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Friday, November 15, 2013

NZ Police 'roast busters' timesheets DAY13

Day 13 since the expose of the west Auckland rape gang known as the 'roast busters'...

What have the NZ Police done to stop/arrest the 'roast busters' rape club TODAY:


What have I done to stop/arrest the 'roast busters' rape club TODAY:

08:50 tweet to philtwyford re: meeting time today with Waitemata Police command? 

09:20 Email to Phil Twyford 

09:35 Tel. call to Phil Twyford electorate office 

09:50 Tel. Beth Bates Comms Manager Waitemata: Answ/ph message: away till Tues 19/11/2013, referring all calls to Police National Headquarters. 

10:20 (8min approx.) Tel conversation with  Det. Lisa Norton on 0800 OP CLOVER:
+ Says Det. Insp. Karyn Norton cannot be contacted at the moment, all day?.  Says does not have any of her tel. numbers.  Does give her email: karyn.malthus@police.govt.nz
+ Says Det. Snr. Sgt. Nadine Richmond is on staff (as a senior person?/2IC?)
+ Says fairly certain that enquiry did not have name prior to ‘Operation: Clover’ was just individual files.
+ She keeps asking for my name (not given).
+ She does not know about meeting with Phil Twyford.
+ She accuses me of wasting time when victims could be trying to ring up.  I say “have you not got call waiting?”  She says: yes… 

10:58 (4 min approx.) Tel. (04 380 8611) conversation with Graham McCready of Private Prosecution Service Ltd.,
+ He says has told police if they won’t prosecute he will.
+ Says from media coverage of gang he would have enough to lay an information (the charging document).
+ He is willing to do pro bono (recover costs via judgment?)
+ To email him today: nzppsltd@gmail.com 

11:20 putting out requests for Phil Twyford’s mob. ( – still no responses) 

11:25 work on diagram showing relationships between and actions of offenders, victims and the police officers responsible for the case.  

11:58 Tel. TV3 news – to call back 

12:03 Alison Harley of TV3 news calls back:
+ She says has 3 News has not been approached by police requesting information, nor have they sent information to police – it is all public (ie. been broadcast and on their website).
+ says 3 News will pass on offers of private prosecution to their sources (victims). 

12:30 Tel. Waitemata HQ (09 477 5000), (call approx.. 6 mins)  put through to Supt. Searle’s PA says he is busy with someone at the moment, says she cannot confirm meeting with Twyford today, says his diary is constantly changing.  She says will consult and get back (– on hold for 3 minutes).  She asks for name and I identify myself and organisation and spell it out.  She says will call me back… as she’s got my number (am ringing from my mobile so must be on her screen).

1:00 Posted this blog entry

Now I'm off to lunch.



13:37 @nzpolice on twitter put out message about yesterday's long-winded statement from Comm. Marshall.

13:58 Tweet from David Cunliffe in response to my query:
David Cunliffe ‏ @DavidCunliffeMP 1m
@  @ Phil is meeting police as I did last week. No big hui but more to come on this from us

14:30  Make enquiries regarding the sudden multiple malfunctioning of my mobile all week (which I have had without any problems of this nature whatsoever for the last 3 years) and which interfered with sending messages (internet and txt) about the case.

15:10 Sent email to McCready of NZPPS with offer from TV3 to pass on his contact to sources/victims.

15:25 still no call back from Waitemata police HQ. After three hours.

15:30 Tel. Waitemata police HQ (goes to music hold).  ringing...ringing... ringing... ringing... "no answer... he usually picks up that line?" .... then silent, completely silent for a minute. I have to hang up and re-dial.
+ Tel. again. Put through sec. etc. then same thing, silent, keep waiting, nothing, so I hang up.

[COMMENT: There you go.  This says it all. This has to be the most unprofessional (non)investigation by the NZ Police of all-time. Is it any wonder Supt. Searle doesn't want to pick up his own phone when he is (at least nominally) in charge of this anarchy.

Nothing.  They don't want to talk do they?  They don't want to do anything in this case.  Is it because one of the suspects is the son of a policeman?  Of course it is.]

15:31 Phil Twyford MP emails back confirms he will be in meeting this afternoon, asks me to forward him my issues.


At 17/11/13 9:29 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

We send nice girl over Tim. good fuck, cpen mouth, say nothing

At 17/11/13 10:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No its got nothing to do with one of the boys being son of a cop and everything to do with what that girl said to the police at the time of the initial interview with them.Very hard to prosecute when you have indicated that you slipped out your bedroom window and went willingly with the intention of losing your virginity that night to one of those boys who actually showed little interest participating in that little plan.

The other boys action there that night is however another matter.

At 18/11/13 11:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Tim no surprise that you didn't let a few facts about this so-called gang of rapists get in the way of your crusade .I can just visualize you with a band of other like minded lynch mobsters building gallows down in Glen Eden right now to rid the world of these vile creatures.

But before doing that how about showing that you are more than just playing political football with this and that you really do want the truth and some sense of justice and fairness to come out of this because at this point the reality is that this whole circus of an affair consists of nothing more regarding rape claims than unfounded half truths and unproven allegations.

For a start try asking the police what their extensive records of the txt messages sent by these girls at the time of these so-called attacks say in comparison to what some are now saying happened.


Now thats a couple of good questions to get your teeth into with the police Tim.Lots more to come if you are up to it or are you just too bias and corrupted with political dogma to pursue something that will most likely have a ending that doesn't fit with your agenda.

At 20/11/13 8:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop wasting everybodies time- let the police get on with the job and get a life!

At 26/11/13 3:37 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

That's right, let's just let the NZ Police get on with the job of not doing anything about raping 13 year old girls because of a text message and not having the permission of her parents to be out. That's rapist mentality.

At 26/11/13 6:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No the reality is that because of the enormous electronic footprint and other actions that these so-called victims have created that show in reality that it was anything but rape for any defense lawyer employed it will be like shooting fish in a barrel when it comes time for cross examination.Especially the ones that request a roasting.

At 2/12/13 12:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can it be rape if you go willingly with the intention of having sex.....that is why there has been no prosecution, and you know it!There is plenty of evidence to prove it.Stop trying to skew the facts of this case to fuel your cause.


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