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Friday, November 08, 2013

Operation: Pig Roast

@1:30pm NZDT Operation: Pig roast commences at end of business tonight, pending the denunciation and arrest of the 'roast busters' rape club. Their acts are criminal and the acts of the Waitemata police command, Det Insp Bruce Scott and Sup Bill Searle are a conspiracy to defeat the course of justice. Commissioner Marshall is party to this. Five days after this gang was uncovered on TV3 and the police still can't bring themselves to arrest and charge the son of a cop and his mates for stupefying and pack raping at least 4 under-age girls. Maybe Dad gave them booze, or partook, who knows? And that's just the horrifying start of it. Police covered it up and are still trying to cover it up by intimidating the victims and heavying the parents. Police claim on-going investigation and permitting website to function, but no action. Inconsistent and untenable. Police had no intention, no plan, to ever arrest, charge or prosecute - this has been proven beyond reasonable doubt after five days. All offenders, at high risk of flight and re-offending remain at-large on authority of Searle and Scott - and now the Commissioner. Rape club is fully functioning except TV3 had their facebook page taken down, apart from that there is no action to actually stop the gang.

Police Minister Tolley lodges a complaint against her own police force but retains confidence in what is the third leg of a criminal conspiracy. Tolley told parliament the police were 'enthusiastically' investigating. This is after Marshall made it clear that the officers who oversaw rape club were still in charge of investigating rape club. Searle and Scott's computers must be seized now to establish what they knew and when.

If there is no denunciation forthcoming from the NZ Police of the 'roast busters' rape club as the criminal gang it is and arrest of the offenders then, logically, the police think groups of men stupefying and raping and kidnapping and assaulting and humiliating and internet shaming are all lawful, all good. They even vetted the website to make sure they at least looked 16 from what is implied by statements on Monday. It was Scott or Searle who described the rape club website as 'bragging' and accused the child victims as not being 'brave'. The problem is that if this is the standard of lawfulness and only 'morally' wrong as Searle characterised it, then that standard must be assumed for all police, all policemen at least, as being lawful too. If those standards were applied to policemen from tonight onwards by everyone in a pub for example and they were taken out the back for a 'roast' that is nothing more and nothing less than that which they have permitted their gang to get away with and boast on the internet about then that too must be lawful according to the police. We know they are all into it too because they condone it and don't think it criminal, so the roast will be in good faith and according to police-sanctioned guidelines. Running out of a pub with torn clothes, blood, tears etc. is just a slut's regret - every cop in the Waitemata District knows that, so why not apply that exact same standard to the policemen themselves? They are the only ones to accept it, but so what, that's consent. If NZ Police Commissioner Marshall and Sup Searle and Det Insp Scott say rape club is legal then let's have a pork roast tonight. If this prospect is the only thing to end rape club then who is any of us to stop it? Like the rape club out tonight on authority of the NZ Police that no-one in any position of authority seems unable to stop.

It is now Friday 2pm. I have communicated - via twitter at least - to Att-Gen Finlayson, Justice Min. Collins and the PM, and also Tolley, (who posted a pic of herself and Marshall with Penny Hulse at an award ceremony for 'police bravery' about 30 minutes ago) to advise that Tolley is best to resign, a new Minister should dismiss Marshall and replace with new Commissioner whose first priority is the arrest and charge of the rape club in 24 hours. If this expectation is not met it must be made clear that the new Commissioner will be dismissed if this is not undertaken and so forth until there is a Commissioner who will denounce and arrest rape club. If people aren't assured of their 13 year old daughter's safety because the police sanctioned a rape club then why should police be assured of their safety? So long as offenders are on the loose and top cops covering then these questions will grow.

The MPs in the Waitemata District are faffing around, the Auckland Mayor after his corrupt council-funded affair has no authority to speak on any sex matter, and the opposition are focussed on it like it was just a matter of process in an historical case. This is the real world. The cops are still ordaining rape club tonight and no-one does anything? Do the cops want to be roasted? Must be yes from every single utterance from every single cop I've heard in the media today - they seem rather relaxed about it.

The Police Commissioner isn't just going to resign he has to be dismissed by the PM essentially, not the Minister of Police. If the elected officials can't do anything others will. A sixth night of having an exposed rape club run loose on the say so of police is inconsistent with civilisation. If it takes a pig roast to end rape club - to give them exactly an equal measure of what the police have condoned and concealed - then there seems no legal reason not to according to police themselves. Rape club has these sorts of consequences.

To all members of John Key's Cabinet: Please dismiss the officials responsible for allowing and covering up this rape club. Please do this today to restore confidence in the NZ Police. There is great risk of disorder if this goes on.


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Roast Pork


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