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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Short man, tall ask

JT has gone feral.

Tamihere is seeking damages of over $620,000 in a suit filed with the High Court on December 23 last year.
*Tamihere claims MediaWorks had agreed to renew his $10,000-a-month contract for 2014 and he is suing for the full amount after the contract was not renewed following the scandal.
*Tamihere alleges MediaWorks intentionally damaged his reputation. The company failed to follow an agreed strategy to manage the publicity around his departure from his talkback show, instead announcing via a tweet linked to a story on its website that Alison Mau would replace him as Jackson's co-host in 2014.
What to say other than never hire a lawyer to do a gig? Where to start?

* Over-valued and under-performing for the last twenty years on all fronts incl. the corruption of his accepting payments from Waipareira Trust while serving as an MP and his involvement with the distribution of fisheries money to urban entities... such as Waipareira Trust and his similarly litigious, entitlement-prone and double-dipping part-time CEO mate, Willie Jackson from the Manukau Urban Maori Authority (who is suing over not being gifted a spot on the Auckland Council's Maori statutory board).

* He's suing over a tweet, FFS. A tweet.

* He's on six figures with MediaWorks doing afternoon shifts weekdays when he is supposedly the CEO of the Waipareira Trust.  The two roles are incompatible with the time necessary to do either job satisfactorily.  He would have to knock off work every day as CEO before midday!  If the traffic was normal he might get back out West before 5pm, maybe, on a good day.  That is seriously taking the piss.

* So he used his gardening leave, his early Christmas holidays, from his employer to arrange a law suit against them for over half a million dollars.  He didn't use his time and skills and connections as a criminal lawyer and a former Minister to help the victims of the rape gang get justice, instead he pursued his own selfish, egotistical ends.  He could have volunteered that time to make amends, to tautoko and awhi the victims and in doing so rehabilitate his mana, but that would never has crossed his mind.  It's all about the money.  He's the victim too, not them, they can fend for themselves against the Waitemata police-sanctioned rape club and the Commissioner who covers for them.  JT is all about JT.

* He puts the most notorious NZ Police pack rapist to ever stand trial (let off in large part by wearing his full uniform to court), Clint Rickards, into positions and now on the board of the Wapareira Trust, fatally undermining the credibility and confidence in the social arm of the organisation.


At 6/2/14 8:01 pm, Blogger Lani the truth seeker said...

Very well put Tim. It's interesting how money can often change people's perspective. Clearly privilege leads to entitlement, which leads to blindness from original being.


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