disingenuous and treacherous
    Shane Jones positioning himself
    Matt McCarten jik joke
    2014 NZ Nat Govet with NZ First and Conservative

    At 18/3/14 6:25 pm, Blogger paul scott said...

    Yes thats right Tim, that's what happens. Powerful people take money.
    Once you go abroad and see the real other world Tim, you will see New Zealand as it is. Until that time there is no future for your comments, nor Martyn. You guys are so enclosed you could be in prison Tim.

    At 13/4/14 10:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Why not put all that stuff up on WikiLeaks?

    At 1/5/14 10:48 am, Blogger Unknown said...

    Corrupt National is way ahead of Labour in using disingenuous tactics fake twitter followers, dirty black hat SEO tehnicques and paying people to post comments on blogs like the one below. Ok I'll try to fight back.
    2014 Labour Greens NZfirst government.

    At 7/5/14 7:21 pm, Blogger N.L.I.P said...

    We need a new party with drastic change. Asset stripping for corrupt politicians and kiwis actually caring about other kiwis, not just their personal bank balances.


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