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Monday, February 03, 2014

'Spoiled' Lorde/Royals

This is the Royals parody I did last night as part of a music review for The Daily Blog - posted here.  I went to the same primary, intermediate and high school as she did, so if it's a bit hating it's because I know what Devo is like.


Lyrics: T Selwyn/E Yelich-O'Connor/J Little
To be performed by Borde and the Royal Treatment
[Verse One]
I’ve never seen a black man in the flesh
Oh, I saw one once – serving at the movies
And it’s on account of my address
Devonport proud, postcode trendy
But my cliché is like: black guys, bad dudes, junky shit in the bathroom
Gang-bangers, ill-mannered, trashing our taboo rule
We don’t care, we’re living where the house prices are obscene
But my cliché is like: Cristal, Maybach – how can they afford that?
Jet planes, islands – I haven’t seen them!
They aren’t here and we have it all and nothing to fear
And we’ll always be spoiled (spoiled)
It’s our European blood
That kind of luck is just for us
The kind you get being born a boss
I’m already your ruler (ruler)
Can you dig the hypocrisy?

Of a Devonport school girl, a rich girl, a white girl [see Alt]
Lecturing on sociology [see Alt]

[Alt last lines:
Of dissing American culture, culture, culture
And then getting a Grammy]

[Verse Two]

My friends all agree – I’m fucking awesome
After five years in development you’d hope so
And Universal owns us and we’re fine with this
We didn’t run from the money

[Chorus with Alt end lines]
Ohh ohh oh
And this is the little bit
Where Joel’s lyrics are quite shit
Ohh ohh oh
Life was great with an au pair
They’ve spent a fortune on my career

[Chorus - last half]


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