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Monday, November 04, 2013

The first rule about rape club...

The first rule about rape club... one would have thought...  is you don't talk about rape club, let alone put it all up on Facebook. 

Young men who film themselves having sex with intoxicated underage girls and then post the footage online are committing rape, a rape prevention expert says.
The group of Auckland men, who call themselves the Roast Busters, name and shame the girls on the social networking website Facebook.
Police say they are powerless to stop the group until one of the young women comes forward with a formal complaint about the behaviour.

The first rule about cops is they are on a par with gang members as being most likely to be rapists.  So it is not that surprising the policeman who has known about rape club for two years now has done next to nothing to stop them.  If it had been his daughter would he have shown such a relaxed, cavalier attitude to the existence of rape club?

Detective Inspector Bruce Scott told 3News yesterday police had known about the group and its activities since 2011.He said it was not yet a crime for the men - most 18 years old from Waitemata - to film the sex with often drunk and underage girls and put that footage online.
"None of the girls have been brave enough to make formal statements to us so we can take it to a prosecution stage...clearly they're traumatised by it," Mr Scott said.
He said the group's actions were hugely disturbing. "But without actual evidence, my hands are tied."
Police had warned the men their actions were bordering on illegal and had asked them to stop.

So the boys in blue say: Keep calm and rape on.

Det Insp Bruce Scott needs to be charged with failing to do his duty.  Blaming the victims for not being "brave enough" is classic bully behaviour from a classic bully - the sort of classic bullying and selfish arrogance that goes hand in hand with rape.  How about we blame Bruce Scott for not being brave enough to prosecute?  How about he be charged? After all the TV3 journalist had the offending Facebook page off the web in a matter of hours.  Bruce Scott let this go on for... two years!  If it was his daughter it would be over for these punks in about two minutes flat and we all know it.

There are many criminal acts that could be charged - from stupefying, making an intimate visual recording, through to kidnapping, unlawful sexual connection and rape.  He has their Facebook exploits, he has interviewed these victims, he has interviewed the offenders and therefore has ample enough to gain search warrants for the houses and phones and computers of the offenders - so this supposed evidence defficiency is bullshit. 

Det Insp Bruce Scott is enabling rape when he lets people off with a warning and tells them it's not really rape - he is the de facto patron of Rape Club.  He is one of the many reasons there is so little confidence in the NZ Police.


At 15/11/13 1:25 am, Blogger charles kinbote said...

What have the NZ Police done to stop/arrest the 'roast busters' rape club:

well Tim, it works like this, rape is a criminal conviction,
and there is no rape, there is no force,if the girl wants to drink silly then fuck well good,
and your brain which once worked well is now socialist soup, you are diddling Tim,


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