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Monday, February 03, 2014

Helen's world

A gushing poppet from the Guardian reckons aunty Helen will rule the world.  As long as she learns French then most likely yes, she will be the next UN Secretary-General.  That has been obvious since this National government facilitated Clark and Cullen's exit from the NZ political scene to secure their own peace.  Move on.  Opportune for the new government, but just another transit lounge before getting back in first class for her.  Just like she planned it in her girly swat journal from university, along with being PM.  Move on, move up.

The first woman head of the UN.  The first from the Euro bloc since Kurt Waldheim. If they can get Nazi officers from the brutal Balkan campaign of Army Group E to run the world then Helen Clark and the baggage from her insulated regime - an Antipodean dykocracy - is comparatively benign.

The smug veneer that covers every multitude of colonial exploitation in New Zealand was already wearing thin during her three terms; but her refusal to sign up to the UN's declaration on the rights of indigenous people and her confiscation of Maori customary land interests in all the foreshore and seabed in 2004 put Helen Clark into the regressive, reactionary, racist side of the political ledger.  None of this seems to matter to most New Zealanders, and none of this will matter to the 192 other members of the UN either.

When you are in league with war criminals these issues become trivial.  It doesn't matter she once insisted East Timor belonged to Indonesia, that she sent troops to help occupy Afghanistan (against the wishes of coalition members), that she sent troops to Iraq despite not engaging in the initial invasion and then pretends as though her hands are clean, that she put through terrorist laws that were then turned against indigenous activists who were put on a show trial in Auckland only to be found guilty of nothing more than a few offences against the Arms Act.  This stained record on human rights doesn't count against her in this world.  This malgovernance is acceptable, ordinary, normal, unremarkable.  Despite the posturing she never waivered from the Anglo-American alliance and they have no reason to waiver in their sport of her when she is formally promoted as candidate for Secretary-General.

Clark went on to become New Zealand's first elected female prime minister in 1999 – leading for three consecutive terms – and is now the most powerful woman at the United Nations, working her second term as head of the UN development programme. She could well become the first woman to lead the organisation once the incumbent Ban Ki-Moon stands down in a few years.

Here we go again with her relentless CV photoshopping to make it fit her girly-swat planned career.  She was supposed to be the first woman PM and she can't make that concession, she can't live down that she wasn't and so she opts to mislead.  This is her vanity.  Ask yourself how this journalist would have introduced Jenny Shipley?  As the first appointed female PM?  


At 8/2/14 11:26 am, Blogger paul scott said...

good show, the UN is utterly dysfunctional, corrupt, and vile.
Death to UN


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