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Monday, November 04, 2013

TV review: The Wireless

My TV review for this week has been posted up at The Daily Blog

Don't be put off by the audience rating - which must be the lowest rated review ever on the site - because they were all the wanky Wellingtonians from the Salient reunion on Saturday morning having had a look and cry.  It's about Radio Rhodesia's youth website, The Wireless - still Europeans only from what I can tell: no non-white people allowed.   Doesn't matter either that going on a majority of the youth in the country aren't white - RNZ's ban on non-whites persists.  It is institutional racism at its most obvious.  Maori and Pacific youth - no matter how good they are - still can't get a job at RNZ because they are not the right race.  

Q. What do you call a Maori who works for RNZ?
A. The cleaner.

It's disgusting and the remedy to non-racist, inclusive, state broadcasting is the disestablishment of RNZ.  It certainly won't be assisted by a whites-only youth website to go along with the other two whites-only networks they operate.

From the review:
It’s part of the wanky Wellington money-go-round actually and Wrightson knows it because she’s riding on one of the little unicorns like everyone else in the club.

From today's front page:
The caption going with the unicorn image reads: "How one woman paid off thousands" - a reference to Wrightson and The Wireless funding?

[UPDATE 04/11/2013 3pm:

The usual wanky white people have co-opted themselves as part of the RNZ publicity machine. The Public Address infomercial is so lame (she admits what I only surmised in the review: that the content etc. is a result of consultants and focus groups - no wonder it is so unimaginative).  The fawning comments left by Russell's acolytes are lamer still.

The NZ Listener hyping, though with an acerbic flavour, is hardly critical and something of a re-hashing of the informercial.

Lamest of them all though must be David Farrar's effort on Kiwiblog,:
The site looks really well designed and the articles well aimed for their target audience of under 30s. Radio NZ has a fixed budget so this initiative is not costing us any extra money,

No to design, no to the articles and definitely no to the budget - it's an extra $197,000 it is costing - paid for via NZ On Air.


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