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Friday, February 28, 2014


Just briefly, some hunches:

Tony Ryall is bailing early after seeing how well Simon Power has done out of an early exit from the scrutiny and pressure of politics and into the security and prosperity of the crony capitalism circuit.  Joy!  Anne Tolley's departure will hopefully follow - it can't come soon enough.

Scotland gets a vote on independence from Britain before we do? I think they will get very close, but no cigar - like Quebec.  The EU Commission President Barosso in threatening the Scots with a tough ride to EU entry is in stark contrast to the EU's misguided nation-building project of Kosovo (which is an invitation for a confrontation with Russia and a repeat scenario of WW1).

John Stevenson over in Afghanistan for RNZ must be smoking some good shit.  He's relaying a story told by one of the interpreters who wants NZ entry that he was tortured by the Taliban.  The Taliban set him free after that?  I don't know I'm buying this.  And he's described as a 'loyal' NZer!?  The guy is a collaborator with the foreign enemy, no wonder he's a marked man, he has after all betrayed his own country that is why he is 'loyal' - to the foreign power.  These refugees the NZ forces have generated is one of the reasons NZ should never have got involved in the occupation.  A border patrol to keep arms and insurgents out and nothing more - the foreign occupiers and foreign forces inside are the problem.  I don't have much sympathy for those translators - they knew the risks and they got every penny of their pay.  Everyone knows there was never any expectation or contract or obligation for the employing country to take them.  The NZ government whores off citizenship like they were cards in a wheatbix box. 

TVNZ inquiry into Shane Taurima's possible bias.  The Pakeha panel will find none.  But what they won't do is look at the Pakeha content to calibrate their assessment.  How will their department fair under the same microscope?


At 6/3/14 9:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are right about those interpreters. Finding themselves being targeted after working for the invaders. Its similar to the Vichy collaborators of WW2 France. What on earth did these people expect?


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