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Monday, November 04, 2013

PM John Key discourages rape victims from testifying, excuses police son's rape club

The PM commented on the roast busters rape club case. He said the young gang rapists who ran an online humiliation website to showcase their footage and did so all this time with the knowledge of police should just 'grow up'. Like it was a minor incident of no consequence. He then commented on the victims. He didn't encourage them to come forward to help the police or say they would be protected - he did the opposite. He very definitely dissuaded and discouraged them from coming forward and testifying. It is quite astounding to hear this from a PM of any gender.

John Key said:
'It's a very challenging situation for a young woman to put herself in that position. She would be subject to a full and open process and that's very challenging.'

He's the boss of the NZ Police under the Policing Act 2008, not really the Police Minister. He is trying to help dismiss this case involving multiple victims of rape... to cover for what? To cover the cops. To cover the offenders. You have to ask when TV3 tonight revealed the captain of rape club is the son of an international celeb and the seargeant-at-arms is the son of a cop. No wonder the Waitemata police hesitated, but nothing can excuse letting it go on for two years. The police logic of keeping the website open so they will eventually leave evidence when there was already more than enough for search warrants etc. And when each hour it is on is another hour of victimisation amounts to criminal misconduct by the NZ Police. Who will charge the patrons of rape club?

Why is the PM sticking up for rapists? So as not to damage their chances of becoming policemen? Is that what country we live in now?


At 4/11/13 10:50 pm, Blogger ZenTiger said...

Unbelievable that this sort of thing can go on for so long and the police claim they are powerless....just ridiculous.

At 22/11/13 10:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think about it ! The reason the police have made little comment on this case is because they have no evidence to go on . Try as they may , and I believe they have tried very hard, to convict these young men , they simply have not had hard evidence because the truth of the matter is the young girls concerned engaged in consensual sex. Pages of text and Facebook messaging prove the aforementioned. Society does not want to face the fact that young people, yes, underage teens, are engaging in undesirable behaviour. Unfortunately , remorse the next day does not mean that rape was committed . Wake up , this has been a dreadful witch hunt for all concerned. Take some responsibility for your contribution to this fiasco and keep your obsessive politicking with the police out of this particular affair . You have no right to continue the collateral damage to innocent family members as a result of your fanatical hatred of the police. Back off !!

At 23/11/13 9:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason the police claim powerlessness is quite simply ...they have NO evidence to convict the young men involved! The amount of text and Facebook messaging to and fro between the boys and girls prove the young women involved participated in group sex willingly and with full knowledge as to what was going to happen. Some even asking to be picked up and 'roasted' , others thanking them in the days after. Think about it !!! For goodness sake , if the police could at any time prosecute the young men involved THEY WOULD HAVE !!!!


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