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Thursday, March 20, 2014

MH370 scenarios

First, the pilot(s) could have just flown it up into the stratosphere and then straight down.  Hoping the black box would be recovered to show they took it higher than anyone else.
Second, possible, is it was landed somewhere in Aceh at an Al Qaeda base.  The passengers will have  been taken hostage and spirited into the forest.  Parts taken off the plane, perhaps some collateral passengers also, will be dropped into the Indian Ocean.  Once this wreckage is detected the conclusion will be a crash in the deep Ocean.  The search will commence over a large area for the body of the plane.  It may take months to not find it, but even if they give up, then they cannot conclude it did not crash or entertain another possibility.  When MH370 is recommissioned  as a flying bomb it has enough fuel - being only a short distance from KL, in Aceh - to strike into South East Asia or the subcontinent without warning.  Maybe target is other aircraft on ground, ship and not static target like a building.  Could take out leaders at a world gathering within the strike radius.  Danger already, but will relax guard as soon as wreckage is spotted.  As for how a hijacking was done? Maybe a few female members involved in this action.  Could have had two women in cabin with one pilot.  Would account for last voice transmission.


At 20/3/14 5:41 pm, Blogger paul scott said...

all most unlikely Tim

At 23/3/14 9:17 pm, Blogger paul scott said...

far out Tim, I wait and hope for your amazing intelligence to come back to us . I have always suggested a sojourn overseas for you, and in this regard I suggest Australia. You can go ther and forget everything, I will be doing this later this tyear as trhe winter sets in. Your mind surpasses Martyn's easily but you need some break. I know this is public but by God it is important.
Its only $250 to Australiab and the beautiful gum trees Tim, do it, I will go this year. Every man needs time out.
Another thing dude your alphabet recognition to post is hopeless

At 24/3/14 9:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, hello, is there any one here? Your commentators on your blog are as missing as the Malaysian airplane.



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