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Saturday, November 09, 2013

NZ Police-sanctioned rape club at-large with Commissioner's approval... contrary to civilisation

Marches are being organised against rape culture for next week, and Willie and JT on Radiolive are now ad-free after their rape apologist angles were aired, and that is something, but I'm concerned about stopping, ie. arresting the 'roast busters' child gang rapists. That's top priority for me. Everything else is second now because the existence of a police-sanctioned rape club free to rape whatever 13 year olds they like is contrary to civilisation. It's terribly difficult to focus on anything else when this gang rape is going down in front of the entire country and every single politician and elected official is too cowardly, too thick, too trusting, to see it for what it is and act.

Since TV3 exposed this vile gang on Sunday the police have dismissed every concern, maintaining the members are not offenders, the girls 13-15 are just unhappy they lost their virginity to a room full of older boys, and are not brave, and the acts and the gang are not criminal. It's only 'morally' wrong, they say. Six straight days after exposure and offenders at-large on the authority of the Waitemata police and Commissioner Marshall.

And what a peculiar standard or threshold for rape they hold; one that if applied logically, applies only to the NZ Police (it certainly isn't anyone else's standard) and shall apply in the form of Operation: Pig Roast to policeMEN. It is the male pack rape instinct that is the problem here not policeWOMEN. And the only cure, the only remedy, the only medicine left in the cabinet since the actual National Cabinet won't act is to do to them what they say it is lawful to do to 13 year old girls - no more, no less. That's lawful and it is with good faith as we all know what the cops regard as lawful since they refuse to arrest the gang. Nasty, but - for policeMEN - legal, lawful and only 'morally' wrong, not wrong in law and certainly not an offence. This view is wholly consistent with the public statements of the Waitemata command and National HQ via Commissioner Marshall. This is the policy of the NZ Police.

Operation: Pig Roast players are reminded that in order to be eligible for the inaugural Searle-Scott trophy they will need pics that incl cop uniform on. Tweet these to @nzpolice - I don't want them, they are the ones that need to see it. To start with though could do with some advertising so here is suggestion: for first pics: notice printed out in big letters and to be attached to the back of any cop:

By order: Comm Marshall

No prizes as yet.

I have been trying all week, while the NZ Police, Commissioner Marshall, Sup Bill Searle and Det Insp Bruce Scott conspire to defeat the course of justice, to have the gang arrested and charged. Every day Searle is left in charge is another victim intimidated out of testifying and the heavying of parents into backing off. Meanwhile rape club is at-large. Every rape since Sunday is on Marshall/Searle/Scott. Will they not be joined as a party to that offence (separate to consp. charge)? After Tolley's ridiculous meeting with the Commissioner where she said she retains confidence in him despite lodging a complaint against his police force with the IPCA, she has been in an untenable position. This is becoming a constitutional issue - police are out of control and NZ is just one big rapeland for them and their sons. Tolley thinks this is tolerable as does Key, Collins and Finlayson who have done nothing.

Cop's son may have used Dad's booze, car, house for rape club of course this is the issue, maybe worse. All the initial cover-up and witness intimidation relies on every gang member with same story and no-one to nark out the cop's son - this is the crux. The cops have to keep rape club as not criminal or else entire gang incl. everyone who is in the cover-up is criminal/party to offences. This is why whole gang must go down - don't let cop son nark his way into lesser charges. Every day goes by these offenders are destroying evidence, they may have fled the country already under the freedom granted by the NZ Police. The gang is not broken it is active, it's individual offenders are roaming the streets tonight.

Once more:

Please dismiss Comm Marshall and replace with new Commissioner that will vow to arrest the rape gang members and seize computers of Sup Searle and Det Insp Scott as No.1 policing priority, with a condition that if this Ministerial expectation is not achieved within 24 hours they will be dismissed and another appointed who will.

To the leadership of the Opposition parties, please send your support for this action to the Cabinet, they must have strength to act with authority of whole political establishment to outlaw rape.

Only the arrest of the rape club can stop Opeartion: Pig Roast. End rape club to end pig roast.

I haven't had any complaints either way from anyone in authority regards anything on this blog (or on twitter) all week. Firstly because every horrifying word is true. Secondly, everyone seems too mortified to intervene in this collective gang rape of our law and order, let alone deal with the thought that tonight a pack of bone fide psycopathic child rapists is on the loose in Auckland on the authority of the police. In this situation anything seems permissable - the cop son's rape club is lawful, Operation: Pig Roast is lawful. It's all lawful. Truly, utterly, completely bloody lawful.

And because the long arm of rape club extends to all 6000 male cops and I am the only one screaming rape at their party of course I expect consequences of some sort. I am acting online with all the impunity the cops do in real life, but this may not be able to continue if Comm Marshall and the apparatus of rape club remains. I asked my good neighbour (not the bad one) whether there had been anything sus over the last few days at my nominal address I keep in the wops and they said no police cars, but then said a dark blue late model saloon drove up, hung around for a bit, took a plate number and left just before sunset yesterday. No-one would do this in that rural location, no-one except a friendly member of the BoP chapter of rape club. So, that's the situation. Me at-large. Them at large. Morality at-large.


At 9/11/13 6:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly I have to agree with you again. While I disagree strongly with your past and current generalizations about the police, a group of serial rapists cannot thumb their noses publicly at society and escape sanction. I am shocked that it took media attention before they even bothered to do too-late and no-doubt ineffectual search warrant.

At 9/11/13 10:40 pm, Anonymous lolitasbrother said...

you are making a monkey of yourself Tim, where your girl friends

At 10/11/13 3:31 am, Anonymous jacobus said...

Record everything Tim!!!


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